50 Procreate Manga Brushes

Take your Procreate art to the next level

Oil painting can take many years, (and dollars!) to master… But using our Procreate Oil Brush Pack, you can bring your creations to life instantly.


High Resolution, Vector Procreate Brushes

Manga and Anime have been growing in popularity in the last few years.

With the onset of digital illustration and graphics, software like Procreate has taken the medium to new heights.

If you are interested in elevating your own work in this highly popular and lucrative genre of art then you need our manga brushes for Procreate.

Don’t worry! They can be used to draw anime art as well!

The Entire Manga Brush Set

50 Realistic Procreate Manga Brushes

We’ve got brushes that mimic a wet paint effect or a dry brush. There are pencil brushes, painting brushes, texture pattern brushes, and so many more even a palette knife to get that look right. There are also stamps for globs and whorls that you can use to get the look of paint properly. 

We worked hard to create the ultimate brush toolbox using the best acrylic Procreate brushes we possibly could. We hope you enjoy the result.

Loved By Artists All Around The World

We believe that to make quality Procreate brushes for artists, you need to be an artist. That’s why over the past year, we worked closely with countless artists & illustrators to design our Manga Procreate brushes. When you order this brush pack, you can be confident that you’re buying brushes that have been carefully designed by a real artist.

Unique Abstract Stamps

Create modern designs with our stamp brushes, and add textures with our pattern brushes, there is a brush for your every need in this collection. Abstract art is all about expression and these brushes will help you bring out your best work because you can so easily just stamp them on your canvas.

Instead of having to settle for blocks of color, you can use patterns and textures to fill your images. Your Apple Pencil will be able to fill in sections with your chosen textures and you can paint in many different styles.

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abstract color swatches

50 x Bonus Abstract Color Swatches

Our Manga Color Swatch Bundle for Procreate comes jam-packed with 50 beautiful color palettes. Every single one of these palettes were carefully put together by our team of artists. These palettes are tried and tested, and are specifically designed to be used for digital art projects.

Ordering Our Anime Brushes Is As Easy As  1 - 2 - 3

We wanted to make ordering these brushes as easy as possible which is why it’s as simple as clicking a button! Click any “order brushes” button and, after payment, you will receive an email with a download link for your brushes.

1. Order The Brushes

Ordering our Anime Procreate Brush Set is super easy. Simply click the order button and pay for your new brushes.

2. Download The Brushes

Once you’ve ordered, we’ll instantly send you a safe & secure download link to your new brush set.

3. Install The Brushes

Installing your brush set is a piece of cake. Once you’re done, you’re ready to start creating some beautiful art!

Frequently Asked Questions

These are digital brushes so they will be delivered to your email to be downloaded. They will be sent to the email you provide us with so for your convenience use the email that you have registered on your iPad.

There are 50 brushes in this collection. We put together textures and shapes to draw with and we hope that these will be inspiring in your work!

These brushes were created for Procreate so they will respond to all the commands of Procreate. They will act like the brushes that came with Procreate.

The paper textures should be in the zip file with the .brushset files. If they are not there then please contact us so we can be sure that you are getting your money’s worth!

Yes, The Procreate app is necessary to use these brushes.

All sales are final, we don’t offer refunds on our Procreate brushes.

50 Procreate Manga Brushes

Take your Procreate art to the next level

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