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Procreate Skin Brushes Set

50 Procreate Skin Brushes Included

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Procreate Skin Brushes Set

50 Procreate Skin Brushes Included



procreate skin brushes packaging

A Handcrafted Skin Brush Pack With 50 High Quality Brushes.

Skin is one of the hardest things to draw digitally. Skin has so much variation and texture that it is incredibly hard to get photorealistic skin on a computer, or at least it was until Procreate. Now, we can create much more realistic skin brushes to up your portrait game.

Modern technology makes everything faster and easier and drawing skin is no different. With these skin brushes for Procreate, you can be drawing humans, portraits, and more.

Other brush packs come with a few skin brushes, but not nearly enough of them. We understand that if you are looking for skin painting Procreate brushes, you need everything from skin texture brushes to hair brushes to get the feel of realistic skin right.

If you want to bring your illustrations of people to life you need more than just the basic brush pack from Procreate. It has no brushes that specialize in skin and we give you 50 different brushes to draw skin in all its complexity. If you are going to spend any time painting portraits you are going to need these skin brushes for Procreate.

There is no one best Procreate brush for skin, creating realistic-looking skin takes a lot of blending and shading and even a little shimmer from the glitter brushes. But if you are looking for brushes that can give you that look, then look no further!

Each brush pack comes with:

  • 50 Skin Brushes
  • Bonus Brush Set
  • Watercolor Paper Textures

All you need is: Procreate 5.0.8 or 5X, an iPad or iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil.

The Entire Skin Brush Set

50 Different Skin Brushes For Procreate

This brush pack for Procreate is full of different brushes that mimic different layers of skin from freckle brushes, to smudge brushes. If you want to draw realistic skin in Procreate you are going to need these brushes to do it right. Each skin brush for Procreate was crafted to help you create the subtle textures that make realistic-looking skin.

We have brushes that mimic the look of skin pores, soft brushes to blend skin textures, and freckle brushes to dust realistic-looking skin with realistic look freckles. This brush set is necessary if you will be drawing portraits.

You can even draw bad skin, spotted and scarred by acne. We have skin texture brushes that will help you get that rough skin look just right.

IRC gives you 50 different brushes because we want to give you a variety of skin textures to choose from. Different brushes add subtle textures to skin from a faint blush to a spotty face, full of acne. These skin texture brushes are sure to add some pop to your portraits and a touch of realism to your character design.

NOTE: You will need Procreate 5.0.8 or 5X, an iPad and an Apple Pencil.

Procreate Portrait Brushes

Paint Beautiful Portraits

When working on Procreate you are only as good as your tools! If you are depending on the Basic Brush Pack you aren’t going to be able to get the realistic skin look you are going for very easily. You may, with a lot of talent and work, but to save yourself a little time! You can download these brushes and more easily mimic the most important element of portrait painting, skin. 

Skin texture is very hard to replicate, especially on human faces. You can very quickly fall into the uncanny valley and make the skin look splotchy and unnatural. Nothing ruins a portrait faster than skin that looks off. It’s very difficult to get the right blend of colors and subtle textures to replicate skin. But with our Procreate skin brushes, you’ll have the look in no time!

Paint realistic skin with these brushes and make your portraits more lifelike. There is even a smudge brush or two that will help get the colors to blend right. 

Ordering Our Watercolor Brushes Is As Easy As  1 - 2 - 3

We have simplified the ordering process to make it easier for you! All you have to do is tap any of the order buttons, pay, and give us an email. We will send you a download link to download these amazing skin brushes for Procreate.

1. Order & Download The Bundle

1. Order & Download The Bundle

Once you order, we’ll send you a download link instantly to your email.

2. Install Your Procreate Brushes

2. Install Your Brushes

Install your Skin Brush Set .brushset file in Procreate.

Create gorgeous watercolor art pieces using your new brush set in Procreate.

3. Boom - magic!

Create gorgeous watercolor art pieces using your new brush set.

