Family Photo Wall Collage Ideas: Unique Ways To Display Your Photos

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Decorating your home can be tough. Even if it’s just that one empty corner that needs more love, you may not know what to do with it! Fortunately, there is a super simple (and fun) way to decorate empty walls: wall collages. 

Whether it’s your stairway or a living room wall, these wall collages will wow guests, friends, and family members alike. Creating these collages can also be a great idea for a family project! 

If you’re planning to start sprucing up your home with collages, you’ll need some inspiration. In this article, we’ll share creative photo wall ideas that can complement your home decor.

Choosing The Best Spot For Your Wall Collage

Even the best gallery wall won’t mean anything if you put it in a spot that no one can see. Here are three things you need to keep in mind when placing your collage:

Easy Access

Place your gallery wall in places you can reach to make maintenance easy. You won’t have a hard time cleaning them, and you can easily put in or switch out new photos whenever you want.

Good Lighting

Wherever you put it, good lighting is important – lighting makes your gallery wall easily visible and more interesting. You can either put it on a well-lit spot or install lamps that highlight your frames and collages.

Stick To A Style And Theme

Sticking to a unified style and theme helps your collage fit in. For example, a collection of family photos is best placed in the middle of your living room, while a collection of your kids’ photos is best placed in their bedroom. 

Frames also play an important part in theming your displays. White frames give off a more casual vibe, while photos framed in black are more elegant.

Great Ideas For Your Family Photo Wall Collage

As with most DIY home decor projects, creativity is key in collages. To jumpstart your family photo wall project, here are some creative wall art concepts that you can follow or build upon!

Heart Collage

Nothing says love for your family like a heart-shaped collage. If you have limited space on your wall, you can put together your favorite photos in a heart shape and place them as framed art. While it won’t be as large as many other collage types, it’ll still be a striking addition to your living room.

Photo Corner

Does your house have limited wall space? That won’t be a problem if you’re planning to create a gallery wall. Paste a bunch of your Instagram photos to fill it out. No canvas or picture frames? No problem! As long as you arrange it nicely and creatively, that empty corner of your room will be looking livelier in no time!

Clothespin Frames

Equally at home in a college student’s dormitory as it is in your living room, a clothespin frame can inject a youthful feel to your home. In addition to looking nice, they’re also very easy to create. 

All you need to do is choose photos and get some clothespins, twine, and picture frames ready. Pin down several lengths of twine across your picture frame, and hang your photos like you would your laundry.

French Door Family Photo Collage

If you’re looking for a more old-school feel, French doors can act as great wood frames. Take an old door and hang it up, then use the glass panes as frames for your favorite photos. Since the panes are already fixed in place, placing your photos will be very easy.

Instax Wall

If you have a box of Instax or polaroid photos from the past year waiting to be displayed, why not make them part of your home’s decor? You can create a striking visual by hanging or pasting those photos around a doorframe.

Letter Collages

Some companies allow you to get your photos printed on hanging letter signs. You can use this service to create many kinds of collages. For example, you can print the word “FAMILY” where each letter is filled with photos of one family member.

If you want to personalize the sign further, you can create collages for each family member by printing the letters of their initial.

Wire Board

To complement industrial interior design, you can use a wire board and some clothespins for your family photo display. This concept also gives you a lot of versatility – you can easily add or remove pictures at a moment’s notice. You can even decorate it with some fairy lights to make it look better!

Closing Thoughts

There are a lot of concepts you can try for your gallery wall. As long as you can fit the style with the rest of your house, your family photo wall will be a great way to display your favorite memories or images from everyday life.

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