What Is Gen Z: Decoding The Most-Educated Generation Yet

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Some people lump Generation Z (sometimes called Zoomers) into one big group with the Millennial Generation, simply because they’re “young people”. But while they share some similarities, Generation Z is a different entity from Millennials. As the first generation born fully in the Internet age, they’ve adopted different behaviors and mindsets compared to Millennials. But […]

What Is Millennial Generation: Busting Common Stereotypes Of Gen Y

smiling friends of the millennial generation in a bright room

Millennials, sometimes called Generation Y, have been subject to so much bad press in the news. Some of the complaints leveled at them include being narcissistic, living with little ambition, and even being a bit delusional. But are these stereotypes true? In this article, we’ll bust some popular myths about Millennials and explain what it […]

What Is Gen X: The “Forgotten Generation”

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The letter “X” is sometimes used to mean something unknown or lost, and this description fits Generation X to a T. Throughout its history, this generation keeps on changing and refuses to be defined. But what does it mean to be a member of Generation X and why are they considered “lost”? Read on to […]

What Is A Baby Boomer: Notable Traits Of The Generation

a portrait of an elderly baby boomer

“Okay, Boomer”. You’ve probably heard that phrase a million times, usually used to mock old people. But what exactly does Boomer – or the term it came from, Baby Boomers – mean? Are they really as out of touch with modern society as the common usage implies? Find out more about Baby Boomers in this […]

What Is The Silent Generation: The 1920s-1940s Kids

silent generation space age

Many of you may have heard the term “Silent Generation” being used in the media. Some people also call them the Forgotten Generation, because many of them were too young to fight in World War II but too old to be hippies – two major historical events that defined the preceding and succeeding generations. However, […]

How Long Is A Generation: Measuring The Generation Gap

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The word “generation” is often used in everyday conversation. Some people even use generation as a way to calculate the passage of time. However, a generation isn’t as easily measured when compared to a decade or a century. What is a generation and how long is a generation, anyway? Whether you’re trying to get in […]