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Lenti Minolta di altissima qualità

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Minolta lenses should be at the top of your list if you’re a vintage lens enthusiast. The versatility of these antique lenses makes them a must-have item for every photography fanatic. While the company still manufactures new cameras and lenses under the Konica Minolta brand today, their old lenses are still highly sought after.

Furthermore, the best Minolta AF/MD/Rokkor lenses are reasonably priced, making them even more enticing to add to your collection.

Read on to learn more about the best Minolta lenses and their unique specifications.

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La nostra valutazione

Product Specifications:

It’s a zoom lens

100mm minimum focal length

300mm maximum focal length

4x zoom capacity

4.9 ft accurate focus distance

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This might just be the best Minolta lens for the Sony Alpha mount system. This Minolta Maxxum autofocus has the most comprehensive lens system on the market, with lenses ranging from a telephoto, wide-angle, and broad-range zooms to soft focus and large-aperture. The lens focal length ranges from 100 to 300mm, making this model perfect for your portraits and wildlife photography.

This vintage Minolta has great auto and manual focusing performance. The focus-hold feature enables you to pause AF drive and release the shutter at the specified position. The focus button may also be programmed to do other tasks like continuous focusing or centralized sensor picking when attached to a camera with custom functions. 

It has a broad control ring that is simple and turns smoothly during manual focusing. Its low-dispersion AD glass components correct chromatic distortions that affect telephoto lenses.

Il Minolta 100-300m is a telephoto lens perfect for your Maxxum SLR camera system and it will not fit on any camera mount  without an adapter. 

Only Maxxum zoom lenses designed by Minolta are compatible with their Minolta SLR. Every Maxxum AF lens attaches to your Minolta camera to create an integrated system that enables exposure and focus data transmitting from the lens’ ROM to the camera’s processor unit. 

This Maxxum telephoto lens results from the superior computerized optical arrangement by Minolta.


✅ Superb focus
✅ Good image stability and clarity
✅ Capture Image with vibrant colors
✅ Offers a friendly vintage vibe with minimum noise and flare.


❌ It takes longer to adjust the autofocus mode and manual focus

❌ Loud focus adjustment

La nostra valutazione

Product Specifications:

Macro lens

50 mm max focal length

Compatible with Sony Alpha mount

f/1.7 max aperture

0.84x magnification

93% coverage

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Il Minolta AF 50mm f/1.7 is a tiny antique lens, probably one of the smallest Minoltas ever built.

The Minolta AF 50mm F/1.7 features a short focus range and auto-focuses rapidly and precisely. Its manual focusing is simple and quick, requiring only a 1/4 focus ring rotation.

As one of the best minolta af lens, this product has a centrally located meter measuring, a body-integral autofocus mechanism, and complete wireless remote control feature. The AF motor is located inside the camera and controls the lens.

It incorporates a life-sensing touch toggle which you can simply touch to wake up the meter without pressing the button. Pressing it a bit harder activates and locks the AF, then pressing all the way allows you to take the shot of your subject.


✅ A broad aperture range
✅ Snap beautiful images at night
✅ Offers clarity and quick focus wide-angle lens



❌ It’s a little more complicated
❌ Delicate and requires caution when handling
❌ Plastic lens seals wear out quickly.
La nostra valutazione

specifiche del prodotto

45mm focal length

49 filter thread

f/2 max aperture

f/16 min aperture

63 x 31mm dimension

126g weight

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Questo vintage minolta A mount lens has an intriguing compact design, and is best compatible with all Sony cameras. Being an autofocus lens, it can produce photographs with a soft ambient bokeh aspect, particularly during portrait shots.  It is the best MD Minolta lens considering its $50 throw-away price.


✅ Small compact design
✅ Great bokeh
✅ Perfect for portrait shots
✅ Relatively cheap


❌ Extreme flares on image corners

La nostra valutazione

Product Specifications:

f/4.5 max aperture

49mmFilter size

100mm-200mm focal range

0.12x magnification

Rotating focus ring

Good build quality

Dimension: 71mm x 94mm

Weighs 376g

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Il Minolta Dynax AF f/4.5 is the best Minolta MD lens in the product lineup. Nicknamed the beer can because of its shape, it has an outstanding vintage design, durable casing, and an excellent set of internal optics.

This autofocus 100-200mm is an ideal flexible telephoto lens that would provide good overall image quality. Its autofocus abilities allow you to focus and capture detailed images.

