Photo Restoration Prices: How Much Does Photo Restoration Cost?

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Printed photographs are prone to all types of damage and deterioration, especially as time goes on.

Thankfully, you have the chance to bring old family photos and historical images back to life with photo repair and restoration.

Photo restoration is a specialized service that repairs images until they look good as new. Aside from retouching, restoration also removes mold, stains, tears, water damage, scratches, or sunspots.

A range of businesses offer photo restoration including Walgreens, Walmart & CVS, with varying prices & quality.

Prices for photo restoration may vary, but they tend to be on the more expensive side. This is because a complete recreation of an old photograph requires years of expertise to accomplish! There are Reddit photo restoration communities that restore for little to no cost, but they often result in subpar quality.

This begs the question: how much should photo restoration really cost? And what sort of photo restoration prices can you expect when ordering online?

We answer this and more with our in-depth guide to photo restoration prices. Keep reading to get a better idea about photo restoration services, pricing, and procedures.

How Much Does Photo Restoration Usually Cost?

At most local services, photo restoration for a single image will cost anywhere between $250 to $500 for a comprehensive retouching. Local services tend to charge a higher premium because they’re usually very small and inefficient businesses.

If you want affordable restoration with no loss in quality, Image Restoration Center offers the best prices you’ll find anywhere! Starting at just $35, you simply won’t find a better deal.

What Factors Affect Photo Restoration Costs?

To give you a good idea of how much to expect, here are some key factors that editors and artists will consider for your quote and evaluation.

The Extent Of The Damage

The extent of the damage will determine how much work each photo needs. The higher the level of damage, the higher the quote.

A Black & White Damaged Photo
A Damaged Photograph

The Number Of Images For Retouching

Every quote will consider how many scans you send at once. Photo restoration prices charge per image, so a higher number of pictures will result in a higher photo restoration cost. Some restorers require a minimum amount to place an order.

The Size Of Your Image And Prints

A bigger picture requires more time to complete, raising the photo restoration pricing as you go up in size. The same applies to printing pictures with larger formats after a full restoration. If you plan to enlarge physical prints, you should set aside a bigger budget to cover the additional printing cost.

Various Photo Sizes Cost Of Restoration

Time-Sensitive Photo Restorations

Drastic photo restoration can take anywhere between a few days to several weeks to complete. If you want it faster, artists may charge a higher rate to work on rush restorations, especially if there’s extensive damage.

Consultation With Experts

Recreating period pieces involves research and guidance from certified historians. If you have vintage photos or prints with historical significance, photo editors may consult experts to recreate the images. This allows photo editors to work on a picture while making it look as authentic as possible. If your photo requires a consultation with an authorized historian, expect to pay an additional fee on top of the photo restoration cost.

A Collection Of Old Photographs

Other Special Editing Requests

Aside from improving the quality of your photos, some businesses offer additional services. For example, you may want to add or remove certain elements or change the color entirely. You can request other photo restoration add-ons like:

  • Scan requests
  • Background editing
  • Color correction
  • Adding color to black and white or sepia photos
  • Adding other elements
  • Printing and/or framing
  • Adding or removing a person in the photo
  • Removing color cast

Post Expenses For Shipping Prints

Printed and framed photographs will cost you extra. Shipping fees vary depending on your location, so you should consider how much you’re willing to pay for a physical copy. Some people may also opt to print restored photos themselves to save money.

When Should You Consider Photo Restoration?

If you have a damaged photo caused by sunlight, moisture, or dirt exposure, then pcvhoto restoration is a great idea! A photo restoration artist spends years learning Photoshop & perfecting their craft to ensure that each photograph stays true to its original look after restoration. It takes a high level of skill to undo years of damage, but it’s worth the price if the people in your photos mean that much to you!

How Much Does Photo Restoration Cost At Image Restoration Center?

If you want reasonable photo restoration prices, Image Restoration Center will restore, scan, digitize, and print your photos for a fraction of the cost of most local restorers! Our prices start at just $35 to give our customers the best value for their money.

At Image Restoration Center, we believe in making our services accessible to everyone – that’s why our photo restoration prices are affordable without compromising quality. Our team has years of experience transforming ruined photos into vintage works of art, and we don’t charge an arm and a leg to do it. 

If you need your orders delivered, we can schedule deliveries anywhere in the USA within 24 to 72 hours. We also offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the results!

Get The Best Value For Your Money At Image Restoration Center

Don’t let a damaged photo stop you from cherishing the memories that mean most to you. With the help of our photo restoration services, you can easily transform your old, faded memories into clear, high-quality images.

If you’re looking for the best photo restoration service, Image Restoration Center should be at the top of your list! You can rely on us to restore your damaged photos to perfection.

Photo Restoration From Just $35.

We repair rips, tears & fading colors for customers around the world. Get your photograhs restored today.

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