Loved By Artists All Around The World.

Our Procreate Brush Sets Are Used By Over 5000 Artists

Over a thousand artists use our brushes because we work hard to make our brushes the kind of brushes you want to use. We listen to feedback and improve as we create and we saw the need for brushes especially to create skin. 

Other artists like you love the options that we provide. There are blending brushes that work like a dream and freckle brushes that make realistic-looking freckles in seconds. The skin textures are perfect and include many different types of skin, oily skin, pimply skin, and even aged skin.

Other portrait brush sets give you a few options when it comes to skin. They combine the skin and hair brushes, but we don’t. We think that when you are drawing skin you need as many brushes as you can get! That’s why we give you 50.

Installing Your New Brush Set

Installing Our skin Brush Set Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Installing your brush set once you have downloaded it is just as simple as downloading it. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Click the download link we sent to your email

  • Tap the zip file

  • Tap the file that says .brushset

It really is that simple! Your tap should trigger the automatic import of your brushes to your Procreate app. 

Play Video
Play Video

Using Your New Brush

Create Incredible Art Pieces Within Minutes

Are you a video game designer working on character design? Are you a portrait artist who lives to draw photorealistic portraits? However you paint skin, you need brushes specialized to do it. This set of skin brushes for Procreate is designed to make drawing skin a little easier so you can go on to drawing the other parts of the digital illustration. After all, there is more to drawing a portrait, after all, than just the skin.

Each skin texture brush is unique. You will have dozens of skin textures with which to paint realistic skin in all its complex imperfections. In this brush set, you have all the tools to draw realistic portraits and more. If you are going to be drawing faces, human figures, characters or anything else like that you need these skin texture brushes for Procreate to up your game! The proper Procreate skin brush can make all the difference.



IRC’s brushes are crafted lovingly to be the kind of brushes that artists love to use. We love saving you time and creating useful brushes with unique textures that elevate your work. So when it came to creating skin brushes we photographed thousands of strokes from portrait artists, absorbing techniques to make realistic freckles and more.

We observed how light refracts off skin to create the unique skin textures that are so hard to capture and then created brushes that – we think –  did just that. Capture the look and feel of realistic skin texture with these skin brushes for Procreate.

Play Video

Are these texture brushes compatible with Photoshop?

No, you can’t use these brushes in Photoshop. However, we also have photoshop brushes that you would love if you love these Procreate brushes. Click here for those.

Abstract Procreate Brushes Photoshop Screenshot

How will the Procreate Skin Brushes be delivered?

They will be sent to your email. It’s as simple as that!

Do You Have A Separate Hair Brush Pack?

If you are looking for multiple hair brushes in this pack, then you will be disappointed. There are a few to replicate body hair or the fine hairs on skin, but nothing more than that. If you want to be drawing realistic hair you need our hair brushes for Procreate. That is a separate pack with all sorts of hair brush textures. For those, click here!

How many Procreate Brushes are included?

This brush pack includes 50 skin brushes for Procreate. We understand the intricacies that go into painting realistic skin texture so we came up with a large skin texture brush set for you to work with.

Do I need the Procreate App?

All you need is: Procreate 5.0.8 or 5X, an iPad or iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil.

Are these brushes dynamic?

This brush set software compatibility is complete when it comes to Procreate. These skin brushes for Procreate will work like the original brushes that came with the app. They will respond to changes in opacity, size, and surface pressure from your Apple Pencil.

Do I need the Procreate App?​

Yes, you will need the Procreate App. You will need at least Procreate 5.0.8 or 5X, an iPad or iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil.

Do I Download The Paper Textures Separately?

No, you do not have to download the paper textures separately. They should be in a separate folder in the zip file along with the brush kit. If you don’t have it please let us know so we can rectify the situation.

Do you offer refunds?

No, we don’t offer refunds on digital downloads. Once you receive the link, all sales are final.

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50 High Quality Procreate Skin Brushes Included

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procreate skin brushes packaging

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