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22 Items You Can Give as a Gift for Someone Who Lost a Parent

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Losing a parent can be one of the most painful experiences that a person can go through. So if someone close to you has recently lost a parent, you need to navigate the situation with a lot of empathy and compassion. If you’re going to buy them a gift to commiserate with them, it’s very important that you choose the right gift. 

In this complete guide, we’ve prepared a list of the best sympathy gifts that you can buy for your grieving loved one. If you’re looking to find a gift that will help bring joy and healing to your loved one, then read on!

The 22 Best Items to Give as a Gift for Someone Who Lost a Parent

With photo restoration, you can colorize, fix, and enhance damaged photographs, giving your loved one a better look at their parents’ history.

It can become a beautiful reminder of the face of someone who loved them unconditionally.

This heartwarming gift signifies that they do not need to forget their parents and their memories to move on in life. Rather, it encourages the receiver to cherish those memories and use them as inspiration to keep moving forward.

The grieving process can cause a lot of stress, especially for an adult child who has just lost a parent. That said, memorial scented candles make the perfect sympathy gifts to soothe a grieving person’s heart.

These memorial scented candles aim to provide healing hope to the person who lights it. Its smell can make them feel calm and reduce their tension while grieving their loved ones. With all the comfort it offers, it suits as a great memorial gift for a child who has lost a parent.

When your primary source of affection passes away, it’s easy to think that no one else loves you anymore. Especially in a child, not feeling the affection of a parent can heavily affect their emotional growth.

With the Mayamila Memorial Moon Lamp, however, you can cover them with the moonlight that symbolizes their parents’ undying love. As the quote in the resin states, “Because someone we love is in heaven, there is a little bit of heaven in our home.

It can serve as a keepsake that helps express your comfort and hope to someone who lost their parents.

When grieving over someone’s death, our minds get easily clouded by negative thoughts. We immediately think that they are no longer with us.

With this glass heart, you can remind them that even though they are physically separated, they are still spiritually together.
The Jetec Crystal Glass Heart comes in the size of 4in x 4in, with a thickness of 0.4in. It also comes with a simple quote etched in the memorial moon lamp. Although it is called a glass heart, it is actually made from acrylic that is far more durable than glass.

Much like the crystal glass heart, the Zuo Bao Memorial Bracelet also aims to serve as a commemoration. Its purpose is to remind the wearer that while they might not be together physically, they still remain spiritually connected.

This memorial bracelet is made out of high quality copper, with no trace of lead or nickel. It is also hypoallergenic, ensuring that anyone can wear the bracelet. It also does not rust or even change in color. That is why it is a perfect gift for someone who has lost a parent, as it signifies their unwavering love.

Having a hard time conveying a message to a grieving person? Then you can try personalizing a memorial wall decoration sign as a personalized gift for someone who has lost a parent.

With its 8in x 12in dimensions, this memorial wall sign makes a great fit for any wall in the home. The wall sign can be installed using double sided tape and nails depending on the surface. Moreover, the high quality materials used to manufacture the product make the wall sign long lasting. This helps ensure that your personalized message will last for a lifetime.
These plaques make wonderful gift ideas for a child who lost a parent. The plaque comes with the quote “Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us everyday. Unseen, unheard, but always near. Still loved, still missed, and very dear.”

It aims to remind the receiver that they are being watched over, instead of being left alone. This 6x6in ceramic plaque remains a great sympathy gift for a grieving friend or family member who lost a parent, when you’re having difficulty expressing your sympathy.

Sympathizing with children who lost their parents may be difficult, the same applies to parents who grieve for their children.

To aid that, the Pavilion Sympathy Angel Figurine can serve as a great condolence gift for a parent who lost a child. It seeks to convey the message that their loved one is in safer hands now, as they are closer to God.
These 9-inches angel figurines are made with polyresin and are hand-painted. It comes with the message, “angels are always near to those who are grieving, to whisper to them that their loved ones are safe in the hands of god.”

Even though your parents might not be in this world anymore, you should always put them in your hearts. That is the theme that The Grandparent Gift Co.’s handmade glass cross wants to convey.

It has the text “Always in your Heart” etched the biggest in its 5.5×5.5 in tile to relay that message. Moreover, the glass cross being 4in long makes it a good Christmas memorial ornament to commemorate a loved one. You can consider it an ideal Christmas gift for someone who lost a parent, and is grieving during the holiday.

Provide a space in someone’s home to commemorate their deceased parents with this memorial picture frame. Much like the one directly above, this picture frame reminds the receiver that their parents remain in their hearts, always. That is why they should never feel alone by their parents’ loss.

This 10x8in picture frame comes with the message, “When tomorrow starts without me, we’re not so far apart, for every time you think of me, I’m right here in your heart.” Moreover, it has a 4x6in slot to insert their parents photo secured by an acrylic protector.

It has always been discussed that a mother’s love is unconditional and unwavering. It can be compared to a round object that rolls forever on its own. This 4x4x4” spherical candle holder serves as the perfect sympathy gift for child who lost parent to remind them of their mother’s love.

Moreover, the candle holder also has the message “In Remembrance of My Mother’s Eternal Light and Love” etched on it. The quote further signifies the theme that the gift wants to convey to the receiver. The candle it holds can also symbolize the everlasting passion of a mother it exhibits to her children.

Ensure that your grieving friend or coworker gets to treasure the memories they have with their parents with this sympathy gift. This memorial frame allows someone to put a picture of their parents to further value and cherish their memories together. It’s the perfect gift for a coworker who lost a parent.

