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Is Tesco Photo Restoration Worth It? – An In-Depth Look

Even the most well-maintained photographs are susceptible to all sorts of wear and tear – stains, water damage, and fading from the sun are some of the most common perpetrators.

Luckily, finding photo restoration services in your local area is easier than ever, especially when you live near one of Tesco’s 3,968 stores in the UK. You can simply leave your photos at the Max Spielmann counter and resume shopping while you wait. 

But does Tesco actually do a good job?

If you want to find out if Tesco’s photo restoration service is worth it, then keep reading.

Restore Your Old Photos For Just $34.95

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As the world’s #1 photo restoration studio, we’ve restored over 100,000 photos for customers all around the world. Whether your photo is ripped, faded or water damaged, you can trust us to restore it to its original glory.

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The Tesco Photo Retouching And Restoration Experience

In partnership with Max Spielmann, Tesco Photo is one of the biggest producers of personalized photo gifts. One of their lesser-known offerings is photo manipulation, ranging from full-colour photo prints to photo books to other photo restoration-related services.

Not As Convenient As You Think

Photo printing at Tesco is simple enough. All you have to do is navigate to their website, provide your contact details, and pick a print size..

However, as with any big-box store, specialized offers like photo restoration may not always be exactly what you want. Why do we say that?

  • Not all Tesco stores offer a photo restoration service.
  • You’ll have to physically come in to receive service.
  • The results are lacklustre

If you want a complete suite of services, we recommend bringing your beloved photos to a studio that specializes in restoration and retouching! Our photo restoration results are top-notch, and we can fulfil your orders in 72 hours or less.

Why Choose Image Restoration Center Instead

If all you’re looking for is a cheap photo printing option, then you may find what you’re looking for at Tesco. However, if you have damaged photos that need professional attention, then you’re better off bringing them to Image Restoration Center for high-quality results and excellent customer service. 

Here are a few more reasons you should trust us with all your photo restoration requirements.

IRC Offers A Wide Range Of Services

Unlike stores that specialize in prints and gifts, Image Restoration Center specializes in professional restoration services. Here’s what you can order on our site:

  • Repairing scratch damage and mouldy areas
  • Repairing photos that have water damage
  • Restoring and retouching old photos
  • Colour correcting and perfecting
  • Adding and removing items or people
  • Changing background colour
  • Clearing up faded details and unblurring sections
  • Printing photos on high-quality paper
  • Delivering your photos digitally or to your UK doorstep

Unparalleled Expertise

Many stores like Tesco claim to restore your photos to their original condition, but the truth is that they often lack the expertise necessary to achieve truly outstanding results. Since Tesco is primarily a grocery, they don’t usually hire experts just to restore your photos. 

When you get your photo restored by Image Restoration Center, you know you’re getting excellent results for a fair price. Our colleagues are the best in their respective fields, from photography to photo manipulation to understanding a photo’s historical context!

Fully Restored Photos In Three Steps

We can restore almost any type of old photo in only three steps. Here’s how to book a slot:

Step 1: Scan Your Photo And Upload

The first thing you have to do is scan your image with a flatbed scanner or snap a photo using your phone camera. Once you’re ready, upload your photo to our secure server and we’ll get started!

Step 2: Let The Magic Happen

Although many photos are uploaded to our server each day, we can get yours finished and perfected in less than 72 hours.

Step 3: Check Your Email (Or Mailbox!)

Check your email or mailbox for your fully restored photo. You can message us if you want more done or have a revision!

When you hire us, you’ll get premium restorations delivered right to your doorstep. Choose Image Restoration Center, and see for yourself why we have so many 5-star reviews.

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