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Free Procreate Fur Brushes

50 Procreate Fur Brushes Included

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Free Procreate Fur Brushes

50 Procreate Fur Brushes Included



procreate fur brush packaging

A Handcrafted Fur Brush Pack With 50 High Quality Brushes.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! 

Are you creating digital illustrations of animals or painting pet portraits? If you are a digital artist and you are drawing animals then you need our fur brushes for Procreate! IRC provides as many textures and options as we can so you have every brush you need to make the art you want to create!

The textures of animal fur are all different and you need all sorts of brushes to depict our furry friends. Rather than just one fur brush IRC provides coarse brushes, fluff brushes, mangy textures, and so many more.We crated these brushes especially to draw fur!

If you are an illustrator or you just spend a lot of time drawing animals on your iPad, you need these brushes to bring out the best in your work. And if you are making a lot of animal illustrations, you want to get the texture of animal fur just right, then we have the brushes for you! You are bound to find the one you need in our brush pack.

Draw Furry Friends and Fierce Beasts

Do you have a lot of fun making furry illustrations? Are you creating anthropomorphic characters and need to create realistic fur textures? These brushes are the way to go! After all, you don’t want to be drawing every single solitary hair do you? That’s when a fur brush for Procreate comes in handy!

Fur Procreate brushes make your life easier when drawing fur. Specialized brushes mean each stroke is unique and fur brushes make the grind of drawing fur a quicker task whether it’s a light or dark color.

We have 50 different textures for you to try in our Fur Procreate brush pack. So whether you are drawing creatures soft or bristled, striped, or spotted, we have the brushes for you!

These brushes work differently than hair brushes and are supposed to mimic the look of real fur which is subtly different from hair, even curly hair textures don’t quite cut it when you are drawing animals. You need real fluff brushes!

A fur Procreate brush can go a long way to helping you while you are drawing your masterpiece. A specially designed brush can be a lot faster as if it puts realistic fur at your fingertips. With one swipe you can have a fluff ball or a bristled creature – these brushes will respond to your Apple Pencil which means brush strokes vary but these brushes are suitable for when you want to experiment with fur of a  light or dark color.

The Entire Procreate Fur Brush Set

50 Realistic Animal Fur Brushes

Are you trying to draw bunnies and kittens and can’t get the fuzziness just right? Get the proper fur texture from the fluff brushes from our IRC fur brush pack! 

These brushes will save you time because you won’t have to draw the individual hairs and can rely on brushes to get the texture right when you are drawing fur.

We want to help you have fun making furry illustrations so we did in the best way we know how – we made you the best tools we could! We’ve been working with artists to make sure that our texture fur brushes are the best they can be, capturing the look of fur both light and dark. Color in all your illustrations with these textured brushes!

They work well with all the different adjustments and editing of Procreate so you can get all the benefits of real-life brushes from these Procreate fur brushes. If you want to create masterpieces with fur, Procreate brushes like these are your first step!

NOTE: You will need Procreate 5.0.8 or 5X, an iPad and an Apple Pencil.

Real FUr Textures

Save Yourself Time With Our Procreate Fur Brushes

The beauty of Procreate is in the color dynamic adjustments, and the other editing you can do to make your work the best it can be. Making fur look soft or spiky can be time-consuming! You do have options when you are drawing fur, but it can be tiresome to draw all the individual hairs and textures needed for a realistic look. 

Drawing fur can be a long process to get the shading and highlights correctly! That’s why we’ve developed fur brushes to save you time when you paint animal fur on Procreate. With brushes for Procreate, you can get the look you are going for and still  use the technology that Procreate software has to offer.

You have enough to think about when it comes to drawing the animal shapes, mimicking movement, and keeping track of light sources when you paint on Procreate. So let us help you with the texture of the fur! Our fur brushes are designed specifically to get the look of fur of both light and dark color. We also have fur texture brushes so you can make your furry friend’s coat soft or coarse, mangy or silky, depending wholly on your imagination!

Please note our fur paint brush set is a digital download.

Ordering Our fur Brushes Is As Easy As  1 - 2 - 3

Don’t worry, ordering and downloading our brushes for Procreate is very easy. We know you want to get to work right away with these fur brushes for Procreate so we simplified the download process! 

All you have to do is click the order button and provide your email. The download link to your brushes will be provided to you in your email. You’ll be using a fur Procreate brush in no time!

