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The ultimate list of 50th birthday gift ideas for men

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Turning 50 is a milestone birthday for anyone, so it needs to be celebrated in style! Whether it’s your husband, your dad, or your best friend, we know how important it is to show him just how much you care.

But, you can’t just buy him any old thing!

Finding the best 50th birthday gift can prove to be a pretty hard job. 

So, what do you buy a gruff 50-year old man who seems to have everything he needs?

The Perfect Gift For His 50th Milestone Birthday

Thankfully, we’ve gone through the trouble of curating a list of creative gifts that will have him smiling ear-to-ear. From personalized gifts to handmade ones, read on for our ultimate list of the best 50th birthday gift ideas!

Why not give your husband or even your father, a unique gift in the form of a photo restoration?

We all have that one special photo that’s really close to our hearts.

And whether we display it on our desk or carry it around in our wallets, it is, sadly, prone to fading and unexpected damage.

So, this year, why not give your husband or even your father, a unique gift in the form of a photo restoration?

Preserve his beloved memory by bringing his favorite photo back to life! It’s a timeless gift, a sign that you remember what’s important to him, and a great way to mark his 50th birthday celebration.

Don’t know where you can get a photo restoration? Look no further than right here! At Image Restoration Center, we comb your picture pixel-by-pixel so that we can truly restore your memories. This gift is guaranteed to get you some cool points from that special 50 year old guy in your life.

A classy decanter set with sophisticated drinkware will make a great gift to celebrate a man’s 50th birthday.

Every man likes to have a fine drink every once in a while. And, like wine, which becomes better throughout time, a guy’s taste for a fine drink will get even sharper as he grows in age.

Therefore, a classy decanter set with sophisticated drinkware will make a great gift to celebrate a man’s 50th birthday. Whether you choose a glass or a crystal decanter set, depending on your budget, it is a deluxe present you can’t go wrong with. The set comes with four glasses and a decanter beautifully packaged in an elegant present box and ready to be offered right away, as the best 50th birthday gift.

If you want to make it a personalized gift, you could always add a heartfelt note to remind the birthday boy just how special he is.

Now that we’ve touched upon some of the fancy 50th birthday gifts, we should talk a bit about the funnier ones, as not all men are the fine-drink and suits sort of guy.

Your guy might much rather prefer something to make him laugh as a great birthday gift.

And if he also likes to be a chef, he’ll absolutely love a hilarious apron, with funny quotes related to his milestone birthday. Not only will this gift bring smiles and fun while at a family barbeque or a birthday party, but it will also come as a practical thing, making the kitchen experience better and a lot less messy. An affordable and funny gift idea, this apron will be amazing for any father who loves a good old dad joke.

Looking for something to match the apron present but be a little more heartfelt?

Then you should definitely go for a personalized cutting board, for your special chef guy. Both a kitchen tool and a piece of home décor, this bamboo cutting board is durable, light and it bears a special custom engraving chosen specifically for your beloved man, whether that’s a meaningful message, a dad joke, or even a picture you think he’ll love.

Therefore, if the birthday boy is a fan of cooking and you want to get him a custom gift to mark this milestone, a personalized cutting board is one of the best 50th birthday gifts you could come up with.

Want to make your soon-to-be 50-year-old man have a good laugh?

Then another funny gag gift to go for is the custom glass beer mug. Perfectly sized for a 12oz beer bottle and a foamy head, it comes with a vintage laser etched design and it’s made of microwave and dishwasher safe material, by a local team of artisans.

So pour him his favorite cold beer and let him drink this present as a newly proud 50-year-old beer lover! Because, after all, what 50-year-old man doesn’t love beer?

Is your dad or maybe your husband a heavy smoker? Then he will definitely appreciate a top-notch lighter to go with his cigarettes.

And what better sign of appreciation than a custom lighter with his favorite photo and a heartfelt message to go with it?

Choose the Zippo lighter, durable and refillable, made from stainless steel, with a vintage design. Then think of a few thoughtful words, select a picture, and customize it exactly as you want! To make it even extra special, feel free to add a cigarette case and a cigar cutter to the present, to match the old-school vibe and create the perfect gift. He’ll absolutely love it!

Looking for gourmet 50th birthday gift ideas?

Well, a complete cheese board should solve that problem. Coming with plates, cutlery, and even a wine opener, this cheese board could make a statement in anyone’s house, bringing pride to its owner while impressing his friends with the fine bamboo and complete set-up, from drawers to a lot of useful accessories.

Therefore, it’s a great gift for the birthday celebration of a 50-year-old guy, especially one that has a passion not only for cooking but also for fine and gourmet kitchen tools. So, if you know that he loves to eat his cheese luxuriously while sipping from a glass of wine, you can’t go wrong with this beautifully crafted cheese board, with all its amazing items

As we grow in age, getting a good night’s sleep becomes increasingly harder, due to the lack of time and a lot of stress.

So, if your husband has trouble sleeping, this weighted blanket should make the best 50th birthday gift, helping him get that much-needed sleep, while also reducing anxiety. It’s a great way to relax and be more comfortable in bed, a thing no one can say no to.

