Best Way To Store Photos: Your Complete Guide

Best Way To Store Photos

For many people, photos are more than just an image. They provide a gateway into the past – a way to re-live cherished memories from a bygone era. We keep them to remind ourselves of all the people, places, and experiences that we never want to forget.  Photographs are important, which is why we generally want […]

How To Know What Size Of Picture Frame You Need

picture frame measurement

By getting the perfect picture frame size, you’re able to better display your treasured pictures without the worry of degradation or damage. But finding a home for your group photos or your family photo goes beyond getting a standard picture frame – picture frame sizes differ depending on the size of your photo, whether you […]

How To Destroy Old Photos Safely And Effectively

Destroy Old Photos Safely And Effectively

Getting rid of old photos isn’t as simple as ripping them up and tossing them in the trash. Since pictures are representations of our family members and ourselves, they should be treated with more respect. In this guide, we’ll help you come up with creative ideas to get rid of old pictures. We’ll also answer […]

How To Fix A Dark Polaroid Picture

Fix A Dark Polaroid Picture

Nothing beats the charm of Polaroid pictures. Something about the square frame gives photos a lovely, vintage feel. But taking Polaroid photos can quickly become frustrating if the photos turn out dark. After all, when you’re using an instant camera, you can’t simply edit the image after taking a picture. You need to try other […]

Types Of Antique Photographs & How To Store Them

Types Of Antique Photographs

Whether you collect antique pictures as a hobby or simply enjoy having your old family photos on display, you can’t just throw them into any photo album. Most old photographs are treasured family heirlooms that you’d want to preserve for decades – if not generations – to come. Proper storage is essential for keeping them […]

How Long Do Polaroids Last? A Guide To Storing Your Polaroids

a collection of polaroid photos with a fujifilm polaroid camera

In the age of smartphones and professional cameras, Polaroid pictures remain popular thanks to their nostalgic appeal. There’s just something about holding a physical print that never seems to get old. Unfortunately, Polaroids can fade or become damaged over time, just like regular printed photos. Luckily, there are some easy ways to slow down their […]

A Complete DIY Guide On How To Frame A Print

diy frames

Framing art prints, paintings, and pictures instantly breathes new life into a room. It allows you to personalize a wall and design a creative theme to improve the ambiance of any space. In this comprehensive guide, we go over the process of mounting and framing a print step-by-step. We also provide some money-saving tips and […]

What Is Sepia: Exploring Its Past And Present

an old sepia photograph of a man playing a board game

When you think of old photos, you’ll likely imagine images of people in black-and-white or a warm brown hue. Contrary to popular belief, black-and-white portraits don’t turn brown as they age. The brown color on these photographs is the result of a process called sepia toning. But what color is sepia, exactly? In this article, […]

A Guide To Identifying Photographs

identifying old photos

Looking through old family photo albums can be a fun way to explore your family history and remember happy times in the past. But when you find older photos, it might not be immediately clear who the people in those pictures are or when the photos were taken. Nowadays, you can tag people on social media photos and […]

Tintype vs Daguerreotype: A Collector’s Guide

a vintage tintype photograph in sepia color

Paper photography is a relatively new development. In the early days of photography, people used to print their photographs on sheets of metal or glass. Called tintypes, daguerreotypes, and ambrotypes, they were a mainstay in people’s homes until the early 20th century. While they may be obsolete today, tintypes, daguerreotypes, and ambrotypes are still valued […]

Dating Old Photographs: Tracing The History Of Old Photos

dating old photographs in a wooden box

An old photo album is a good resource for tracing your family’s genealogy or creating a family tree. However, budding family historians may be stumped when they notice that their ancestors’ photographs are undated. This is a common problem with old family photographs. Few of them are tidily sorted according to when they were taken. Even fewer […]

Copyright Laws On Old Photos: Why Is It Important?

a copyright lawyer at a laptop

Copyright laws don’t just apply for published professional works – even old black-and-white photos of your family are subject to copyright. Posting them to social media or other public outlets can land you in trouble if the photographer decides to take legal action. While legal action on old images may be rare, in some cases […]

How To Print A Locket Photo: A Step-By-Step Guide

a small photo locket

There are many ways to display photos. You can put them in photo albums, frame them up on walls, or even create a video slideshow out of them. However, almost none of them beat the personal touch of a locket.  A locket can be a great way to keep the picture of a loved one literally […]

Why Didn’t People Smile In Old Photos? Here’s Why.

a stern looking man in a black and white photograph

Old photos are a window to the past. From looking at old photos and how people looked back then, you can start to imagine what their lives were like. But have you ever noticed that most old photos feature people in formal wear looking annoyed or sometimes even downright miserable?  There is a reason why […]

