Reddit Photo Restoration | Is r/estoration Any Good?

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Your family photos are precious reminders of treasured days gone by.

Sadly, these pictures are prone to fading and damage over the years. Photo restoration can breathe new life back into these mementos and restore their original color and detail!

Because so many people are looking for quality picture restoration, they may be tempted by free offers on forums and subreddits like r/estoration.

But even though you may save some money by going this route, there’s no guarantee of quality or privacy. We recommend that you use our professional restoration team instead – keep reading to find out why!

Why Us Instead Of A Restoration Subreddit?

Image restoration on subreddits like r/estoration has become popular over the last few years. After all, all you have to do is upload your image and wait for Redditors to restore it for free. This can be super tempting, especially if you’re not aware of how affordable photo retouching prices can be.

However, there are three strong reasons why you should work with a professional service like Image Restoration Center instead.

1. Posting Family Photos On A Public Forum Is NOT Safe

Old image restoration on Reddit may be free, but it comes with a hidden price: your privacy. To send a restoration request, users will have to post scans of their old photos on r/estoration.

Unfortunately, this means that anyone else browsing these groups can see your pictures and save them – allowing the possibility of strangers downloading your personal photographs.

There is no such risk with Image Restoration Center! When you hire us, only our team of professional restorers will have access to your images during the restoration process.

‘Allowing the possibility of strangers downloading your personal photographs.’

2. Your Request May Not Be Noticed ☠️

Even if you take a chance and upload your pictures, it’s not guaranteed that your photos will be restored. Redditors may not respond to your post immediately, leaving you hanging for days – if not weeks. There’s also a chance that no one will take on the work at all, which will have you waiting in vain for help.

This won’t happen when you work with us! Image Restoration responds quickly to all your inquiries. As soon as you reach out to us, we’ll give you an estimate and tell you everything you want to know about your ordered services. We have a fast turnaround time of 24-72 hours, and we can even send physical copies of your restored pictures.

A Man Holding His Hands Waiting At His Laptop

3. No Guarantee Of Quality ☠️

By opting for photo restoration on Reddit, you’re taking a risk on quality. There’s a slim chance that it’ll be restored by someone with professional skills, but it’s just as – if not more – likely that someone will rush it or work carelessly.

Image Restoration Center has a roster of trained artists and restoration experts. We guarantee that they have all the necessary skills and experience to do an excellent job.

Our team will also pay close attention to your specific requests and suggestions. If you want a revision, we’ll be happy to do that for free – and that’s something you just can’t get from Reddit!

A Restoration Artist Restoring An Old Photo

Our 3 Step Process

We keep our image restoration services quick and simple. Here’s a breakdown of our three-step process.

Step 1: Upload Your Photos

Take a picture of your old photographs or scan them. Upload them to our private server or send them via email, and we’ll get started on restoring them right away!

Step 2: Wait 24-72 Hours

Once your photos have been uploaded, our artists and photography experts will be consulted for the best methods to restore them. We’ll need around 24 to 72 hours to get the job done. You can breathe easy during this short period – our glowing reviews show that the waiting time is worth it!

Step 3: Receive Your Restorations

After that, just check your email! We’ll send you high-resolution digital copies of your newly-restored pictures, all ready for downloading and sharing. Upon request, we can also send physical prints to your home. It will take a little bit longer, but this is another very short waiting period that you’ll barely even notice!

Customer satisfaction is the #1 priority at Image Restoration Center. After you’ve received your restored pictures, talk to us if you want any changes done. We’ll revise it for free!

When you hire us, you’ll get premium restorations delivered right to your doorstep. Choose Image Restoration Center, and see for yourself why we have so many 5-star reviews!

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