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Procreate Calligraphy Brushes Free

3 Unique Free Calligraphy Procreate Brushes

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Procreate Calligraphy Brushes Free

3 Unique Free Calligraphy Procreate Brushes


Our Free Calligraphy Procreate Brushes

3 High Quality, Free Calligraphy Brushes - Instant Download

Our free Procreate brushes for calligraphy include 3 totally unique brush heads that are perfect for replicating realistic hand-lettering and experimenting with more stylized approaches. Regardless of which you choose, you’ll have control over every stroke and go for color gradients.

We work tirelessly to ensure our lettering brushes are exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are doing blackletter calligraphy or gothic calligraphy, we have Procreate brushes for it!

Our Procreate brushes are made to recreate the nibs of real calligraphy pens and mimic the responsiveness of real animal hair brushes. We want you to feel like you’ve got exactly the right calligraphy brush Procreate for free.

Free Evergreen Calligraphy Brush #27
Free Sumi Brush Calligraphy Brush #4
Free Technical Pen Thin Calligraphy Brush #16

Get The Free Brushes Below

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3 Free Calligraphy Brushes For Procreate

With the brush pack from IRC, you’ll have access to the essential tools to create your own unique works of art. That’s because we work with real artists to create these fabulous Procreate brushes. Because of this, we have unparalleled insight into what artists need to make the magic happen. But more than just sourcing our information from artists themselves, we photographed hundreds of strokes to get the look of our lettering brushes just right.

Hand-lettering is a trending art, but modern calligraphy is now done on tablets and computers. So, if you want to try your hand at iPad lettering or if you are interested in doing calligraphy on Procreate, you’ll need some specialized free Procreate calligraphy brushes – that’s where we come in! We want to be sure you have a great brush for every stroke in your creation.

Our free calligraphy Procreate brushes are a set of three well-designed tools that are perfect for your digital hand-lettering needs. With these gorgeous free Procreate calligraphy brushes, on-the-go designers and hobbyists will be able to take their craft everywhere they go.

We planned out our free Procreate brushes for calligraphy by collaborating with artists just like you. Here’s what we found out:

– You want lettering brushes that are sensitive to your stylus pressure but not too sensitive that you are getting too much noise.

– You want variation in the lines but still have the option of perfectly straight, hard edges.

And luckily, with our free Procreate calligraphy brushes, calligraphy and lettering become a breeze while taking all of the regular concerns into consideration. So, don’t settle for the generic calligraphy brushes online, go for Procreate brushes that were created with care.

Check out the IRC free calligraphy brushes for Procreate!

Create Meaningful Messages

With a few bold brush strokes

Calligraphy is not just a delicate art, it’s a way to draw attention to your bold messages. The art of hand lettering is all about presentation and communication – which is why your brushes are so important! Not only does your lettering have to be beautiful, but it also has to be readable.Lettering and Calligraphy are not all swirls and flourishes, they’re also about spacing, stroke, and precision. You need to get every curve exactly right to get your point across. Your medium is part of the message so your medium better be top-notch.

That’s where our free calligraphy Procreate brushes can help. Despite its relatively low volume at a mere 3 options, you’ll be able to edit and adjust the brushes into the custom shapes you need for a unique look and feel. That way, your loved ones, friends, and clients will get personalized work that feels just as organic as traditional hand-lettering. In short, our Procreate brushes are for hobbyists and professionals alike.

So, download the best calligraphy brushes for Procreate: the IRC brush pack below!

Downloading Our Free Calligraphy Brushes Is As Easy As  1 - 2 - 3

We’ve made the ordering process for our Free Calligraphy Procreate brushes as simple as possible. Simply click the download button, enter your email & you’ll receive a download link in your email.

Order Brushes Icon

1. Enter Your Email

Getting our free Calligraphy Procreate Brushes is super easy. Simply enter your email and click download.

2. Download The Brushes

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll instantly send you a safe & secure download link to your new free brushes.
ipad procreate install brushes

3. Install The Brushes

Installing your free brushes is a piece of cake. Once you’re done, you’re ready to start creating some beautiful art!

Installing Your New Calligraphy Brushes

Installing Our Free Calligraphy Brushes Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Install your brushes in 3 easy steps!

  1. Tap the download link for this brush set sent to your email
  2. Open the zip file
  3. Tap the file that says .brushset

Once you tap the brushset file, Procreate should open automatically and import your brushes. It’s that easy to install our brushes for Procreate.

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Using Your New Calligraphy Brushes

Create Incredible Art Pieces Within Minutes

Once you have imported your brush pack you will be able to use it right away. The setup is almost instant since Procreate auto-sorts new brushes.

You have, at your fingertips, the best free Procreate lettering brushes we could craft as well as excellent calligraphy brushes. These free Procreate brushes can recreate any calligraphy or hand-lettered look you might be going for.


How We Design Our Free Calligraphy Procreate Brushes

When it comes to the creation of our brushes, we don’t cut any corners – even if we’re offering a free download for our calligraphy Procreate brushes. Like we mentioned earlier, we collaborate with real-life calligraphy artists to understand their needs better.

The result is a brush trio that’s tailor made for the modern calligrapher. Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, anyone can benefit from downloading our free calligraphy brushes for Procreate.

But it doesn’t end there. Because of Procreate’s built-in flexibility, you’ll be able to make these free calligraphy brushes into anything you need them to be. You can go from dry to wet, pen to brush, and even experiment with the noise in the brush so you can get the small hesitations and wobbles that make art unique.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Some Of Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

These are digital brushes so they will be delivered digitally to the email. you have provided while ordering. For convenience, we suggest using the email you have registered to your iPad so you can more easily download & install these brushes.

There are 3 free brushes in this collection. We put together textures and shapes to draw with and we hope that these will be inspiring in your work!

Yes, the brushes are dynamic and will be responsive to all the Procreate commands and edits. You will be able to control the opacity and size and adjust them just like you would the original brushes on Procreate.

The paper textures should be in the zip file with the .brushset files. If they are not there then please contact us so we can be sure that you are getting your money’s worth!

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Calligraphy Procreate Brushes Free Download

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