How To Convert Film Negatives To Digital Pictures

film negatives and a roll of ektar 100 film roll

With digital cameras, all your images are saved as digital files that you can directly print on a computer or transport using a thumb drive. It’s easy and convenient (especially for amateurs, hobbyists, and other non-professionals), so it’s no surprise that digital formats have almost completely eradicated film in mainstream use. The path from shooting […]

How To Unblur A Photo: Top Tips & Tricks

a blurred black and white film photograph

Nothing is more disappointing than taking an excellent photo, only to discover it’s not as sharp as you want it to be. Blurry images are extra challenging to work with, and you don’t always have the option to go back and take another round of photos.  Fortunately, there are many ways to fix blurry pictures, […]

How To Make A Black And White Photo Colored

black and white photograph

Black-and-white photos have a unique dreamlike quality, but sometimes converting them to full color can help a new generation relate to their family histories better. But how does someone even start to colorize black-and-white photos?  Many folks try adding color to black-and-white images using specialized software, but this can be time-consuming – not to mention […]

300 DPI vs 600 DPI Scan: Scanning Tips For The Best Results

photo scan dpi

What is the difference between a 300 DPI and 600 DPI scan? Which is the best DPI setting? Which is the best resolution for photos or film negatives? If you’ve ever asked these questions, you aren’t alone. Generally, the best DPI setting depends on what you plan on doing with your photos – whether it’s […]

Choosing The Right Print Size For Your Photos

a pile of photo prints of various sizes

When it comes to choosing the right photo print size, many people experience a sort of choice paralysis – there are just so many to pick from! Fortunately, there are a number of standard sizes that will fit everything from a locket photo to a frame from Amazon. To help you decide on the best […]

How To Restore A Faded Photo: A Complete Guide

A faded photo collection

If your old, faded photos have been sitting untouched in your drawer for decades, you may think it impossible to restore them to their original condition. However, your memories don’t have to fade along with each photo’s clarity and color.  The good news is that you can learn about the best techniques for restoring a faded photo […]

How To Scan Old Photographs | Professional Results At Home

A Canon Home Printer & Scanner Machine

Every family has its share of photo albums, each containing precious memories that span generations of loved ones. However, even the most well-kept treasure troves can fade with time – and that’s why so many people are trying to find ways to digitize, enlarge & store old photos on their computers.  Unlike printed photos, digital […]

Old Photos Stuck Together? Three Easy Fixes

an effective soaking method is using distilled water

Most photographs have great sentimental value, and that’s why it can feel devastating when they get stuck together. While it may be tempting to try and jam your fingers between two photo prints, this can damage your pictures alongside the frame you used! But does that mean every photo that gets stuck to other pictures […]

How To Remove A Picture Stuck To Glass – The Easy Way

a photograph stuck to glass photo frame

People take photographs to remember the good times with friends and family, but the truth is that most pictures aren’t designed to last forever. Photographs can fade, bleach, or worst of all, even get stuck to the glass! You may be thinking, “What’s the big deal? Can’t I just put on some rubber gloves and cleave […]

How To Clean Old Photos Before Scanning In 9 Steps

cleaning cloths for old photographs

Scanning and digitizing delicate photos is the best way to make them last forever. However, most people don’t realize that even a small amount of dust can get in the way of an otherwise high-resolution scan. This is especially important if you’re looking to enlarge an old photo. That’s why photo technicians recommend removing dirt from […]

How To Fix A Water Damaged Photograph At Home

an effective soaking method is using distilled water

Dealing with the aftermath of water-damaged photos can be devastating, and recovering your most beloved memories can feel nearly impossible. However, even significant flooding doesn’t have to inflict permanent damage on your favorite photographs. Is it possible to save water-damaged photographs? The answer is a resounding yes! There are several ways to restore water-damaged photos – […]

How To Keep Pictures From Fading In The Sun

How to keep pictures from fading in the sun

We independently research, review, and recommend the best products. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission. Nothing adds decorative flair like a good photograph or painting. Unfortunately, these works of art can get damaged when they’re exposed to different light sources. Without taking the proper steps, you may lose these […]

Costco Photo Restoration: Is It The Best Option Out There?

costco photo department

Every physical photo is susceptible to wrinkles, water damage, or just plain old fading. Even the images we keep safely tucked away in photo books can bleach over time if you use the wrong kind of adhesive! Luckily, finding a local photo restoration service is easier than ever. With thousands of locations across the United States, […]

Is Tesco Photo Restoration Worth It? – An In-Depth Look

tesco photo restoration

Even the most well-maintained photographs are susceptible to all sorts of wear and tear – stains, water damage, and fading from the sun are some of the most common perpetrators. Luckily, finding photo restoration services in your local area is easier than ever, especially when you live near one of Tesco’s 3,968 stores in the […]