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Procreate Pixel Brushes Set

50 Procreate pixel Brushes Included

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Procreate Pixel Brushes Set

50 Procreate Pixel Brushes Included



procreate pixel brushes packaging

A Handcrafted Pixel Brush Pack With 50 High Quality Brushes.

If you are creating pixel art you need to optimize your canvas and your brushes to get the look you want to achieve. Pixel art might seem simple but there are a lot more layers to it than most novice artists realize. And while it may seem like any brush that fills pixels will work, pixel brushes for Procreate do a lot more than just color in one pixel at a time. 

Each Procreate pixel art brush is designed to fill, shade, or color your work smoothly as well as add depth to your backgrounds. If you want your stuff to be eye-catching, you can do a lot more with better tools than the basic brush set from Procreate.

The video games industry is growing and artists interested in making video games need to know how to create pixel art. There is also a demand for pixel art in Twitch emotes and logos for this corner of the market. So if you are an artist who is interested in creating pixel art your skills are in high demand! All you need are these pixel brushes to help you level up your game and you’ll be all set!

With pixel art brushes on Procreate, you can play with grid size, canvases, and more. And with the IRC Pixel Procreate brushes you get 50 brushes for Procreate and ten canvas textures to work with in your illustrations all pressure sensitive and fully compatible with your Apple Pencil. Get them now and start making pixel art on Procreate!

Each brush pack comes with:

  • 50 Pixel brushes
  • Bonus Brush Set
  • Paper Textures

All you need is: Procreate 5.0.8 or 5X, an iPad or iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil.

The Entire Pixel Brush Set

50 Eye-Popping Pixel Brushes

The brush library for Procreate includes a few brushes for drawing and many different textures but nowhere near enough for you to create with the freedom you deserve! We’ve created 50 pixel art brushes to add depth to your masterpiece. It’s difficult to get pixelated work to look perfect, the displacement of a single pixel will result in a completely different look so Procreate is the perfect platform to work with pixels because you have unlimited tries to get it right. 

You can just pick your favorite pixel brush Procreate has to offer and go! With pixel brushes for Procreate, you don’t have to worry about getting your stroke perfect every time. You have the undo button to try again whenever you need to. That’s the beauty of digital art! 

There are a few drawing brushes for you to create characters and work out the finer details or emotes for Twitch, and there are bigger brushes to help you draw backgrounds and levels for video games. These pattern stamp brushes will add depth to your work and level up your pixel art game!

NOTE: You will need Procreate 5.0.8 or 5X, an iPad and an Apple Pencil.

Perfect For Lettering And Logos

Drawing for Video Games? We Got you!

Are you drawing characters for video games? We have pixel art brushes that will help you create those cute characters that everybody loves. There are smaller one-pixel brushes for when you need to go pixel by pixel and larger brushes for grids and textures. You need more than one Pixel art Procreate brush!

This brush set also comes with a bunch of different textures so you can better create backgrounds and levels. These brushes can also help add depth to filling in your work and make blocks of color more visually interesting.

More Bang For Your Buck!

There is a juxtaposition when it comes to pixel art, part of working with pixels is all about bold colors and hard edges and the other is delicate detail. To make those big strokes you need the right brushes to get that look which is why you need our Procreate brushes.

But we also understand that pixel art can be subtle and precise which is why we have put together so many options for you. There are brushes for you to fill in your backgrounds and add texture to your work, there are smaller brushes to get the detail right. 

With pixel art you want bold strokes and thick lines to create most of the lettering and logos associated with pixels. You are sure to find the right Procreate pixel art brush to create pixel art on Procreate that you are proud of!

What really sets this brush pack apart is all the texture brushes that come with it. Instead of just filling in your work with color, fill it in with patterns. It will elevate your work and create visual interest in your characters. 

You focus on the small stuff, we’ll help you bring your worlds to life!

Ordering Our pixel Brushes Is As Easy As  1 - 2 - 3

The ordering process is as simple as it can be. All you have to do is click any of the order buttons and pay for your brushes. We will send your pixel brushes to the email provided. So all you will have to do is click the link and voila! Your brushes will be downloaded to your iPad.