This 8×8 in picture frame has a poem attached to it that says:

 “Those We Love Don’t Go Away,
They Walk Beside Us Every Day.
Unseen, Unheard, But Always Near,
So Loved, So Missed, So Very Dear.”

This sympathy gift provides a 4×6 in slot for the receiver to put the picture of their parents in.

Students will definitely find it difficult to inspire themselves, especially when the ones that encourage you to study passed away. That is why this memorial wind chime can serve as an ideal sympathy gift for a student who lost a parent.

This 8×2.75 in wind chime seeks to remind the student that their parents will always guide, even after passing away. Also, the sound it makes symbolizes their parents’ wishes to remain in this world, waiting for them to be successful.
It comes with a poetic bookmark to remind them that their parents will forever be a part of their lives.

Make the commemoration of someone’s memories closer to their heart with the Zuo Bao Memorial Necklace. This memorial necklace signifies that the care and influence of their parents still hangs around in their life. It also symbolizes that the memories the wearer had together with their parents live closely to their heart.

This stainless steel necklace contains hypoallergenic qualities, to ensure that even people with delicate skin can wear it. In addition, this memorial accessory and sympathy gift does not rust, ensuring that the necklace lasts forever, like the memories they hold onto.

Losing a parent can easily devastate the mental health of someone who is grieving. It provides an overloading amount of anxiety and stress. With the YOUNTASY Sympathy Wind Chime, you can help them ease their mind by the sound of the wind chime.

This 32×4.7 in wind chime seeks to offer comfort and healing to the person that grieves for their parents. The sounds it makes aim to improve the environment and provide a conducive atmosphere to reduce their stress and tension.
These wind chimes are made from anodized aluminum to prevent corrosion, as this sympathy gift supplies everlasting comfort to the receiver.

In many cultures, lanterns have always symbolized the visit of deceased loved ones in a household. With this sympathy gift, you can make someone feel that their parents are still at home despite passing away.

This black metal memorial lantern is measured 10×4.75×4.75 in, which includes a flickering LED candle inside. It can be powered by three AAA batteries.
The lantern includes a message, in hopes to make the receiver feel loved and taken care of by their parents. It also aims to remind them that despite their parents’ passing, they should still learn how to cherish their life.

Like the lantern above, Carson Memorial Lantern can help a grieving friend feel the spirits of their parents at home.

Moreover, the memorial lantern is also flameless, containing an LED candle inside that is powered by AAA batteries as well. The candles have an automatic on/off system based on a timer: it allows it to automatically run for six hours.
The memorial lantern is manufactured using high quality composite woods and stainless steel copper. This makes up a durable and water-proof product that signifies that love and care a parent wants for its child.

One of the best sympathy gift ideas to commemorate the passing of a loved one is to create a quiet sanctuary in their home. To help them do that, you can give them a memorial garden stone, which can also mean honoring their lost loved one.

The Pavilion Memorial Garden Stone is a very thoughtful gift. The company provides a 10×10 in memorial stone made from polyresin stone. This product is low maintenance for its weatherproof qualities.

Etched in the memorial stone is the message, “Perhaps They Are Not Stars In The Sky, But Rather Openings Where Our Loved Ones Shine Down To Let Us Know They Are Happy.”

“I will hold you in my heart until I hold you in heaven.”

This memorial angel keychain signifies the longing of a child to touch their parent that already passed away.

It seeks to comfort your loved one that even though their parents have already passed, they will still definitely meet them. They will eventually have a chance to hug again as a family.

Moreover, this 25mm keychain also aims to ease their heart, knowing that their parent is in a place without suffering. If you want to sympathize with someone who lost their parents, this serves as a nice sympathy gift for them.

In a parent’s passing, their children might consider forgetting their memories together so they can move on. However, that forgets the purpose of the memories, which is for them, to remember and cherish to continue moving forward.

To help remind someone to tightly hang onto their precious memories with their parents, give them this hand-painted angel sculpture. This 5-inch resin angel sculpture symbolizes the need to never let go of memories, instead, to whole-heartedly hold onto them.
The Willow Tree Store also inserts a card on each purchase, saying, “Memories… hold each one safely in your heart.”

If you are finding another way to comfort someone grieving for their parents, then this wooden plaque serves an option. The wooden plaque is engraved with a message that aims to bring light and hope to the receiver’s world.

The plaque measures 7 inches in length, 9 inches in height, and ¾ inches in thickness. It is made from high quality natural wood to provide anti-corrosive and durable qualities. The use of the wood symbolizes the strong bond and unwavering love a parent has for their child.

This heart-shaped wind chime aims to symbolize the beating heart of the loving parents of a grieving person. The sound signifies that even though the parents are already in heaven, their love for the child still exists. Moreover, this 11×2.95×11.85-inch figurine also includes an engraved message to comfort the heart of your friend or colleague who lost a parent.

The product is made from quality stoneware resin to create a durable heart-shaped garden chime. Its durability further symbolizes the everlasting love of their parents. The garden chime can be used for decoration on either indoors and outdoors, depending on their liking.


With the different options listed and what they symbolize, we hope that we helped you pick the perfect sympathy gift. Make sure that you account for the feelings of the grieving person when choosing a practical gift. Use this list of sympathy gift ideas to show love to your friend, family member, coworker, or acquaintance who has lost a parent.

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