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Walmart Photo Restoration: Are There Better Options?

Film photos are like time capsules, preserving precious memories of the past.

Film photos are like time capsules, preserving precious memories of the past. But time can wear down old photos, especially if they aren’t stored properly. Tears, folds, water damage, and mold can all ruin a good photo! 

Thankfully, it’s not that hard to find a photo restorer these days. In fact, even Walmart provides the service in certain stores. And with over 4,000 branches in the United States alone, it makes for a convenient option in a pinch.

But is Walmart’s photo restoration service any good? 

If you’re keen to find out the good, the bad, and the ugly, keep reading. But if you’re ready for fast and premium repair and restoration by some of the best in the business, start by heading over to our order page!

Here’s why we think you’re far better off sticking to the experts – like us!

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The Walmart Experience

Like Target and Costco, Walmart is a superstore in the US that also provides a myriad of photo services. Through the Walmart photo center, you can have your images printed out in a variety of sizes, create customized cards for all occasions, and even put your family photos on items like calendars, blankets, and mugs. 

Most of these can be done online with a photo center account, where you can upload and store images, as well as send ones to be printed to a nearby store. You can either schedule pick-up or wait for the store to send back your prints. For the image quality, Walmart does a pretty decent job for the cost. We actually wrote an article on the average cost of photo restoration here.

You can also use the Walmart photo site to do basic editing, such as cropping, adjusting brightness and contrast, tilting, and applying simple color filters.

Does Walmart Do Photo Restoration?

If you’re looking for photo repair and restorations, you won’t have much luck finding anything on the Walmart website. This is because photo repair is done in-store only. This means that you’ll have to phone your nearby Walmarts to find out if they offer the service, drive up to the closest branch, and pick up your prints when they’re ready. This could take some time, though, as Walmart is not known for express photo restorations.

“Copyright Is Forever”

According to customer reviews, you could also run into pesky copyright issues. When it comes to scanning, printing, repair, and restoration, Walmart employees are generally wary about working on photographs that look like they were professionally photographed.

This is to avoid running into potential copyright lawsuits with the photographer or studios that took your old photos. Regardless of whether your photos were actually taken by a professional studio, you could have a hard time getting a Walmart employee to agree to scan your photos.

The Case Of The Disappearing Images

There’s the chance of losing digital scans stored in your photo center account. In 2018, Walmart initiated a new policy wherein images stored in an account left untouched (meaning no sign-ins) for 12 or more months will be deleted. So if you don’t use your account too often, you could run the risk of losing your scans.

What You Can Expect At Image Restoration Center

If jumping through hoops just to get your photos restored doesn’t sound like something you want to do, consider us.

We offer:

Professional Repair Service Done By An In-House Team

With a team of industry veterans at your service, you can leave all the Photoshop to us. Our team is made up of photographers, historians, colorizers, and designers who work hand-in-hand to get everything right down to the last detail. Rest assured that your images are in the right hands.

A Variety Of Services

At Image Restoration Center, we don’t just slap on a free Photoshop filter and call it a day. We meticulously remove damage from tears, scratches, folds, water stains, and mold. We also provide the following services:

If your photo has damage or marks, our job is to repair and restore it to its former glory.

Our Process

Our process is quick and painless. All it takes is three simple steps:

Step 1: Upload Your Photos

Scan your photographs or simply use your phone to take a snap, then upload them to our private server. No need to drive out or mail in your scans! We have an article on how to scan your old photos here.

Step 2: Wait 24-72 Hours

Sit back, relax, and let us do all the work. We get the job done in three days or less! And if you need your photos ASAP, we also offer 24-hour express delivery at an added cost.

Step 3: Receive Your Restorations

With your restored images done and dusted, we send them straight to your email, where you can view them in their full, restored glory. Unhappy with your photos? Looking for more detail, color, pizzazz? We offer unlimited revisions ‘til we get it right!

Is Photo Restoration At Walmart Worth It?

While Walmart has a lot to offer, we can’t say that photo repair is its forte. If you’re looking for an image restorer that’s convenient, works fast, and ensures that you get what you want every time, consider Image Restoration Center. We’ve got more than 5,000 happy customers to back us up on that!

For a more professional photo restoration service, trust the experts.

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