It’s suitable with all A-mount cameras and may be fitted onto other versions using an adaptor. Its f/4.5 max aperture is efficiently retained throughout the outstanding zoom range. It’s easily the most popular Minolta lens due to the amazing build quality.


✅ Excellent price alternative
✅ Good image flaring control
✅ Ottima qualità dell'immagine


❌ Not so smooth, bokeh
❌ No environmental sealing
❌ Extreme image distortion with full-frame coverage
La nostra valutazione

Product Specifications:

Lunghezza focale 50 mm

49 filter size

f/1.7 max aperture

f/22 min aperture

6 blades

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This is an incredible gem if you’re looking to invest in a vintage lens that records at 1080p in dim light settings. The subject isolation of this unit is remarkable compared to other models, specifically when shooting with f/1.8 or f/2.8. You’ll get a tremendous cinematic aesthetic with this lens by blurring both the fore and backgrounds.

Despite being a pro lens for shooting close-ups, you can consider trying it out for skyline and landscape photography. This vintage model is a perfect choice if you’re a light traveler as it is lightweight and portable. 

It may generate some lens flare because the glass is not protected like modern lenses, but flares are simply prevented if your shooting location settings are correct. Alternatively, the flares can be viewed as stylish filters that can add an aesthetic element to the images for the optimistic photographers.


✅ Low-cost lens
✅ Stunning background cinematics
✅ Used to shoot HD films
✅ Perfect for sharp street photography
✅ Versatile lens’s adaptability
✅ Leggero e compatto


❌ Shorter focus type
❌ Produces less sharp portrait images
❌Nessuna tenuta alle intemperie

La nostra valutazione

Product Specifications:

Lunghezza focale 50 mm

f/1.7 max aperture

f/16 min aperture

55mm filter size

Screw-in lens shade

Weighs 241g

Dimension: 61 x 40 mm

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The build quality of this lens is exceptional; in fact, it is almost superior to that of several current high-priced versions. As one of the best Minolta Rokkor lenses, this Rokkor X is a compact and light lens that you can easily carry around. The lens’s focus range is perfect if you’re looking for crisp portrait and landscape photography.

The flare tolerance of this lens is poor. However, the veiling glare and ghosting aren’t as extreme compared to prior models and only happen under particular lighting settings. Surprisingly, there is almost no barrel distortion created by the lens. Furthermore, there is substantially less vignette even when contrasted with better and more expensive lenses.

The chromatic aberration produced by this lens is nearly invisible. As a result, you won’t have to fret about undesired color streaks spoiling your shot. It is an excellent Minolta rokkor lens in terms of image color and resolution.

This high-quality lens’s backing bokeh effect is appealing. it will produce the perfect flawless bokeh by keeping the back and foregrounds out of focus. Although the lens struggles to separate the subjects in the background, it is arguably the best lens produced by Minolta.


✅ Perfect background settings for portraits
✅ crisp photo quality
✅ Beautiful bokeh


❌ The image clarity varies with aperture selection
❌ Disappointing restricted aperture setting

La nostra valutazione

Product Specifications:

58mm focal length

8 aperture blades

f/1.2 max aperture size

f/16 min aperture size

55mm filter thread

Weighs 478g

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Questo MC Rokkor series is one of the quickest aperture lenses you’ll ever see. The widest aperture of f/1.2 is a beast, and with that range, you can easily shoot well in minimal light settings. It also offers you a high-quality blur background perfect for your portrait shots.

Being a perfect portrait lens, its wide aperture minimizes flares and gives you excellent color and contrast image details. 

The lens is also well-made with a durable metal construction design.


✅ Quick wide aperture
✅ Smooth bokeh
✅ Durable design



❌ No autofocus
❌ No environmental sealing
La nostra valutazione

Product Specifications:

Full frame format

A- mount

Nessuna stabilizzazione dell'immagine

f/3.5 max aperture

f/4.5 min aperture

0.08x magnification

7 aperture blades


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Il Minolta model is a conventional zoom lens built for SLR cameras. The lens’s 30mm to 100mm focal distance range is perfect for your everyday shooting range needs, implying that the lens is suitable to shoot nature, portrait, and street photography. 

The lens has a wide aperture range of 3.5-4.5, less prone to camera shakes, which gives you clear images.

This lens underperforms in low-light situations but considering it’s an antique lens; you can use it in well lit light settings and get amazing shots.


✅ Compact and lightweight.
✅ Sharp, fast aperture.
✅ Adjustable focal range.