He’ll definitely thank you for this unique idea, especially when he comes home from tedious work, lies in bed, and covers himself with the blanket. Due to its special fabric, it relaxes the muscles within 15 minutes and creates a relaxing mood for the birthday guy to do what he enjoys most, whether that means reading a book, watching a movie, or catching up on his beauty sleep.

One of the most thoughtful gift ideas for men, especially for a fifty-year-old, would be the Shiatsu Massage Cushion.

After working for half of his life, your dad is starting to feel the effects of that on his body, whether it’s back pain or headaches. He’s not getting any younger, but he definitely deserves to feel like he is! With its heat and multiple massage modes, the Shiatsu cushion will make the old man finally take a break and relax. He’ll be able to treat himself to a full-back massage while enjoying a glass of good wine and the best films on TV. This cushion will become his new favorite gift and all thanks to you!
Does your man love active life, full of hiking, mountain climbing experiences, and other fun outdoor activities?

Even when turning 50, is he still living a healthy and sporty lifestyle? Then the outdoor growler gift set is the perfect gift to mark his 50th birthday and encourage his leisure time activities.

Beautifully designed for adventurous people, this set comes with four stainless steel cups and a growler, so that the guy and his friends can enjoy a sip of cold beer no matter where they are. Want some coffee? Or even soup? With this growler set, any beverages are kept cold for up to 24 hours. What better way to show him how much you care for him than by supporting his hobbies? The growler gift set is the perfect gift to make that happen!

If your old man is a traveling enthusiast, this scratch-off map will make the best 50th birthday gift.

Coming as both a promise and a bucket list, it’s one of the best ideas regarding birthday gifts, especially for a guy who prefers experiences rather than things. This will make a statement on your bedroom’s wall, bringing not only excitement but also a lot of questions from your friends too. Available in different colors and sizes, it makes traveling even more fun, as, with any new destination, your man can scratch off a new country or city, to mark his beloved new memory. A home décor, as well as a source of joy, a scratch-off map is one of the most thoughtful gift ideas for your 50-year-old traveler!
Most dads just love fishing! It’s an entertaining outdoor activity and a great way to spend time with friends and family members.

So, on his milestone birthday, why not offer him the perfect 50th birthday gift, a Mystery Tackle box? Each fishing kit provides not only high-quality baits and lures but also a fun fishing magazine. He can find all the detailed information in the box, as it comes with useful instructions and guidelines, to make him the best fisherman there is.

Moreover, this fishing box adds a touch of mystery and surprise to your gift, turning it into something unique and fun to open.

One of the best 50th birthday gift ideas is this timeless lucky star jar.

Entering a new chapter of his life, this guy needs a special present to wish him good luck and be a sign of love and appreciation always present in his life. In the jar, he’ll find 70 origami stars, all unique and ready to serve as great home décor.

To personalize it, even more, you could add small notes with heartfelt messages to match the lucky stars. Whether it’s memories of you together or reasons why you love him, this gesture will be just the right one, to create a meaningful 50th  birthday gift and bring smiles every day.

The leather wallet is already a classic, by the age of 50, any man has probably received many wallets. But what about a leather toiletry bag?

Stylish, with a vintage design, this leather toiletry bag for men will make the perfect gift for any guy who loves keeping his things organized, while still being chic.

With so many compartments and a large storage capacity, it is a smart choice for a man who’s traveling a lot, making his packaging a lot easier. Functional, practical, and classy, this leather toiletry bag is a timeless gift he’ll use for a long time!

Innovation in terms of lightweight, foldable chairs, this 2-in 1 seat and cooler will be a useful present, especially for outdoorsy men.

Whether he goes hiking or fishing, the chair will come in handy in any situation, as it doesn’t only provide a much-needed place to relax, but also enough storage to keep his food and drinks fresh while he’s enjoying his leisure time. It comes with padding for a well-deserved backrest, and two shoulder straps to help him carry it around easily. Compact, durable, and very practical, this will not only make the perfect gift for the manly, active 50-year-old, but it will also be a very helpful item for the entire family to use while going hiking or camping.

Want to remind your husband how much you love him and how far you’ve come together? The Story of a Lifetime should deliver the job just right.

The Story of a Lifetime should deliver the job just right. A keepsake for memories, this beautifully crafted diary, with a green hardcover and golden touches, will feel like an invitation to put pen to paper, and mark important moments in life, as well as guilty pleasures and small gestures that make life worth living.

Once complete, it becomes a meaningful family item, to be inherited from generation to generation, and tells the story of the people who had come before. It’s a sentimental, yet very personal gift, one of the best ideas to make the 50th birthday party a memorable one.

The Conclusion

Whether he’s a cooking fan or a traveler, this gift guide should help you with the best 50th birthday gift ideas, so that you can make the man you love feel special on such a milestone day. Turning 50 means entering a new chapter of his life, so you’ll definitely want to make that an unforgettable memory, with a thoughtful gift. Functional, handmade, or stylish, choose the perfect present according to your budget and preferences, and make him a happy 50-year-old man!
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