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Free Procreate Hair Brushes

50 Procreate Hair Brushes Included

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Free Procreate Hair Brushes

50 Procreate Hair Brushes Included



procreate hair brushes packaging

A Handcrafted Hair Brush Pack With 50 High Quality Brushes.

If you are painting portraits, creating characters, or just drawing humans you are going to need a proper Procreate hair brush to draw hair. Flowing tresses and prickly shaves can be tricky to get right which is why we developed these hair texture brushes for Procreate so you can get the look and feel of realistic hair.

From extremely straight to realistic curly hair, you will find the perfect hair brush in this hair brushes pack. We worked with real artists to provide you with every hair brush for Procreate we think you might need to draw hair. 

Procreate is growing in popularity as an illustration tool and having specialized brushes for Procreate is becoming more and more important to level up your work! If you are drawing hair on Procreate brush packs like this are essential. The brushes we’ve included in our set should cover most basic hair types.

Each hair brush in this brush set has been lovingly created so you can draw hair quickly. Every stroke is a swish of realistic hair. These are not stamp brushes that can be cumbersome and hard to personalize. You are sure to find the perfect brush among these versatile and varied options!

Whether you are an illustration artist working on a collection, or a new artist only just starting to explore the bounds of what Procreate can do, these brushes make a great addition to any brush collection. We hope you’ll love our brushes as much as our other satisfied customers!

The Entire Procreate Crayon Brush Set

50 Hair Brushes For Procreate

Hair brushes in the basic Procreate brush set are limited, so we have put together 50 different brushes for everything from silky straight fine hair to brushes that allow you to easily paint braids. We have tried to anticipate most of your needs when it comes to hair brushes for Procreate. There are brushes to mimic stubble and brushes to fill in color, and for highlights.

We want to make sure that no matter how you want to draw your character’s hair, or whoever you choose to create, you can draw their realistic hair perfectly. You have the perfect Procreate hair brush to use for every stroke.

Hair in digital art can easily look stringy or patchy, but with Procreate brushes for hair created specifically for drawing hair on Procreate, you’ll find you always find a great outcome. These brushes are designed with layering and Procreate drawing in mind so whether you are creating realistic portraits or drawing hair for commercial projects you will always have the right one when you order IRC brushes!

Spacious Thin Hair Detailed Procreate Hair Brush #38

Procreate Hair Brush #49

While creating abstract art you need the best tools to express yourself! That’s why we’ve created a pack of 50 unique stamp and texture brushes.

Dual Spacious Procreate Hair Brush #6

Procreate Hair Brush #31

While creating abstract art you need the best tools to express yourself! That’s why we’ve created a pack of 50 unique stamp and texture brushes.

Spacious Hair Pointed Light Procreate Hair Brush #35

Procreate Hair Brush #12

While creating abstract art you need the best tools to express yourself! That’s why we’ve created a pack of 50 unique stamp and texture brushes.

Our Crowning Glory

Procerate Hair Brushes That Shine

If you have been drawing a lot of humans then you know how difficult hair is to draw. It’s a huge pain to get all the individual hairs on their bodies. From eyelashes to beards, there is just so much to cover. Thankfully you have a shortcut with this brush pack from Procreate! There are hair Procreate brushes for every occasion!

We designed these brushes specifically to draw hair. Realistic hair, even realistic curly hair! There are brushes for everyone in this set! Just reach for your favorite Procreate hair brush and you can get started on creating a masterpiece!

Our Brushes Are For All Hair Types

Any time you draw a human you are going to need different textures for the different hair on their bodies. IRC has thought of this! We have included in our brush pack stubble brushes to get the look of a 5 o’clock shadow and body hair brushes to realistically recreate the look of body hair!

That’s right, there are even those kinds of hair brushes in this pack! We wanted to make sure you were covered – figuratively – when it comes to painting hair so we went ahead and developed 50 brushes for you to use when it comes to adding texture to your work. 

So go ahead and draw bristly beards and well-kept mustaches! You’ll be sure to find brushes in this set to draw realistic hair of all types.

Ordering Our Hair Brushes Is As Easy As  1 - 2 - 3

The ordering process is extremely simple! All you have to do is click any of the order buttons and fill out the form. We need an email address and your payment information and that’s it! You’ll get an email with the download link.

We have made our ordering process as easy as possible because we know you want to get started creating with these excellent brushes so don’t worry we’ve got your back! You’ll be able to install the brushes in no time!

Ordering Our Abstract Brush Pack

1. Order & Download The Bundle

Once you order, we’ll send you a download link instantly to your email.

Download Our Abstract Brush Pack

2. Install Your Brushes

Install your Hair Kit Brushset File in Procreate.