❌ Image flare
❌ Image ghosting
❌Nessuna tenuta alle intemperie

La nostra valutazione

Product Specifications:

In body AF drive

It has a front focus design

f/4 max aperture

f/32 min aperture

70-210mm focal range

7 aperture blades

Nessuna stabilizzazione dell'immagine

694g weight

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Il Maxxum AF 70-210mm is an intriguing lens built for full-frame SLRs. It has an adjustable focal length ranging from 70 to 210mm. Its f/4 aperture size is still and ensures that your image exposure is consistent over its adjustable focal range.

Surprisingly, zooming with this Minolta lens is done internally, meaning that its cylinder length also remains constant over the focal distance range.

Because this vintage lens does not have an image stabilization feature, color fringing, ghosting, and flaring are common image quality issues you may encounter when shooting. However, this shouldn’t set you back because color fringing is an issue you can fix during post-processing. Though flares are quite difficult to fix during post-production, you can easily avoid them by minimizing light exposure.


✅ Wide focal length
✅ Suitable for APS cameras


❌ Sluggish autofocus
❌ Image distortion
❌ No environmental sealing
❌ Color aberration

La nostra valutazione

Product Specifications:

1:1 reproduction ratio

Fast f/2.8 max aperture

100mm focal distance

9 aperture blades

76 x 100 mm dimension

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Il Minolta 100mm lens is intended for use with Sony and Minolta mounts. Any professional photographer is gonna have a big soft spot for this macro lens.

The greatest resolution of this D macro series lens is 1:1. It features a 2.8 maximum aperture, adequate for various lighting situations.

This particular lens is powerful and has excellent color reproduction abilities. Shooting close-up images with this lens will give you perfectly blended bokeh.

The lens’s build quality is quite adequate, with the outside barrel constructed of high-quality plastic material. It has a large rubberized focus ring that works well; however, it accumulates dust and smudges over time.


✅ Perfect for portrait shots
✅ 1:1 max magnification
✅ Fast aperture range


❌ Vignetting
❌ Color aberration
❌ È costoso

La nostra valutazione

Product Specifications:

75mm focal length

It is a telephoto zoom

f/4.5 aperture size

300mm max focal length

70mm minimum focal length

1.02lbs weight

47 x 27 x 48 inches dimension

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This particular Konica AF is a great zoom lens for bird, wildlife, portrait, and sports photography. It is designed specifically for Minolta’s Maxxum SLR cameras. It offers a constant macro mode, a four-time magnification ratio, and outstanding focusing capabilities from 5.0 ft to infinity.

This 4X lens covers an incredibly wide range of focal lengths with excellent crisp image quality, from mini telephoto to a maximum 300mm telephoto.

It has a lovely circular aperture design and integrated focusing features for excellent picture definition. This vintage lens has excellent overall performance and can capture extra color details on your subject.


✅ Full-Frame at 61 MP
✅ Well built body
✅ Smooth bokeh
✅ Cheap and affordable


❌ Slow autofocus
❌ Reduced sharpness when zooming
❌ Image vignetting and aberration


La nostra valutazione

Product Specifications:

28mm focal distance

75° viewing angle

apertura massima f/2.8

f/22 min aperture

Six rounded blades

0.28 min focusing distance

50mm filter size

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Questo Minolta MD is an SR-mount manual-focus lens. The lens is small, about the size of a tennis ball. Like most MD lenses, it has a rubber grip with white writings on the focus ring. It also includes the “MD lock,” intended to be used on the Minolta X-800 in Program mode to prevent the lens from accidentally switching away from the minimum aperture.

The build quality and feel are comparable to the MD series lenses. The focus ring rotates smoothly to 180° from 0.28 meters to infinity. 

The 28mm focal length is much less than the flange focal distance of the Minolta SR-mount. It is a retro focus single lens, as are almost all wide-angle SLR lenses. This assures that the back element is adequately spaced from the image plane to allow more room for the SLR mirror.

Most wide-angle Minolta lenses have two kinds of distortion: perspective distortion, which causes your subject closer to your camera to look disproportionately larger, and radial distortion, which causes horizontal lines to seem as though they’re curved. Unfortunately, the same applies to this vintage Minolta 28mm lens. You should be ready to endure some image distortion when using this lens.

Additionally, the wide-angle viewpoint causes perspective distortion. Don’t hold the lens accountable if you don’t like it; instead, back up and try shooting at a larger focal length.


