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Bring The Past Back To Life With Photo Restoration Services

We take photos to preserve memories that are near and dear to our hearts. Whether the photo features you, your family, or friends, you wouldn’t want them to fade over time! If you have an old photo, restoration can help you hold on to those precious memories forever.

At Image Restoration Center, we can make your faded and old photos look brand new. With our professional help, you’ll be able to appreciate the most priceless moments of your life for years to come!

The Most Professional Photo Restoration In Richmond, VA

Old photo restoration is an art that takes years of experience to master. Thankfully, our team of experts have been in the business for over a decade and counting, so your prized photos are in good hands! 

Using tried-and-tested photoshop retouching techniques, we can:

  • Add life to old photos with image detailing
  • Add color to your monochrome image with colorizing services
  • Remove imperfections for beauty and business photography
  • Digitally stitch fragmented images together
  • Create composites for an image with missing details
  • Provide scanning or printing services

Why We're The Best Image Restoration Service in Richmond, VA

Why look for a professional photo restoration service near you when you can get your photos restored online? Our team is at your service wherever you are in Richmond. 

No local shop can compare to our high-quality services and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to help you bring your photos back to life without breaking the bank or leaving your house. We’ll help you restore damaged and faded photos starting at only $35 per photo.

Richmond Residents Trust Only Image Restoration Center

You need a reliable photo restoration service that’s professional, convenient, and affordable, so why look elsewhere? Read our A+ reviews to find out why customers keep coming back to Image Restoration Center:

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Five-Star Photo Restoration In Richmond, VA

If you want to restore your photos professionally, we’re here for you. Follow our simple three-step process to get started!

Step 1: Upload A Scan Of Your Photo

Take a scan of the old photo you want us to work on, and upload it to our secure server. Include details along with your personal information, then confirm your order. You’ll receive a quote shortly after we’ve assessed your requests.

Step 2: Wait For Us To Finish Photo Processing

Wait at least 24 to 72 hours for your photos to be delivered via download link. If you’re getting physical prints delivered, you can expect them to reach your doorstep the day after they’ve been restored.

Step 3: Review, Revise, Or Refund

Once you receive your photos, we’ll ask you to review them for potential revisions. In case you want to change how a photo looks, we’ll do it free of charge!

Premium Photo Restoration




“This is my uncle Jimmy. My Pop used to tell me he was mischievous when he was young, and I think you can see that in this photo. Hard to imagine that he ended up becoming a high-school teacher! He’s the one who taught me how to ride a bike, he also used to help me with my grades, and he taught me to stand up to bullies. He died just this year actually, and I really miss him. Restoring this photo really meant a lot to my family. He will be remembered always and forever.”


– Customer from Aurora, IL

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