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The Best Photo Stick

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If you look around, you can easily find photo sticks of all kinds. With so many options available, choosing the best photo stick gets confusing. Don’t worry because this article serves as a guide in deciding which photo stick to buy.

In addition to a buyer’s guide, we have included for you a list of best photo stick reviews for iPhone, Android phones, computers, Mac, and iPad.

If you are a photography enthusiast who needs a quality and convenient storage device, read on. In this guide, you can learn about the top ten best photo sticks and what features to look for when deciding on a photo stick to buy.

Check out the list below and why we think they are an excellent option for a portable storage device.

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Key Features:

  • All-metal body
  • 2-in-1 flash drive
  • Reversible Type-C and Type-A
  • SanDisk Memory Zone app
  • Read speed can reach 150 MB/s while write speed is slightly lower

SanDisk 1TB Ultra Dual Drive is a stylish and convenient photo stick that makes it easier to store files. It’s easily the best photo stick for iPhone and computers, with a USB Type-C connector on the other end and a Type-A connector on the other. As a dual connector, it makes moving files between smartphones, tablets, Macs and PCs seamless.

Another notable feature of the SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive is its massive 1TB storage capacity. It’s as much storage as your average portable hard drive, allowing you to store as many photos, videos, and files as you need.

It is also super easy to use this SanDisk photo stick. Its unique technology automatically backs up contacts, photos, music, videos, and documents.

Whilst many users love the all-metal design of the flash drive, there is the issue of it running hot while in use. Nevertheless, it has a high-quality metal body in a swivel design that makes alternating the connector effortless. It also has a keyring hole, allowing you to bring the flash drive anywhere you go.

The SanDisk 1T Ultra Dual USB Flash Drive has an impressive read / write speed of 150MB/s, though this can vary due to a variety of factors including the host device and available capacity. More importantly, users love its budget-friendly price.


  • Easy to use
  • Large storage capacity
  • Up to 150MB/s transfer speed
  • Automatic backup
  • Stylish all-metal design
  • Two-in-one connection


  • It doesn’t have file protection features such as passwords
  • The device can run hot when in use

Key Features:

  • 2-in-1 Type C USB stick
  • Cable-free
  • Up to 300MB/s speed
  • 256GB storage capacity

Number two on this list as the best photo stick is Samsung Duo Plus MUF-256DB/AM. It can effectively free up your smartphone, tablet, or PC storage with 256GB capacity.

Transferring files is super easy with the Samsung Duo Plus, thanks to a speed that reaches a whopping 300MB/s. It’s a reliable storage device that securely keeps your photos, music, videos, and other files.

The beauty of the Samsung Duo Plus is the fact that it is two flash drives in one. The main photo stick is Type-C. But if you need to connect to a computer, all you need is to attach the included Type-A adapter. It has backward compatibility of USB 3.0 and 2.0 which works seamlessly when you transfer files.

A nice touch included in the photo stick is the keyring. Even better, it has a shock-proof, waterproof, magnet proof, temperature proof, AND X-ray proof body, with some limitations. The Duo Plus photo stick is an overall reliable device that does its job and more.


  • 2-in-1 use
  • Cable-free
  • Up to 300MB/s
  • Large storage


  • Not a dual-ended USB flash drive

Key Features:

  • Automatic backup
  • Up to 60,000 photos, videos, and files
  • Doesn’t need software or app
  • Filters duplicates
  • Works on both Windows and Mac

ThePhotoStick USB is the best photo stick for computer that features an innovative system for transferring and organizing files. Made by PrairieIT, it makes it super easy to scan, transfer and backup your photos and videos with a single click. It can also keep the files safe, preventing anyone from deleting or stealing them.

Unlike regular flash drives and other photo sticks, ThePhotoStick can detect duplicates and not copy them. It collects only the most recent version of the same photo or video file so you don’t have to look for the old copy.

All of this can be done with a single click. There’s also no need for an app for these features to work. In addition, the photo stick is compatible with both iOS and Windows.