Ordering Our Abstract Brush Pack

1. Order & Download The Bundle

Once you order, we’ll send you a download link instantly to your email.

Download Our Abstract Brush Pack

2. Install Your Brushes

Install your new Pixel Set using the .brushset File in Procreate.

Use Our Procreate Brush Pack

3. Boom - magic!

Create gorgeous art pieces using your new brush set.

Loved By Artists All Around The World.

Our Procreate Brush Sets Are Used By Over 5000 Artists

We’ve heard from thousands of artists who love our brushes. They are raving about how easy they are to download, install, and use to create pixel art in Procreate.

They have weighed in on the textures that come with this kit and the verdict is great! The small precise brushes make for easy character creation and the textures help catch your eye. The stamp brushes also save them time. 

Unlike other brush packs, we give you 50 different brushes to work with because we know you need all sorts of different brushes when creating your pixel art. So we want to make sure you have everything you need when it comes to pixel brushes for Procreate.

Installing Your New Brush Set

Installing Our Pixel Brush Set Is As Easy As 1-2-3

We’ve made installing the brush set as easy as possible so you can get to work using the brushes! Downloading and importing the brushes is as simple as 1,2,3:

  • Click the download link in your email 
  • Tap the file to unzip it
  • Tap the file that says .brushset

Procreate should open once you tap the .brushset file and you can get started using your brushes!

Play Video
Play Video

Using Your New Brushes

Create Incredible Art Pieces Within Minutes

Whether it’s for video games or logos, your pixel art is important and requires careful work to get right. IRC created these brushes with pixel artists so whether you draw with a single pixel or need the stamp brushes to get started, you will find the perfect pixel Procreate brush for you!

This brush collection will be responsive to all the edit commands on procreate and will make working with pixels much easier to do. You can adjust the size and opacity of each pixel art brush on Procreate with just a touch of your finger or Apple Pencil. Procreate is a very intuitive software and you can figure it out quite easily. You will be doing work with pixel brushes in no time!



IRC’s brushes are handcrafted with care to make pixel art on Procreate. And we have been hard at work at the brush studio making the pixel brushes. 

These Procreate pixel brushes were easier than usual. The process was simpler as we didn’t have to photograph thousands of strokes for each pixel art brush. Procreate brushes usually work like that. 

Instead, we worked on providing you with as many textures as we could that you can use to make your illustration more visually interesting. Instead of solid color fill you can create texture with all your brand new patterned pixel brushes for Procreate.

To get the look right we looked at tons of examples of pixel art and created brushes that would mimic the best textures. Our brushes can help you shortcut the process of creating those backgrounds to save you time and effort you should be spending crafting those smaller details that are so important to get right when it comes to pixel art.

Play Video

Are these brushes compatible with Photoshop?

Unfortunately, you can’t use a pixel brush for Procreate on Photoshop. The software is completely different. But we do have photoshop brushes that you can order and enjoy! Find them here!

Abstract Procreate Brushes Photoshop Screenshot

How will the Procreate Pixel Brushes be delivered?

Since these are digital brushes made to be used on the creative software platform Procreate, these brushes will be delivered digitally.

How many Procreate PIxel Brushes are included?

This set includes 50 different pixel brushes. Each Procreate pixel brush was chosen and developed to help you create the best pixel art you can!

Are these brushes dynamic?

These brushes will respond to all the editing software on Procreate and pressure from your Apple Pencil. The brushes will change shape and transparency just like the original brush pack that came with the software.

Do I need the Procreate App?

Yes, you will need the Procreate App.

Do I Download The Paper Textures Separately?

No, you don’t have to download the paper textures separately. They should be included in your zip file with the brushes. If you did not receive the paper textures, please let us know so we can see that you are getting everything you pay for.

Do you offer refunds?

No, we don’t offer refunds on digital downloads. Once you receive the link, all sales are final.

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50 High Quality Procreate Pixel Brushes Included

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procreate pixel brushes packaging

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