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Exploring Louisiana Last Names: A Guide to the Most Common Surnames in the State

Post stamp from Louisiana.

Louisiana, a state with a diverse cultural background, is known for its rich history and fascinating name landscape. It is home to a diverse mix of ethnicities and nationalities, each contributing to the unique collection of surnames that exist in the state. This article aims to explore the history and meaning behind some of the […]

Discovering Last Names That Mean Fire

A burning flame

If you’re looking for a unique and fiery last name, look no further! Our article on discovering last names that mean fire will provide you with a list of surnames that are sure to ignite your interest.

The Origins And Meanings Of Danish Last Names

danish last names

Emily Hutton Surnames in Denmark only started being used recently, but their origins can be traced back to before the Viking Age. In this article, we’ll take a look at the deep history of some common Danish last names and their meanings. History Of Surnames In Denmark The history of naming conventions in Denmark spans […]

The Origins And Meanings Of Common Irish Last Names

keyword hero background

Irish people were some of the first people in Europe to use last names, which means that many Irish last names, even common ones, have a long and storied past. Your last name could clue you into where your ancestors came from or what they were like.  Looking to learn more about your family history? Your […]

Meanings And Origins Of Persian Last Names

common iranian surnames

Emily Hutton Surnames are a relatively recent concept in Iran but have roots tracing back to the birth of the Persian empire. In ancient times, the Persian Empire spanned from Egypt to Turkey and from Mesopotamia to the Indus River. So, modern Iranian last names are influenced by a wide range of languages and cultures.  […]

Common Nigerian Last Names And Their Meanings

Nigerian last names

Emily Hutton Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa and the sixth-most-populated country in the world. It encompasses over 250 ethnic groups and twice as many languages. This diverse patchwork of ethnicities also means a massive diversity in names and naming conventions. The various Nigerian ethnic groups have rich naming traditions, and each group […]

What Are The Most Common Hungarian Last Names And What Do They Mean?

hungarian last names

Emily Hutton Hungarian naming conventions are very different from the other countries in the region. Hungarian names are structured much like Chinese names, with the family name coming first and your given name last. Thus, for clarity’s sake, we’ll be using the terms “surnames” or “family names” rather than Hungarian “last names”. Keep reading to […]

The Origins And Meanings Of Common Finnish Last Names

finnish last names

Emily Hutton A Finnish surname may sound more unique than their English, Swedish, or Danish counterparts. This is because a Finnish surname derives from various origins: they can be ethnic, occupational, toponymic, patronymic, ornamental, or acquired.  This article will discuss a brief history of Finland’s language, how its linguistic tradition shaped its naming culture, and […]

What Are The Most Common Czech Surnames?

keyword hero background

If you want to learn more about your family history, your surname is a good starting point. Surnames provide many clues about your family’s traditions, culture, and homeland. For people with Czech surnames, your last name may tell you more about an ancestor’s trade, place of origin, or even physical characteristics. What are the most common […]

Common Brazilian Surnames (History & Meanings)

common brazilian surnames hero

There are few countries with such a complex and rich past as Brazil. Before the Portuguese arrived in 1500, Brazil was home to many indigenous tribes, commonly known to the invaders as Brazilian Indians. However, since the 1500s, settlers from Portugal, Spain, Germany, Italy, Japan, and many other countries started arriving in Brazil. During the […]

An Introduction To Most Common Romanian Surnames

common romanian surnames

In all cultures around the world, surnames have played an important role throughout time, not only in giving an identity to every individual, but also in indicating their origins, family background, and sometimes even occupation. Nowadays, people tend to forget how much history surnames actually hold and that’s why they need a reminder of where […]

An Introduction to Common Korean Surnames

common korean surnames dancers

Over the past few years, there has been a massive interest in everything Korean. People are clamoring to know about their favorite K-pop artists and binge-watching K-dramas starring Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun, and Lee Jong Suk. The attraction even reached to being curious about Korean last names. Well, let’s get to know more […]

Complete List Of Common Australian Surnames & Their Origins

Uluru Australian Surnames

Australia is a melting pot of people from different places and cultures. However, it was not always like this – it was once a British colony that only started celebrating multiculturalism and diversity in the early 1970s. This is very apparent in their surnames and their meanings. Let’s take a look at some of the […]

A Complete List Of Common Polish Surnames & Meanings

common polish surnames

Even common surnames have a great deal to teach us, so if you are into learning about your family history it’s time to start digging into that last name. You never know what you might find out! If you are looking to learn more about your family origin and Polish surname, then this is a good place […]

A Complete List Of Common Chinese Surnames & Meanings

Common Chinese Surnames

If you are of Chinese descent, learning about your heritage can be a little overwhelming. It can feel like the entire Chinese population has your surname. But each individual Chinese clan name has a lot to say about national and ethnic identity – even if your surname is common, it could even reveal a lot […]