This makes ThePhotoStick the best photo stick for Mac and other PCs. It’s an excellent one-click device for backup, but you may need to use an adapter depending on the device you connect it to.


  • Protects photo and video files
  • Auto-detects duplicates
  • Works ion both iOS and Windows
  • Automatically scans files


  • Only 128GB storage
  • It needs an adapter for smartphone and tablet use

Key Features:

  • Works with smartphones and Type-C tablets
  • Plug and play
  • Metal shell
  • 3-in-1 photo stick

Avomoco 3.1 128GB is probably the best photo stick for Android phones. It works with all smartphones and tablets with OTG function, including various models of Samsung Galaxy, LG, and Huawei phones. The photo stick is nothing too special, but it certainly provides enough extra storage to transfer photos, music, videos, and files from your phone.

This photo stick is one of the most versatile flash drives in this list, being a 3-in-1 device. It comes with a micro, USB, and Type-C connection. Therefore, the device can not only be used for transferring to and from mobile devices, but also for PCs, laptops, car audio players and DVD players. It’s great to have if you need a backup for any device, anytime.

It is great that you can use the Avomoco 3.1 photo stick on virtually all devices with a USB connection.

However, it does not have the unique features of other photo sticks like the auto-deletion and auto-detection of duplicates. It also does not have protection against stealing or deletion, which is a concern if you store important media files.


  • Compatible with all devices with OTG function
  • Works with PCs, laptops and others with USB connection
  • Can connect with devices with Type-C connection


  • No auto duplicate detection
  • No auto-deletion
  • No file protection
  • Only 128GB storage

Key Features:

  • Plug and play
  • One-click data transfer
  • 80MB/s reading speed
  • 30MB/s writing speed
  • Support wide array of video formats
  • AUAMOZ Data Encryption Technology
  • Y-Disk app
  • Type-C, USB Connection, and micro USB

USB 3.0 Flash Drive by AUAMOZ is one of this list’s best photo sticks, rich with features. It’s a plug-and-play design, so it is instantly ready for use. One of its best features is the One-Click Backup of Photos & Videos. After inserting the device on your phone, tablet or computer, you can transfer the data on the go with just one click.

It works for both mobile phones and computers thanks to a Type-C connection on one end and a USB connection on the other. This gives the photo stick great versatility, including the micro USB function within the USB connection. In terms of speed, it can read up to 80MB/s and write up to 30MB/s with the USB port.

The best feature is the AUAMOZ Data Encryption Technology. You can protect your data inside the photo stick with a password and touch ID encryption. In addition to the data protection, the photo stick has a free app called Y-DISK. With this app, you can stream the content of the flash drive directly from it, as well as record and take photos directly to the memory stick.

The flash drive design is noteworthy as it is made with AUAMOZ’s patented design, a premium zinc alloy in a 2-way push-pull design. At first glance, it looks like you can only use it for Type -C and USB ports. However, it actually has a micro USB included in the USB connection. This USB 3.0 Flash Drive also has a large capacity of 512GB.


  • Large storage capacity
  • Data encryption
  • Streaming app
  • Compatible with a wide array of devices
  • Stylish design
  • One-click transfer


Slower read and write speed compared to others

Key Features:

  • Easy setup
  • Lightning, USB, Type-C, and micro USB stick
  • Backup and restore
  • Flash compatibility

The Picture Keeper Photo & Video Flash Drive is an excellent choice if you need a portable hard drive. It can store contacts, photos, videos, and other files. It is easy to use and highly versatile because you can use it in lightning, Type-C, USB, and micro USB ports. This means that this flash drive is compatible with many devices, including iPhones and Mac.

Setting up the flash drive is also easy. It’s close to the one-click feature of other flash drives. In this case, start by plugging in the flash drive then open the accompanying app. Once you open it, tap “start backup,” and it automatically backs up the data. It doesn’t even need a data connection or Wi-Fi to work.

One of the things you might have an issue with is the low storage capacity. This photo stick only has an 8GB storage capacity.

