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Writing On Polaroids: Preserve Your Instant Photos
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Writing On Polaroids: How To Write On Your Instant Photographs

Writing On Polaroids

Polaroid is renowned for instantly developed photos. Because of special instant films, a Polaroid picture starts developing as soon as it’s ejected from the camera. Its old-school coolness has endured despite the more detailed images that can be taken with digital cameras.

If you have Polaroid prints, you may want to write on their borders to add a special touch. But how do you do this without damaging your picture? Keep reading to find out why you should be careful about scribbling on Polaroid instant film, and what pen to write with so you won’t ruin images!

Why You Should Be Careful When Writing On Polaroid Instant Films

Writing On Polaroids

We still enjoy the old-school vibe of Polaroid instant films today thanks to The Impossible Project. In the ’80s, the brand started to decline and eventually filed for bankruptcy. Luckily, The Impossible Project was able to recreate the arts and processes used for Polaroid instant films from scratch.

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The hard work of the Impossible Project allowed millions around the world to continue enjoying Polaroid instant film. However, this brand restoration isn’t perfect: Polaroid instant film is still prone to damage or fading over time.

One common cause of damage to a Polaroid photo is when you write on it with the wrong pen. Some pens have coarse tips that create uneven ink flow. This causes splotches or faded words on images, damaging your precious Polaroid film. Using a regular pen can also gradually damage your Polaroid. The acid in most inks breaks down the film chemicals and makes your Polaroid fade.

Other photographers excited to write on their Polaroid film have damaged their camera snaps by scribbling on them too early. If you write on Polaroid film before it’s done developing, the image might be ruined by the ink.

Tips For Writing On Polaroid Photos

Writing On Polaroids

If you have an instant film camera, you may be wondering how to write on the white border of your picture. There have been too many cases of instant film enthusiasts who have scribbled too early or used the wrong kind of pen. Don’t let your haste ruin your Polaroid film – follow our simple tips to preserve your snaps!

Wait For The Film To Finish Developing

After you’ve taken a photo on instant film, your Polaroid camera will eject the picture. Be careful when handling your Polaroid photo in case your fingers accidentally ruin the image. Wait at least ten minutes before you write with your permanent marker. If you write on it before it’s completely dry, you might smudge the picture.

Use Fine Permanent Ink And White Paint Pens

Sure, you can write on your Polaroid picture with ballpoint pens or water-based, erasable markers. But their color will fade easily or damage the image. If you want to write on your Polaroid instant film image, use a fine white paint pen and wait for it to dry after ten to twenty minutes.

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If you want to write on the borders of your instant films, we suggest that you use a high-quality permanent marker. A permanent marker with a fine tip and smooth, even inking is perfect for scribbling long-lasting captions on your picture.

Don’t forget to let the permanent ink dry for a few minutes to prevent it from smudging on the film. You can even use different colors to color-code a special event, date, or theme for your pictures!

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Write A Memorable Caption For Each Photograph

Once you have a suitable permanent marker, start thinking of what you want to write on your border. Most people will jot down the date and place where the picture was taken. Others will think of a meaningful quote or song lyrics that feel like they describe the moment. You can even draw little scribbles like smiley faces or hearts to add a playful touch.

writing a memorable caption

Out of room on the border? Write on the back of the picture with your permanent marker if you want to add more text. This is a great idea if you’re planning to give the developed film as a souvenir to a loved one, because you’ll have enough room to put a short message.

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Why Should You Write On Polaroids?

With all the fuss to preserve instant camera photographs, you may be wondering why you should write on them in the first place. One great reason is to give your friend a personalized gift for any occasion. Write a heartfelt message on a photograph of the two of you. It’s a meaningful present that will bring back good memories!

Noting the date and place on Polaroids is also a smart way to keep track of events. Knowing dates is important for scrapbooking. By having the dates written on all your Polaroids, you’ll have no trouble sorting them in the right order for your family albums.

Restore Your Polaroids & Preserve Special Moments

Polaroid instant film photos are a nostalgic souvenir to keep for yourself or share with your loved ones. However, the point-and-shoot nature of the brand means you may end up with blurry pictures. It’s also a wrench to let go of a snap that didn’t dry properly.

If you have old, overexposed, or ink-smudged Polaroids, fret not! Take your Polaroids to a professional photography studio like Image Restoration Center. We can repair your damaged or out-of-focus film snaps and make high-quality copies. With our help, you’ll have beautifully restored photographs that you can proudly treasure for years to come!

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