Use Our Procreate Brush Pack

3. Boom - magic!

Create gorgeous art pieces using your new brush set.

Loved By Artists All Around The World.

Our Procreate Brush Sets Are Used By Over 5000 Artists

Our Hair brushes for Procreate are beloved by artists because we provide a wide range of brushes to choose from. Unlike other brush packs, we have 50 different brushes for you to use to draw and explore hairdos and hair don’ts! 

With 50 brushes in the pack, odds are, if you are looking for a Procreate brush for hair it will be in this brush pack!

If you are drawing hair on procreate your brushes make a huge difference so this brush pack is a great first step to drawing hair. You can paint braids, coarse hair, curly hair, and straight hair with ease and there are even textured brushes to get the right look when layered properly. 

These Procreate brushes are time-savers too! Instead of having to draw every hair, you can create layered, highlights and deep lowlights with the various Procreate hair brushes in this hair brush Procreate set.

Installing Your New Brush Set

Installing Our Hair Brush Set Is As Easy As 1-2-3

It’s very easy to install brushes for Procreate and this hair brush set is no different! All you have to do is follow the simple steps listed below:

  • Tap the download link for this brush set sent to your email
  • Open the zip file
  • Tap the file that says .brushset.

That’s all! Tapping that file should open Procreate and import your brushes automatically. It’s that easy to download and install your Procreate hair brushes.

Play Video
Play Video

Using Your New BrushEs

Create Incredible Art Pieces Within Minutes

Create intricate and elegant updos as well as long flowing tresses with your hair brushes for Procreate. If you are drawing humans at all these brushes will be a big help and save you a lot of time. Instead of having to draw the individual hairs, you can opt for layering the textures and all-in-all creating a more realistic look with these Procreate brushes.

When you are drawing hair on Procreate you don’t want to be drawing each and every individual strand, It looks patchy and stringy. For digital art, you want a look that only textured brushes can recreate. Procreate hair brushes make all the difference in getting the little details right in your illustrations. These are the perfect brushes to get realistic-looking hair! 

We have created with this brush set the ultimate hair pack for brushes. We wanted anyone who downloaded this set to have access to the more varied and plentiful set of brushes we could make which is why we put together curly hair brushes, straight hair brushes, wavy brushes, and more! There are even brushes for easy braid creation!



When we are creating our brushes we photograph strokes from real artists to make sure we are getting the look exactly right. These brushes are going to help you make the art you see in your head and we want you to have the best possible tools to create that. 

These brushes are made by digital artists who know what they are looking for in good brushes for Procreate and therefore know how to design them for you.

Play Video

Are these texture brushes compatible with Photoshop?

Unfortunately, you cannot use these brushes in Photoshop. But we have a whole line of hair brushes for Photoshop if that is what you are looking for. Just check out this site and you will find our varied library of brush kits available for Photoshop and Illustrator.

Abstract Procreate Brushes Photoshop Screenshot

How will the Procreate Hair Brushes be delivered?

These are digital brushes and they will be delivered digitally to the email that you provided us in your order form. For the easiest download, provide us with the email you have registered to your iPad.

How many Procreate Hair Brushes are included?

This set includes 50 brushes. Each brush file is located in the zip file that will download from the link sent to your email. You’ll find the perfect brush to create anything from short spiky hair to long, graceful tresses. If you are looking for a hair brush for Procreate it’s likely in this brush kit.

We also have a curly hairbrush set. If you are drawing more characters and people with curly hair, the Procreate brushes for you are in the curly hair brush pack.

Is There A Brush Set Just For Curly Hair?

We try to provide you with every brush you will need, but we know that there is an even greater diversity of hair types out there so if you are going to be drawing curly hair or braids we have a separate brush set for you! We heard that people wanted more curly textures and we listened so we made a set of hair brushes just for curly hair.

Can I Draw Fur With My Hair Brush set?

It’s a possibility but these are not brushes that are optimized to get the right feel for fur. You can use your brushes however you want, you are only limited by your imagination, but if you are going to be drawing animals regularly then you might want to check out our fur brush set

It was created specifically for fur creation and textures so it’s a good investment. There are brushes for all sorts of fur textures from fluff brushes to wiry fur brushes to matted, mangy brushes.

Are these brushes dynamic?

The brushes will change according to the controls of Procreate. These brushes will be as responsive to the editing software as your original brushes. If they are behaving properly, they should show up and act like the basic brushes for Procreate.

Do I need the Procreate App?

For you to use any of these brushes, you will need the Procreate app.

Do I Download The Paper Textures Separately?

Your paper textures will come with your brush set. They should be in a separate folder in your zip file. If you do not have them, then please get in touch with us right away so we can make sure you are getting everything you paid for.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds on our Procreate hair brushes.

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