✅ È economico
✅ Minuscolo e compatto
✅ Eccellente qualità costruttiva


❌ Image distortion

Buying Guide: Best Minolta Lenses

Understanding what specifications you need from a lens is crucial when shopping for a vintage lens. You might not realize it yet, but this is a dime and a time saver for you. Every photography enthusiast looks for several common features in a lens, such as its usability, pricing, focal lengths, zooming range, and picture quality.

Minolta manufactures some of the greatest compact lenses for photographers. The company is recognized for creating high-quality lenses at a cheaper cost. But even with such a great company profile, what exactly should you look for when buying one of their vintage lenses? Read on to find out in the buying guide below:

Focal Range

The focal distance of any lens is a key feature to consider before making a purchasing decision. The focal distance of your lens is the length between the center position of the particular lens and its sensor when you have an image in focus. This distance is measured in mm, for example, 11mm to 300mm. If you’re using such a lens, the minimum 11mm focal length gives you wider shots, while the maximum 300mm gives you a greater zoom on your subjects.

There are several ‘best’ minolta wide angle lenses available, with the majority of them having focal lengths ranging from 25 to 100mm, however there are other lenses that have different higher values like the Konica autofocus 200mm to 300mm. 

Before buying these vintage lenses, you should know that those with shorter focal ranges will concentrate on more prominent areas of the screen, while those with longer focal lengths will focus on smaller screen areas.

Dimensione di apertura

The aperture of a lens is simply the opening responsible for the amount of light entering the camera. The aperture size also determines the depth of field you get when shooting.

A wider aperture means you’ll have more lighting and a shallow depth of field on your image. This results in a good image focus and background blur.

As for narrow aperture size, you’ll get the opposite, which means less lighting while the image and backgrounds are all in focus because of the deeper depth of field.

Type of Mounts

Minolta developed a wide range of manual focus SLR lenses. Fortunately, because the lens adapter remained consistent throughout the company’s manufacturing, lenses from any era would mount onto all manual focus models with varying degrees of capability. 

You should make specific considerations to get the best minolta A-mount lens because vintage minolta lenses may not be suitable with every camera model available. 

Almost all camera companies have their unique lens mount that is not generally interchangeable with other brands. Most Minolta lenses have an SLR mount compatible with both Minolta and Sony Alpha cameras. This restricts Minolta lens compatibility with other camera bodies. Fortunately, there are other mount adapters on the market that can be fitted to a lens to make it compatible with practically any camera body.

Since not all adapters function equally well, you should choose to use vintage lenses with their camera body or find the best minolta lens for Sony Alpha.

Type Of The Lens

When shopping for a vintage lens, you should decide whether you want to buy zoom or prime lenses.

If you’re looking for a lens that will give you good quality images at a fixed focal length, you should go for a prime lens. You’ll get sharp images even in low light with this kind of lens because there are no lens movements. 

On the other hand, a zoom lens offers a range of focal lengths that you can work with. Its optical zoom abilities allow you to capture subjects that are further away with higher image quality and excellent crispiness.

Image Stabilization Function

The purpose of photo stabilization is to lessen the effects of camera shake on your shots. The stabilization feature can be found in either the lens or the camera body, depending on the manufacturer.

While specific Minolta lenses include built-in stabilization, this cannot be claimed for all. As a result, teaming it up with a camera like the Sony Alpha is an excellent idea. The Sony Alpha supports body-based stabilization, which is terrific as it instantly provides photo stabilization to the lens you’re using.

Motors In Use

You should inspect the motors in the lens, particularly if it has autofocus and picture stabilization features.  Connect the lens you intend to buy to your camera and take a few images at various focusing distances. Keep an ear out if the motor makes strange cracking sounds; it suggests it’s about to fail.

Lens Blades

Attach the lens to your camera, adjust the aperture, and ensure it opens and shuts smoothly.

Quality of The Lens Coating

The quality of your vintage lens coating is another essential factor to think about before purchasing. In the Minolta’s lens range, various materials are used for lens coating, with the majority of them being of higher quality.

Magnesium fluoride is a coating material often used in the vintage lens market. But you can also find other lenses composed of different multi-layer components that reduce flaring and blur in your photos.

An important tip is that buying a well-coated lens also improves color balance over a diverse zoom range.

Lens Performance

The performance of the best minolta lenses for sony alpha varies depending on the kind of lens. Before buying one, you must ensure that all lens functions are operational. Because these are antique lenses, some of the elements may not function as effectively as they once did.

