Repair Damaged Family Photographs: Photo Restoration Orlando

We Can Breathe New Life Into Your Old Photos

Family photos are a wonderful way to commemorate special moments and fond memories. Unfortunately, many of these treasured mementos suffer damage and fade over time, losing much of their original color and detail. 

If you want to rescue your old photo from wear and tear, you’ll need professional photo restoration work. At Image Restoration Center, we can give you quality photo restoration at excellent prices. Using digital photography tools, our team can restore your pictures pixel by pixel until they’re as good as the original – and in many cases, even better!

Our Photo Restoration Services

Our photo restoration artists have years of experience in editing and breathing new life back into old, faded photos. We use the right tools and techniques on your damaged photo until it looks brand-new!

Here are the various photo restoration services that we offer.

  • Photo printing services
  • Digital alterations of original photo backgrounds, upon request
  • Digital full and partial colorization for sepia and black-and-white photographs
  • Restorations of cracked, faded, or torn images
  • Repair of photo damage due to water or mold
  • Color correction and restoration

This is just a short list of photo restoration work we offer. Contact us through email or our contact form for more information about the services you need! We’d be happy to go into all of the services we can provide to bring your photo to its former beauty.

We're The Best Restoration Photo Service In Orlando, FL

Photo restoration can be a long and tedious process, especially if the original images are very faded or damaged. It can also be quite expensive, costing hundreds of dollars for the finished products. Before you think about having digital photo restoration done by a local photographer or studio in Orlando, consider your budget and turn-around time. 

You could hire others to get it done, but we have two massive advantages over them: our affordability and fast delivery. We can bring your damaged photographs back to their former beauty, without leaving you broke or frustrated. Bring your old family photos to us, and let our expert restorations team find the best way to restore them!

Satisfaction Guaranteed By Our Photo Restoration Studio

As one of the top photo restoration services across America, we’ve repaired thousands of damaged images for many happy customers. Our clients can’t help but sing the praises of our photo restoration work when we show them the final results. With our skills and passion for digital photography/artistry, it’s no wonder we have so many 5-star reviews!

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Our Photo Restoration Service In 3 Simple Steps

Restoring your old photographs is a breeze for our professional restoration photo team. Here’s a quick breakdown of how you can avail of our service.

Step 1: Send Us The Original Photographs

You can scan the original photos or simply take photographs of them with a camera or mobile phone. Upload them to our server along with instructions for the photo restoration services you want. You can also request for us to deliver physical prints of your restored photos at this stage.

Step 2: Wait For Our Professional Studio To Restore Them

Once we’ve received your request, our studio will need 24 to 72 hours to find the best way to restore your photo. Don’t worry about this short waiting period – when we’re done, you’ll see that the results are worth it!

Step 3: Get The Restored Photo/s

When we’re done bringing your damaged photographs back to their former glory, we’ll send you an email right away so you can receive the restored digital products. If you need us to revise our restoration work, we’d be happy to do so at no extra cost.

Premium Photo Restoration




“This is my uncle Jimmy. My Pop used to tell me he was mischievous when he was young, and I think you can see that in this photo. Hard to imagine that he ended up becoming a high-school teacher! He’s the one who taught me how to ride a bike, he also used to help me with my grades, and he taught me to stand up to bullies. He died just this year actually, and I really miss him. Restoring this photo really meant a lot to my family. He will be remembered always and forever.”


– Customer from Aurora, IL

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