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Procreate Stars Brushes Set

50 Procreate Star Brushes Included

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Procreate Stars Brushes Set

50 Procreate Stars Brushes Included



procreate star brushes packaging

A Handcrafted Star Brush Pack With 50 High Quality Brushes.

If you are drawing in Procreate and you have a hankering to draw the cosmos then you will need our star brushes for Procreate. These brushes include some fill brushes to draw an array of stars and some stamp brushes to stamp stars onto your canvas.

The Procreate App is an excellent iPad app that you can use to create your masterpieces. If you love to draw digital art then it’s just the app for you. All you need to create vivid and colorful masterpieces is your iPad and an Apple Pencil. But if you need a little help in drawing galaxies and space, then you need our star brushes for Procreate.

Create your own corners of the cosmos with our star brushes. With stamps and fill brushes you will have your pick to draw stars on your canvas.

Each brush pack comes with:

  • 50 star brushes
  • Bonus Brush Set
  • Paper Textures

All you need is: Procreate 5.0.8 or 5X, an iPad or iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil.

The Entire Procreate Star Brush Set

50 Star Brushes that Shine

If you are going to be drawing stars in space, you need these brushes to give your images and digital art the right texture. While it might seem that space can look pretty two-dimensional, there are actually so many ways to give your space a little more depth!

These brushes were created to be completely compatible with Procreate software so they will act like the original brushes for Procreate. Each Star brush Procreate has to offer a unique texture whether it be the stamps of the starry fill brushes or the textured nebula brushes.

We provide you with 50 different brushes to create the cosmos with because we believe that you deserve to download a brush set that provides you with every star brush you are looking for!

NOTE: You will need Procreate 5.0.8 or 5X, an iPad and an Apple Pencil.

Create Epic Space Battles

Set the Stage with Starry Arrays

If you are creating ships for sci-fi games or stories then you need the star brushes to get the look of the background right. You can’t properly realize your ships if they are just hovering in the blackness of space! We think of space as being empty but it’s actually full of different structures and heavenly bodies. Drawing them can be time-consuming and difficult which is why you need these star brushes for Procreate. 

These brushes will help you create depth and texture in your illustrations and help you really capture the look of the cosmos. You don’t need to sign up for anything or deal with newsletters, all you have to do is order the brushes and they arrive in your inbox all set to download. 

Heavenly Bodies

If you are drawing heavenly bodies then these brushes will add a little extra to drawing the backgrounds. While space is a dark vast expanse, there are ways to make it more visually interesting and the first step is to get these brushes.

When drawing stars, a brush for Procreate makes a big difference. You can draw with multiple stars and fill the sky quickly and realistically. If you are drawing stars our Procreate brush set will save you time and make your illustrations more textured. 

Procreate Pocket

Are these brushes compatible with Procreate Pocket? Of course they are. They were designed to act just like the original brushes that come with the Procreate App so they will work with the new mobile Procreate App. 

Get the brushes that were meant to draw Procreate stars. Brush sets like this aren’t always compatible with new software but ours is! Procreate Pocket is relatively new, but if you want to draw on your iPhone then it’s the software to use. You can bring the cosmos to life on your iPhone with Procreate Pocket.

Please note our star paint brush set is a digital download.

Ordering Our Star Brushes Is As Easy As  1 - 2 - 3

All you need to order these brushes is your credit card and a valid email. Just click on any of the order buttons, pay for your brushes, and they will be sent to you in the email provided. It’s that simple! 

The download process will take no time at all and before you know it you’ll be creating masterpieces on Procreate with your brand new star brushes.

1. Order & Download The Bundle

1. Order & Download The Bundle

Once you order, we’ll send you a download link instantly to your email.

2. Install Your Procreate Brushes

2. Install Your Brushes

Install your Star Kit Brushset File in Procreate.

Create gorgeous watercolor art pieces using your new brush set in Procreate.

3. Boom - magic!

Create gorgeous art pieces using your new brush set.

Loved By Artists All Around The World.

Our Procreate Brush Sets Are Used By Over 5000 Artists

Stars are a popular background for many of our customers. We’ve heard back from thousands of happy users that love the quality of our brushes. 

We take pride in all of our brush kits but this star brush set for Procreate is one of our very best. If you are going to be drawing the cosmos then you need these brushes to get the look!

Each of these brushes is pressure sensitive and will work with your Apple Pencil natively. They work like any of the original brushes for Procreate.

Installing Your New Brush Set

Installing Our Star Brush Set Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Installing your brush set is very simple. You just need to follow these steps and you’ll be drawing star-based illustrations on Procreate in no time!

  • Click the download link that was sent to your email
  • Tap the zip file
  • Tap the file that says .brushset

That should open the Procreate app and import your brushes automatically. Yes, it’s that simple!

Play Video
Play Video

Using Your New Brushes

Create Incredible Art Pieces Within Minutes

Are you a sci-fi comic artist and need to create visually interesting space scenes? Are you a character designer that loves creating space aliens and need to do the background? Or do you just like to draw stars? If you said yes to any of these questions then you need these Procreate star brushes.

Each star brush for Procreate is unique. They each provide a different look and feel. There are starry arrays, stamps, nebulas, and other textures. We want you to have every Procreate star brush you are looking for. If you are drawing the cosmos at all you need these star brushes for Procreate to level up your game. 

The basic brush pack that comes with Procreate is just not gonna cut it. Order your star brushes for personal use on Procreate today!



To make each star brush for Procreate we photographed dozens of patterns and researched the textures of the smoky nebulas so you get the right look you are going for. We want these brushes to save you time on your creation. Each swipe of your Apple pencil should be perfect so we worked with real artists to create the brushes that they wanted to see. 

We believe that the best way to design brushes artists love is to listen to what artists are saying and there was a demand for star brushes for Procreate and we delivered. They wanted more than just any star-shaped brush for Procreate, they wanted starry arrays, halos, and nebulas. 

We made these brushes for personal use. We hope you’ll love them as much as our other customers do!

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Are these texture brushes compatible with Photoshop?

No, Procreate brushes cannot be used in Photoshop, but we also make Photoshop brushes! That’s right. If you love our brush sets for Procreate there is likely a Photoshop version waiting for you on our website. So click here and check out our brushes for Photoshop and Illustrator.

Abstract Procreate Brushes Photoshop Screenshot

How will the Procreate Star Brushes be delivered?

Since they are digital brushes you will receive them digitally. All you have to do is give us your email and the download link will be sent there! For your convenience, use the email registered on your iPad so you have less of a challenge downloading and installing the brushes.

How many Procreate Star Brushes are included?

This brush set includes 50 star brushes for Procreate. You are sure to find a favorite star Procreate Brush in this excellent brush set.

Are these brushes dynamic?

These brushes for Procreate are fully compatible with Procreate software and will act like the original brushes from Procreate. You will be able to change size and opacity with ease.

Do I Need Procreate Pocket?

If you want to paint digital art on your iPhone you will need Procreate Pocket, but to use these brushes you don’t need that app. You can use the Procreate app on your iPad or iPad Pro.

Do I need the Procreate App?

If you want to paint digital art on your iPhone you will need Procreate Pocket, but to use these brushes you don’t need that app. You can use the Procreate app on your iPad or iPad Pro. You need Procreate 5.0.8 or 5X, an iPad or iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil.

Do I Download The Paper Textures Separately?

No, the paper textures should come with your download. If they are missing please let us know right away so we can make sure you are getting everything you paid for.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds on our digital products.

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procreate star brushes packaging

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