There’s enough storage for up to 32,000 photos but not enough for bigger media files like videos. It’s also worth noting that it has external flash compatibility with specific requirements for iPhones, Android OTG, and computers.


  • Compatible with lighting, micro USB, USB port and Type-C
  • It comes with a free app
  • 3-step backup that doesn’t need an internet connection


  • Only has 8GB of storage

Key Features:

  • 128GB Storage
  • Connect and play
  • Supports most video and audio formats
  • iDiskk Max app
  • High-speed transfer
  • Data encryption

iDiskk MFi Certified Photo Stick is an external storage device with excellent features designed to make it easier and more convenient to save your data.

It’s probably the best iPhone photo stick on this list, with a 2-in-1 connection that includes Type-C and USB port connectors. It lets you free up the memory of your phone, tablet or computer without using iCloud or cable.

You can simply connect with the device and transfer any file you want to store. It’s a plug-and-play design, meaning you can watch movies or listen to music directly from it. This is great, especially as it supports a wide array of formats in addition to mp4, mp4, m4a, and wav. It’s also worth noting that it can backup videos and photos automatically using the iDiskk Max app.

iDiskk MFi photo stick also features high-speed transfer. It is said to be capable of transferring up to 1GB of data within 20 seconds.

This, of course, needs verification from a user. The body of the flash drive is mostly metal with an MFi-certified flash connection. Last but not least, it has encrypted protection to ensure the privacy of your media files.


  • 2-in-1 connection
  • Big storage capacity
  • Autosaving using the app


  • App is unreliable

Key Features:

  • Compatible with phones and computers
  • 256GB capacity
  • 2.0 port
  • A+ chip
  • No need for software or app
  • 2-in-1 USB and OTG stick

WANSENDA Photo Stick USB Flash Drive is both a flash drive and an OTG stick, thanks to the micro USB and USB 2.0 connector on each end. This makes it ideal to use for transferring and copying media files from phones to computers and vice versa. It doesn’t have many unique features, but it has an A+ chip that ensures stable data transmission.

Besides phone and computer use, you can use the flash drive in tablets, TVs, media players, and soundboxes as long as they have USB 2.0 ports.

It uses the device’s operating system, so there is no need for other software or apps. The flash drive also doesn’t need an internet connection or Wi-Fi so that you can browse its files.

It doesn’t have all the extra features the other photo sticks mentioned here have. However, it still is an excellent storage device with enough speed for reading and writing. It also has a large capacity of 256GB. This means you can save plenty of files here: photos and videos, audio files, and others.


  • Large storage capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Compatibility with an array of devices


  • It doesn’t have a Type-C connector
  • No auto-deletion
  • No auto-detection of duplicate

Key Features:

  • USB 3.0 port
  • 30MB/s write speed
  • 90MB/s read speed
  • Dual USB flash drive

Elefull’s USB Type C Flash Drive is a simple but effective photo stick. It works as intended, providing safe storage of your photos, videos, and other files. This photo stick is compatible with USB and Type-C connections, so it works with most Android and Windows devices. However, it also has some incompatibilities, such as with micro USB.

When it comes to speed, its maximum write speed is 30MB/s, while the maximum read speed is 90MB/s. It has a USB 3.0 port, so it should work with virtually any device with this type of port.

It is a dual flash drive, so you can use it to connect with mobile phones, tablets, and computers interchangeably. It’s available in various capacities, but this one is the maximum of 256GB.


  • Type C and USB connection
  • Large capacity
  • Compatible with various devices


  • Not compatible with micro USB
  • No auto-detection of duplicates
  • No auto-deletion
  • No data protection

Key Features:

  • Dual USB
  • 1Tb capacity
  • Plug and play design
  • Compatible with various operating systems
  • USB 3.0

WANSISEN USB C Flash Drive is a straightforward storage device. It has one of the biggest storage capacities in this list, but not the extra features common to the best photo sticks. However, it is a plug-and-play type of flash drive that doesn’t need any software installation. Just plug it onto the computer or your phone, then quickly transfer data with a few clicks.

