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Procreate Tattoo Brushes Free

3 Unique Free Tattoo Procreate Brushes

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Procreate Tattoo Brushes Free

3 Unique Free Tattoo Procreate Brushes


Our Free Tattoo Procreate Brushes

3 High Quality, Free Tattoo Brushes - Instant Download

Tattoos have been around almost as long as humans themselves, with communities all over the world developing their own styles and methods over time. Today, most people still get tattoos for self-expression and cultural reasons, but the methods have advanced considerably. One of the ways tattoo artists ensure that every client gets what they want is through digital mock-ups on actual pictures of their skin.

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3 Free Tattoo Brushes For Procreate

However, emulating the look and feel of a tattoo gun can be quite cumbersome when using stock brushes in Procreate. That’s why we developed our tattoo brush for Procreate for free! With these textures, you’ll be able to plan and draw tattoos for clients and friends before any ink is applied to their skin. This means less heartache about the finished product and placement and improved overall satisfaction.

Our free tattoo brushes for Procreate can be used in any style you want. From vintage old-timey designs to more modern minimalist patterns, you’ll be able to produce believable mockups in less time than ever before. So, if you’re a tattoo artist who loves planning their work digitally, then these free tattoo Procreate brushes are for you.

The secret to our success with our tattoo brushes for Procreate free download is that we worked to emulate real life tattoo guns and tools. From handpoked to machine-drawn, tattoo artists have lots of options when creating depth, texture, and color. We wanted to ensure that the vast majority of tattoo artists would be able to find what they needed in our modest pack of 3 tattoo brushes for Procreate for free.

Even budding tattoo artists can benefit from our free brushes! Traditionally, tattoo apprentices practice their skills on fruit or other fleshy materials before working with people, but spending a little bit more time on mockups can also help sharpen your skills.

Our goal is to help tattoo artists and apprentices develop the best artworks they can. That’s why we’re providing this free tattoo brush pack for Procreate! Check out the download link below to get started.

Realistic Pastel Paint Strokes

Get differentiation and texture with our Pastel brushes for Procreate

Procreate is a powerful tool for digital artists, but many people think it lacks the necessary variety. With our Procreate tattoo brush pack free download, you’ll be able to expand your repertoire of tools and textures to achieve a realistic idea of how the ink will look on your client’s skin. 

But it doesn’t just stop at mock-ups. You can also create experimental designs for your flash sheet and fill out your online portfolio with unique designs. This way, you’ll be able to let your creativity flow while also finding your dream clients who believe in your vision. 

Simply click the download link and get started with improving and honing your craft!

Downloading Our Free Tattoo Brushes Is As Easy As  1 - 2 - 3

We’ve made the ordering process for our Free Tattoo Procreate brushes as simple as possible. Simply click the download button, enter your email & you’ll receive a download link in your email.

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1. Enter Your Email

Getting our free Tattoo Procreate Brushes is super easy. Simply enter your email and click download.

2. Download The Brushes

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll instantly send you a safe & secure download link to your new free brushes.

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3. Install The Brushes

Installing your free brushes is a piece of cake. Once you’re done, you’re ready to start creating some beautiful art!

Installing Your New Brushes

Installing Our Free Tattoo Brushes Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Install your brushes in 3 easy steps!

  1. Tap the download link for this brush set sent to your email
  2. Open the zip file
  3. Tap the file that says .brushset

Once you tap the brushset file, Procreate should open automatically and import your brushes. It’s that easy to install our brushes for Procreate.

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Play Video

Using Your New Brushes

Create Incredible Art Pieces Within Minutes

Our free tattoo brushes for Procreate are specially designed to fit right into your workflow. As you may know, tattoo artists usually spend a fair bit of time preparing before actually applying any ink onto a client’s skin. This process involves designing, outlining, and applying the stencil to a body part before using their tattoo gun or needle. 

Our free tattoo brushes can help during the design process, especially when collaborating with clients on custom work or large sleeve tattoos. This way, there’s no guesswork needed when inking a unique work of art for your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Some Of Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

Unfortunately, you can’t use our Free Tattoo Procreate brushes on Photoshop or Illustrator. But worry not! We have Photoshop-oriented alternatives for Adobe artists and illustrators. Click here to find out more.

These are digital brushes so they will be delivered digitally to the email that was provided. For your convenience, use the email you have registered to your iPad so you can more easily download these brushes.

There are 3 free brushes in this collection. We put together textures and shapes to draw with and we hope that these will be inspiring in your work!

Yes, the brushes are dynamic and will be responsive to all the Procreate commands and edits. You will be able to control the opacity and size and adjust them just like you would the original brushes on Procreate.

The paper textures should be in the zip file with the .brushset files. If they are not there then please contact us so we can be sure that you are getting your money’s worth!

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Free Procreate Tattoo Brushes Set

3 Unique Free Tattoo Procreate Brushes

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