Creative Father’s Day Photo Gift Ideas


Fathers are notoriously hard to shop for, which makes Father’s Day gifting really tough. It’s no secret that most of us procrastinate and end up wandering through the store aimlessly when shopping for Father’s Day. It’s not because we don’t care about our dad, it’s because we don’t know what to buy for them!

However, with the rise of print-on-demand services, personalized Father’s Day gifts have never been easier to create. If you’re still trying to figure out what gifts to buy, we’ve got some ideas! 

Read on to find the best personalized father’s day gift ideas to buy your dad, grandpa, or father figure this year.

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Personalized Gift-Giving Tips For Father’s Day

Most of us see our fathers as givers – they provide for the whole family and rarely ask for anything. Unlike your mom, your dad might just answer “Oh, nothing” or “I just want you to be happy” when asked about what they want for their Father’s Day or birthday gifts. Because of this, it’s beyond tough to figure the best gifts for your dad…even after a lot of probing.

If you’re bored of giving dad ties and shirts, here are three ways you can find the best Father’s Day gifts:

Father’s Day Photo Gift Ideas

List Their Interests

Most dads aren’t as open as most mothers, so you might have to do the legwork yourself. Think of his day-to-day life and note down what things pique your dad’s interest. From that list, you can easily pick a gift related to his interests.

For instance, if your dad is a fan of Star Wars, you can give him a coffee mug featuring his favorite Jedi. You can also look into tech gifts, like the latest phone accessories, if your father is into gadgets.

Make Them Laugh

Father’s Day gifts are as much about creating a memory as it is about the object itself. If your dad loves a good laugh, why not make him laugh – or at least smile – with a fun gift? 

There’s a lot of funny novelty objects and accessories you can consider gifting him! Try giving him a mug with silly things written on it or a pair of customized socks with his favorite photo on them.

Father’s Day Photo Gift Ideas

Personalize Your Gift

Personalized gifts are the best kind of gifts. One of the fastest ways to your dad’s heart is by giving him a gift decorated with the favorite photograph of his loved ones. Whether it’s your old baby photos or a picture of the whole household, it’s bound to warm his heart.

Best Ideas For Personalized Father’s Day Gifts

While gifting a photo frame alongside a personalized card is completely fine, sometimes, you’ll want to create unique gifts. We’ve compiled several inspired personalized gift ideas for new dads and old dads!

Personalized Viewmaster

A fixture of many childhoods, you can revive this past favorite to make the perfect present for your dad. These days, you can customize Viewmaster reels – meaning you can put anything you want in them. From vacation photos to extra special images of your dad, everything’s fair game! 

Moreover, this isn’t a one-in-done gift. Every time you take a new collection of photos, you can turn them into customized Viewmaster reels and make a new tradition out of it.

Father’s Day Photo Gift Ideas

Photo Statuettes

If you’ve got enough framed photographs in the house already, you may want to consider photo statuettes. These statuettes are basically images printed with their background cut away, so they can be displayed on a stand. 

You can get one made out of an old photo or, if you’re feeling cheeky, get a customized one made out of the funniest photos that feature your dad.

Clothing With Family Photos

Customized t-shirts or hats with a picture of loved ones are a perennial favorite dad gift. Some will proudly wear the image of their loved ones out and about, while others will sport them around the house. 

Either way, these machine-washable family pictures are always a good gift idea. Some families even decide to make a whole set of matching t-shirts so everyone can wear them!

Personalized Time Capsule

Many people like to reminisce about great memories in the past – your dad may be one of them. If he’s the type that likes collecting mementos from everyday life, such as movie ticket stubs and polaroids from vacation trips, you can create a time capsule just for him! 

These time capsules are simple – they’re just jars with a picture pasted on the inside. As the year goes on, your dad (and everyone else in the house) can place memorable trinkets. 

Once the year has passed, your dad can take a look at what everyone has put in and laugh while reminiscing on happy moments in the past year. And then, you can give him a new time capsule to start the process again for the coming year!

Customized Phone Case

If your dad is the type that carries his phone everywhere, you might want to consider a phone case. Getting a phone case with his loved ones printed on it is an easy way to cheer your dad up in his day-to-day life.

Whenever he’s having a bad day at the office, all he needs to do is flip his phone around to remind him of who he’s working to support. This gift is extra perfect for a new dad – who wouldn’t love seeing his kids every time he flips his phone?

Personalized Mug Or Tumbler

A dad or grandpa will love having their own drinkware. A personalized mug featuring photographs of his favorite people in the world is a simple but effective Father’s Day gift idea. Whether it’s coffee mugs at home or a tumbler he takes to work, there’s likely one piece of drinkware that everyone knows is his.

Closing Thoughts

Fathers are tough to shop for, but it’s not impossible. With some sleuthing and creativity (plus our gift ideas), you can make Father’s Day an occasion he won’t forget. 

If you’re planning to put an old photo of your dad on your Father’s Day gifts, you should have it retouched so it looks its best. Contact Image Restoration Center for affordable photo restorations with excellent results!

We’re Not Like ‘Other’ Photo Restoration Services.

Take into account that, unlike other photo restoration services, we don’t just fix the obvious problems and throw a filter over everything – we comb through your images pixel-by-pixel to repair damage & create a perfect restoration of your prints!

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