1. Order & Download The Bundle

1. Order & Download The Bundle

Once you order, we’ll send you a download link instantly to your email.

2. Install Your Procreate Brushes

2. Install Your Brushes

Install your Procreate Brushes fur kit using the .brushset file.

Create gorgeous watercolor art pieces using your new brush set in Procreate.

3. Boom - magic!

Create gorgeous art pieces using your new brush set.

Loved By Artists All Around The World.

Our Procreate Brush Sets Are Used By Over 5000 Artists

Artists have been creating animal masterpieces with our brushes for a while now and we’ve heard the feedback – they love them! We think it’s because we listen to real artists when we are creating our fur brushes and responding to their needs rather than trying to guess.

We photographed hundreds of strokes to get these fur brushes just right. These brushes, after all, are not just to save you time but also to capture the visual of fur properly. We didn’t want to give you fur brushes that make fur look patchy or fake, not on our watch!

Our brushes are created to be versatile and made to help you create any furry illustrations you want which means brush strokes vary. We have fluff brushes, mangy textures, bristle-like textures, and more! Our fur brushes also have full software compatibility with Procreate!

Our brushes for Procreate are designed by artists for artists so you will always be getting the best brushes we have to offer!

Installing Your New Brush Set

Installing Our fur Brush Set Is super simple

It’s so easy to install your brushes. It’s just a few taps! But don’t worry we’ll still take you through it step-by-step. Just follow the procedure listed below!

  • Order your brushes by following the order procedure to pay
  • Click the download link we sent to your email
  • Download the file
  • Open the folder and tap the .brushset. 
  • Procreate will open and import your brushes automatically

It’s that easy to download our fur brushes for Procreate!

Play Video
Play Video

Using Your New Brushes

Create Incredible Art Pieces Within Minutes

You’ll be able to use this brush pack to create animals of all kinds, from fuzzy cute creatures to fearsome tigers or intimidating apes, create the amazing illustrations you want with our amazing brush pack. We’re giving you a shortcut to creating realistic fur!

You can also use your fur brushes as hair brushes on Procreate, but we created them specifically for furry illustrations. They are, however, versatile and only you are the limit to how you use them!

The basic brush pack for Procreate doesn’t have any good texture fur brushes, so we decided to provide you with some! All you need to do is download them and get started creating masterpieces!



These fur brushes make drawing fur a breeze! We photographed hundreds of brush strokes to get the look just right. The fur texture brushes recreate is so important to bringing your art to life we wanted to be sure you had the right tools in your arsenal to get your work done. 

Take your work to the next level with our fur brushes for Procreate.

Play Video

Are these brushes compatible with Photoshop?

No, you cannot use the brushes on Photoshop. The software isn’t the same so the brushes software compatibility is off, but if you love our fur brushes for Procreate then you’ll love our fur brushes for Photoshop and Illustrator. We sell them also! You can order them on our site!

Abstract Procreate Brushes Photoshop Screenshot

How will the Procreate Fur Brushes be delivered?

Your brushes can be downloaded from the link that was sent to the email you provided. If you are having trouble or haven’t received the email from us, let us know so we can help make sure you get the brushes you ordered!

How many Procreate Fur Brushes are included?

There are 50 brushes in this brush pack. We want to be sure that you have enough brushes to create the work you can be proud of and to do that you need options when it comes to texture brushes.

Are these brushes dynamic?

The brushes are dynamic. They will respond to the Procreate software like the basic brushes included with the app. We don’t want you to have to worry about brushset software compatibility so we made sure that our set works perfectly with procreate.

Do I need the Procreate App?

Yes, to use any of our Procreate brushes you will need to download the Procreate App. Our brushes don’t have software compatibility with other programs.

You can find and download Procreate in the app store!

Can I Paint Hair With My Fur Brush set?

You can do it, but we have hair brush sets for that! We aren’t the Procreate police, and we don’t dictate how you use your fur brushes, but they don’t quite capture the shapes and the shading of hair.

Fur brushes are really created for having fun painting furry illustrations, but if you want to use them to draw hair go right ahead! As long as you are creating a look you are proud of, we are proud to have helped!

Do I Download The Paper Textures Separately?

No, your paper textures come as part of the set so if you don’t have them or can’t find them after downloading your Procreate brushes please let us know!

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds on our Procreate fur brushes. Once you’ve got the download link, all sales are final.

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