A Complete List Of Common Swedish Surnames & Meanings

common Swedish surnames

Family names do more than differentiate one person from another – they also connect us to our ancestral roots and help us learn more about our families and culture. For example, have you ever wondered why so many surnames end with “-son” in Sweden? The origins of Swedish surnames tell a unique story because they […]

A Complete List Of Common Indian Last Names & Meanings

India Flag Against Blue Skies

As a country, India is a melting pot that blends different languages and customs, forming a unique family lineage for every person. With a bit of research, there is a ton of knowledge you can gain from some of the most common Indian surnames! In this article, we explain how religions and geographical origins influence […]

A Complete List Of Common Filipino Surnames & Meanings

common filipino surnames hero background

Filipino surnames can offer you a wealth of knowledge about your family history. Learning about your ancestors through your surname is an excellent way to deeply connect with your identity as a Filipino. In this article, we discuss the diverse origins and rich history of Filipino surnames. Learn about naming conventions, the meanings behind family […]

A Complete List Of Common Norwegian Surnames & Meanings

norwegian village with landscape

Interested in family history? Your surname should be the first place you start looking. Even if your name is common you just might find an interesting story behind it – especially if you have some Norwegian heritage in your family tree.  Norwegian Americans are an important part of American make up the 10th most common […]

Most Common Russian Surnames: Origins And Meanings

portrait of russian girl

Most people reading this article are probably already familiar with the concept of given names and surnames. They communicate a lot about a person and their background – where their family comes from, what their ancestors did for a living, or even what kind of person their parents hoped they would become. Russia is a […]

A List Of The Most Common Spanish Last Names & Meanings

Spanish Surname Hero Background

For people who want to learn more about their family history, their surname is always a great place to start. Surnames can provide many clues about a family’s origins, traditions, and culture. In fact, each culture has its own naming conventions – for those with Spanish surnames, your Spanish surname may indicate an ancestor’s occupation […]

List Of The Most Common African-American Surnames

african american surnames hero image

If you are interested in African-American history, there are dozens of places to get started. History books, documentaries, and even anecdotes can reveal a lot, but did you realize that even your surname can tell you a lot about race in America and what your family has gone through? You might not realize how many […]

A Complete List Of Common Canadian Surnames & Meanings

Most Canadian Surnames Hero Background Image

Are you interested in your family history? If you are, your surname is a great place to start your research into who you are and where you come from. It’s not just a word, it’s a part of your identity – even a common surname can have a lot of history attached to it! Canada […]

A Complete List Of Common Italian Surnames & Meanings

A photo of an Italian laneway

A name isn’t just used to differentiate one person from another. If you dig deeper, many names are filled with centuries worth of history. If you’re trying to trace back your family legacy, names are a good jumping-on point for your search.  Nowadays, we hear Italian names almost everywhere – from TV screens to real […]

A Complete List Of Most Common Surnames In Scotland

common surnames in scotland background hero

For people who want to trace their family roots, one of the best places to look for clues is your surname. Every culture has a different naming convention. If you are of Scottish origin, your name may indicate what clan you belong to, your family’s trade, or your place of origin. However, your last name […]

Common Dutch Surnames: What Does Your Name Mean?

netherlands dutch surnames

The Netherlands is a country with beautiful sights, fascinating history, and many unique names. In fact, there are over 100,000 unique Dutch surnames in the Netherlands. If you’ve ever been curious about your Dutch heritage, looking into these names is a good way to start researching your roots.  In this guide, you’ll learn all about […]

List Of Common Thai Surnames, Meanings & Origins

Thailand Landscape at Sunset

Thailand is known as a nation filled with rich history and unique cultures. While most of its history can be seen in museums and various historical buildings, a fascinating part of Thai culture can be seen in their surnames.  Read on to find out why Thai last names are literally unique! Whether you’re curious about how Thai […]

Complete List Of Most Common Arabic Surnames & Meanings

arabic surnames hero background

The Arab world encompasses many countries over two continents, so it makes sense that many Arabs also have unique names that come from many places. An Arab name can come from one’s parents, their place of origin, or even noteworthy deeds they did in life.  Whether you’re trying to research your Arab heritage or looking […]

Complete List Of The Most Common Greek Surnames & Origins

greek statue with stone temple

As one of the earliest civilizations in the world, anything Greek is steeped in elaborate history. Names are no exception to this rule, which makes them especially important if you’re looking to retrace your Greek ancestry. Your surname can even be the first step to researching your family tree and finding out where your ancestors […]

Complete List Of Most Common Vietnamese Surnames & Meanings

common Vietnamese surnames hero background

When people start to trace their family history, they often look to their surnames for clues about their origins. Naming conventions vary between cultures. For those of Vietnamese origin, they will have to look at other information: dates of migration and ruling dynasties. This is because Vietnamese naming conventions are different from those used in […]

What Are The Most Common Native American Surnames?

native american genealogy

In tracing one’s family history, many people look to their surname and its origins for clues. However, not all cultures will have the same naming conventions. Those of Native American descent need to search a little farther, as Native American tribes do not have surnames as we know them. A name had deep significance and […]