As a result, before finalizing your order, it is recommended that you inspect the lens for blemishes, dents, or anything else that might indicate poor functionality. Next, inspect the optic glass for dust and fungus, as antique lenses tend to grow bacteria and fungi with age. Finally, ensure that the lens’s functions are still operational, such as the autofocus and aperture blades.

After that, keep an eye out for any loose joints on the body. Most people overlook this step, but the magnification and focusing rings can become loose after being used over time.


Do I really need a vintage lens?

If you are starting as a lens collector, vintage lenses are an excellent choice. They are far less expensive than most current lenses. If you’re just getting started with street photography, this lens is a good place to start.

How should I care for my vintage lenses?

If you want your lenses to last a lifetime, you must take care of them. It is recommended that you wipe and cleanse your lenses regularly to maintain them clear of dust, moisture, and fungus.

Why are there flares in my photos?

Flares are caused by extreme direct lighting on your subjects. There are several methods for avoiding photo flares. You may use a lens hood, a filter thread, or your hands or other items to block the sun.

Is it possible to apply lens filters with these lenses?

Because they are vintage lenses, not all Minolta lens filters are compatible. Some of the lenses do include a filter thread that can be changed.

Are Nikon/Canon cameras compatible with Minolta Maxxum lenses?

Minolta Maxxum lenses on their own are not compatible with the different Nikon and Canon mounts. However, you can buy separate suitable adapters that are specifically designed to attach the Minolta Maxxum lenses on Nikon/Canon camera bodies. The beauty of adapters is that they enable you to mount different lenses onto the camera bodies of different models.

Can these lenses be used with DSLRs?

Regrettably, most DSLRs do not accommodate the SLR mounts used in Minolta lenses. Some of them are suitable for film cameras but not for DSLRs. So you can get it to integrate by using an adapter ring. Adapters, however, do not guarantee you a better lens function when attached to the camera body.

Will my Sony E-mount system accept lenses from the Minolta Maxxum series?

No. You’ll require an adapter to use Minolta Maxxum brand lenses with your Sony E-mount camera. Adapters are cheap and readily available. Sony produces a number of these adapters that keep the exposure and aperture settings. There are also third-party adapters available; however, not all provide complete functioning of the optics on your E-mount equipment.

Are the Sony and Minolta A mounts similar?

Yes, the two mounts are the same. In 2006 Sony bought off the Konica company, and they decided to maintain the A-name in their subsequent manufactured products. As a result, their newly developed Sony A mount model was designed to be compatible with digital single-lens cameras such as the Sony a99.

Is it possible to attach any vintage lens on any camera?

It isn’t possible because getting a functional camera combo with any lens is not viable. In some instances, the build quality and optical parameters are incompatible, and no mount adapters are provided. Compatibility is only achievable if both the camera and the lens use compatible adapters or lens mounts. Adapters can change the image when linking a camera and a lens with two completely different mounts. Fortunately, in most cases, any mirrorless camera combo will suffice. Canon and Sony A cameras are better suited for use with adapters.

Is it possible for me to ruin my camera?

Yes, in certain rare circumstances. This is primarily due to two things:

  • The size of the mount you’re using
  • The distance between your lens and the camera’s sensor

Classic lens mounts may be bigger than those on contemporary SLRs. This complicates matters for the adapter. When zoomed to infinity, specific lenses retract inside the camera body. When this happens, and you press the shutter, your SLR’s mirror may collide with the rear of the lens. As you should expect, this is not good for your SLR. As a result, ensure that the vintage lens you intend to use is suitable for your SLR.

Pensieri finali

Vintage lenses are an excellent way to begin your photography antique collection hobby, and these Minolta lenses are ideal. They not only offer a wide range of options and are of high quality, but they are also quite reasonable budget-wise. When purchasing vintage lenses, it is crucial to buy from a reputable supplier or seller and inspect the lens buildability for any flaws that may render the lens unusable.

Buying any photography gear might be disappointing. You can break the bank just to wind up with a lousy lens that gives you image results that could’ve been easily captured with a cheaper one, such as the Minolta lens. These best budget lenses offer great image quality in different shooting situations.

Whether you’re searching for a lens from a current Minolta model or a retro antique model from the 1980s, you’re in for a thrill with Minolta. You can be sure to find an outstanding Minolta lens for your sports, portrait, or landscape photography needs!

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