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Procreate Star Brush Free

3 Unique Free Star Procreate Brushes

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Procreate Star Brush Free

3 Unique Free Star Procreate Brushes


Our Free Star Procreate Brushes

3 High Quality, Free Star Brushes - Instant Download

Whimsy is important for having fun with art, and there’s no better way to unlock your inner child than using cute star-shaped stamps and free brushes on Procreate. These free star brushes for Procreate aren’t just for illustrating starry skies and sci-fi backgrounds, they’re also good for adding a little bit of a unique shine to any artwork.

Bunch of Stars Mix Procreate Star Brush #9
Line Art Circle Procreate Star Brush #26
Quadra Star Bunch Procreate Star Brush #38

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Procreate Artist Portrait Transparent Background

3 Free Star Brushes For Procreate

Here’s the problem with illustrating heavenly bodies: it’s all too easy to make them feel two-dimensional without the proper textures, stars, and color swirls. However, not everyone has the know-how or time to craft every little twinkle for their artwork. That’s where our Procreate star brush pack free download comes in.

With this small selection of 3 free Procreate brushes, you’ll be able to light up the darkest of skies in a flash – it’ll feel almost magical!

Moreover, each texture from our star brush pack for Procreate free download is perfectly optimized for Procreate. That means you’ll be able to take advantage of the app’s powerful features and customization options. 

We provide you with 3 different brushes to paint the cosmos. We believe that you deserve to download a set that provides you with every star brush you are looking for!

What’s more, these cute brushes are also a great choice when developing a child’s creativity. The feeling of populating entire galaxies with single strokes can feel magical to a little one. With our star Procreate brush pack free download, you and the people around you can create glittering landscapes and memorable illustrations in a flash.

Create your own corners of the cosmos with our star brushes. Download our free star brush pack for Procreate below!

Create Epic Space Battles

Set the Stage with Starry Arrays

Drawing science fiction-inspired scenes can be fun, but sometimes the necessary attention to detail can be tiresome. This is especially true when you’re drawing a wild starship battle or illustrating a character in the middle of a space walk. While you could definitely leave the background as a dark expanse of deep nothingness, adding swaths of color and celestial bodies can inject a much-needed dose of wonder. 

That means no more static-seeming spaceship battles or dread-inducing darkness. Instead, you’ll be able to create bright and delightful illustrations with our stars brush for Procreate for free! 

These brushes will help you add depth and texture in your illustrations and help you really capture the look of the cosmos. You can also adjust the opacity or the other settings of your brushes to add more dimension to your illustration.

Downloading Our Free Star Brushes Is As Easy As  1 - 2 - 3

We’ve made the ordering process for our Free Star Procreate brushes as simple as possible. Simply click the download button, enter your email & you’ll receive a download link in your email.

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1. Enter Your Email

Getting our free Star Procreate Brushes is super easy. Simply enter your email and click download.

2. Download The Brushes

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll instantly send you a safe & secure download link to your new free brushes.

ipad procreate install brushes

3. Install The Brushes

Installing your free brushes is a piece of cake. Once you’re done, you’re ready to start creating some beautiful art!

Installing Your New Brushes

Installing Our Free Star Brushes Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Install your brushes in 3 easy steps!

  1. Tap the download link for this brush set sent to your email
  2. Open the zip file
  3. Tap the file that says .brushset

Once you tap the brushset file, Procreate should open automatically and import your brushes. It’s that easy to install our brushes for Procreate.

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Using Your New Brushes

Create Incredible Art Pieces Within Minutes

Whether you’re a comic book illustrator working on a space opera or a budding scene illustrator, you’ll need the proper tools for quick and realistic results. Our free star brushes for Procreate can be downloaded by anyone, anywhere as long as they have an iPad with Procreate on it!

That means you can draw out starry arrays, nebulas, and long ribbons of sparkling lights anywhere you go. We want you to have every Procreate star brush you are looking for. If you are drawing the cosmos at all you need these star brushes for Procreate to level up your game. 

The basic brush pack that comes with Procreate is just not gonna cut it. Order your star brushes for personal use on Procreate today!


How We Design Our Free Star Procreate Brushes

We collaborated with a combination of talented artists and digital photographers to recreate a distinctly hand-drawn star in a way that could be used over and over again. Whether you’re trying to illustrate smoky nebulas or individual stars in the night sky, we wanted artists everywhere to have the right free tools for the job.

We believe that the best way to design brushes artists love is to listen to what artists are saying and there was a demand for star brushes for Procreate and we delivered. They wanted more than just any star-shaped brush for Procreate, they wanted starry arrays, halos, and nebulas. 

We made these brushes for personal use. We hope you’ll love them as much as our other customers do!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Some Of Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

Unfortunately, you can’t use our Free Star Procreate brushes on Photoshop or Illustrator. But worry not! We have Photoshop-oriented alternatives for Adobe artists and illustrators. Click here to find out more.

These are digital brushes so they will be delivered digitally to the email that was provided. For your convenience, use the email you have registered to your iPad so you can more easily download these brushes.

There are 3 free brushes in this collection. We put together textures and shapes to draw with and we hope that these will be inspiring in your work!

Yes, the brushes are dynamic and will be responsive to all the Procreate commands and edits. You will be able to control the opacity and size and adjust them just like you would the original brushes on Procreate.

The paper textures should be in the zip file with the .brushset files. If they are not there then please contact us so we can be sure that you are getting your money’s worth!

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Procreate Star Brush Free Set

3 Unique Free Star Procreate Brushes

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