It is compatible with various operating systems. It works with Windows, Mac OS, Android, Linux, Unix, and Macbook Pro. While it doesn’t have any special features, it is worth noting that it’s a durable and sturdy flash drive. Its casing is premium zinc alloy, ensuring that you can use this photo stick for quite some time.


  • Large storage capacity
  • Dual USB
  • Compatible with many devices


  • No unique features
  • No data protection

Best Photo Sticks - Buyer’s Guide

Standard USB technology has improved over the years. There’s even a better version in the form of photo sticks. They look the same, but photo sticks are better at organizing media files. Thanks to features you will never find in ordinary USBs, it’s also easier to access files in a photo stick.

But since there are so many photo sticks available now, it can be challenging to find the one for you. Let us help you find the best photo stick for Android phones, iPhones, Macs, tablets, and computers with the following tips. Consider the factors mentioned below when you shop around to find the perfect photo stick for you.

A good tripod can help you take photos that would have otherwise been impossible or extremely difficult to take.

Some tripods can extend higher than your arms, so you won’t need any extra equipment like a step stool to reach high angles.

If you want to take low angle shots, a tripod can hold your camera without you having to get into an awkward position.

Photo Stick Capacity

One of the first things to consider is the capacity of the photo stick. A bigger capacity photo stick is ideal if you take lots of photos and plan to use a flash drive to save other files. If you only want to save photos temporarily, then a basic photo stick may be enough. Think about the purpose of using the flash drive to choose the one with the suitable capacity.


This refers to how you can use the photo stick. Most flash drives can store data without the need for the internet. However, some photo sticks need it, especially those with apps that let you stream and save files on your phone. Think about whether accessing the photo stick with or without an Internet connection is essential for you.

Compatibility & Connection Types

There are different types of photo sticks available. Some only have one connection, while others have two. You will also find others with three or four connections. Think about the devices you often use and what connection they have. Ideally, you want a photo stick that works for everything or at least with the connection you often use.

Read/Write Speed

Photo sticks have different speeds. There are USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. For 2.0, the speed is 490MBps, while 3.0 has 4.8Gpbs. However, other speed rates are available, and they differ on writing and reading speed. Think about them when you shop around for a photo stick to ensure you get the one that makes your job efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

The list above and the buyer’s guide should now have helped you find the best photo sticks for iPhones, phones, and PCs. However, there are things you are confused about when it comes to this device. The following frequently asked questions and their answers should help give you some clarification. Read on and learn more about photo sticks.

How does a photo stick differ from a flash drive?

Flash drives are typically only for storing data. When it has multiple ports, it’s called photo sticks. Having multiple ports allows you to connect the photo stick to different devices and transfer it from one device to another.

How many photos can a photo stick have?

Photo sticks can hold thousands of photos, depending on the memory space/capacity they have. A 128GB photo stick can usually store up to 60,000 photos of average size. The capacity changes if you store other files.

How does a photo stick organize pictures?

Photo sticks usually have built-in software that can automatically detect and organize the pictures from one device into it. Some even have backup software that you can create a backup of your data, usually with a single tap or click.

Can you transfer all your photos from the photo stick to other devices?

Yes, you can. Depending on the number of ports the photo stick has, you can transfer from at least two devices. You can transfer from the computer to the photo stick, then your phone, and vice versa. If you have a lighting or Type-C connection, you can transfer it to other devices.

What does a photo stick do with duplicates?

Some photo sticks can detect duplicates. Others will only copy the most recent of the duplicates. However, there are also photo sticks that delete the duplicates while keeping only one. It’s an intelligent system that helps you save storage space.


You now have an idea of the best photo stick for iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, laptop, and PC. All you need to do now is decide what you want for a photo stick. Once you figure it out, consider the factors mentioned in the buyer’s guide. Then, you can start your search at the list of the best photo sticks in the above review.

Key Features:

  • All-metal body
  • 2-in-1 flash drive
  • Reversible Type-C and Type-A
  • SanDisk Memory Zone app
  • Read speed can reach 150 MB/s while write speed is slightly lower

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