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Family Photo Outfit Ideas – Dress Up For Seasons & Occasions

Family photos are a wonderful way to keep memories alive, commemorate special occasions, and capture sweet moments. One thing you can do to make your family photo look unique and polished is to coordinate your family photo outfits.

Looking for ideas for your next family photoshoot? Keep reading to get tips on choosing outfits for family pictures. From the simple to the fun and wacky, these suggestions can give you share-worthy snaps that’ll be the talk of your next family reunion!

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Why Should You Coordinate Family Photo Outfits?

Picking a theme or color for your family photo outfits can give off a close, familial feel. Plus, allowing your loved ones to choose their own coordinated ‘fits can help them feel valued as both an individual and as a member of the family.

It’s also a good idea for commemorating special occasions and holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Your family pictures are going to be in holiday cards and photo albums and may even be passed around during your reunions.

Family Photo Outfit Ideas

Though coordinating outfits can seem a bit intimidating, it only takes a little planning to pick out an unforgettable look. The results will be well worth it, as professionally taken and dressed-up photos can be used for greeting cards, keepsakes, and social media sharing!

Family Photo Outfit Ideas

Family Photo Outfit Ideas

If you’re choosing outfits for your next family photo session, we’ve compiled a few family photo ideas for you! These matching family outfits for pictures will make the most of your potential outfit and photo backdrop choices.

Suggestions For Every Season

These family picture outfit ideas can be applied to every holiday, season, and occasion. Feel free to follow any of these guidelines any time of the year!

Coordinating Colors For Dress And T-Shirt Material

One of the easiest ways to have a cute, coordinated family pic is by picking a theme color for everyone’s outfits. The color can be used to convey a holiday spirit, such as red or green for Christmas snaps, or black and orange for a Halloween shoot. This idea is an oldie but a goodie, and it’s very easy for most family members to follow.

Not wearing the same shade of pink or blue? No problem! You can arrange yourselves in the shot from lightness to darkness of saturation, just like a gradient.

Select A Color Palette Instead Of Matching Colors

Some families may not like making everyone wear the same color, as this can feel too formal and rigid. Our suggestion is to choose a set of colors that work well together instead. This will allow family members to wear the color they like best or the one they feel most suits their style.

This also minimizes the need for your family to go out and buy clothes just for one outfit shoot. After all, more colors mean more chances that you already have the right clothes for your pictures!

Plan Around Your Home Décor

If you’re going to display these family photos in your home, think about the color scheme of the room you will put them in. Is your living room decorated in neutrals, or does it have many bright accents? This will help you pick outfits that won’t make the photos clash with your rooms.

Spring Family Photo Outfits

Springtime is a beautiful season for outdoor photoshoots, as the first buds and emerging flowers can make for ethereal imagery. Have a look at these suggestions if you’re thinking about having a spring photoshoot!

A Pastel Palette Creates Dreamy Looks

Soft pastel colors are most popular in this season, as they remind us of many a spring bloom! There are many pastel shades to choose from which can result in a fresh yet put-together look. For really great outfits, pair these spring-appropriate shades with simple basics in light neutrals.

Choose Breezy Pieces And Fabrics

Warmer weather makes skirts and women’s dresses a comfy and casual choice. Make the most of the heat and wear these items in light materials. They will add movement and make your photos look more carefree.

Pick Floral Prints

Florals are a great choice to wear for that springtime vibe. Don’t go head-to-toe floral, though. Keep it simple and use florals as an accent to avoid overwhelming the family photograph with the print. 

Alternatively, each family member can choose to wear a floral statement piece for their outfits. It adds a personalized touch without looking too matchy-matchy!

Summer Family Photo Outfit Ideas

Summertime is the season for informal, playful family photos and more candid looks. Try these suggestions to make your family photos look lighthearted and fun!

Family Photo Outfit Ideas

Dress For A Casual Beach Session

Looking for location options? If you’re lucky enough to live by a beach, make the most of the natural light and warmer weather by having your family photoshoot there. 

Keep everyone comfortable while out in the sun by picking lighter colors and fabrics like linen and cotton. There are many adorable boho options that can give your family photo major vacation vibes.

Cheerful Colors Will Liven Up Your Photos

Leave the dark shades or heavy fabrics for a hard winter! Dress your family in bright colors for a sunny, blithe style. Not only will they be more comfortable to wear, but they will also stand out better in the sunshine.

Skip The White Shirt

Many summertime photos rely on the staple white shirt and baggy jeans for that easygoing beachgoers’ look, but this can be a little boring. Liven up your family photos with quality neutral-toned options like soft greens and blues. You can accessorize with coral or fuchsia for a pop of color!

Fall Family Photo Outfits

Nature’s artwork comes in shades of red and gold in fall, and these dramatic colors make fall a popular season for family photos. Here are some ideas to help you put together a gorgeous look for your fall family pictures.

Matching Sweaters For Cooler Weather

While matching sweaters may sound cheesy, they’re a charming way to dress up for a coordinated family photo session. They’ll also keep you nice and bundled up during a shoot for outdoor photos. Colder weather makes scarves and sweaters a season-appropriate choice!

Wear cozy sweaters in the same color for your fall family photo. Knits in bold colors really pop against dark backgrounds, while muted colors can look more classic and timeless. Choose a color and pattern that will give the vibe you want!

Mirror Autumn’s Natural Palette

When in doubt, go with fall’s favorite colors! Dress in cozy, comfy clothes in the classic autumn palette: orange, gold, and dark red. This will keep your family’s overall look from being matchy-matchy, but it will still appear polished and season-appropriate!

Our pro-tip: pair this warm palette with fall-ready scarves and boots.

Winter Photo Outfits

Winter is another popular season for family photos, as everyone will be home for the holidays. These ideas are inspired by the winter season and the spirit of celebration.

Family Photo Outfit Ideas

‘Tis The Season To Accessorize

Cold weather means it’s time to break out mufflers, gloves, and scarves. These will make great accessories to keep you warm and add character to photos at the same time. Try getting matching scarves or hats for your family to wear!

Warm Knits And Ugly Sweaters, Please!

The “ugly Christmas sweater” trope is one that we all poke fun at, and it’s a lighthearted outfit idea for a fun holiday look. Get matching “ugly sweaters” for your family photos – the cheesier, the better!

Not a fan of neon reindeer or knitted Santas? Bundle up with your family in cable knits and big, comfy sweaters. You can wear them in the classic holiday color palette of green and red, or choose a color that means something special to your family.

Consider Wearing Flannel Or Plaid

Flannel and plaid are popular wintertime print choices, evoking the woods and snow and staying warm. Rock this style trend by dressing your family in these prints. When in doubt about which color to pick, these prints look great in holiday-appropriate red!

Helpful Tips For Adding Final Touches To Your Family’s Outfits

Now that you have more inspiration for your family photo outfits, we have a bit of advice that will complete your chosen idea. From texture choices to accessorizing, these little tips can help your photos look their best!

Don’t Forget The Accessories

Accessories add an extra flourish to your whole family look, and they can also double as props! The jaunty tilt of a hat or a twirled necklace can make a photo look more dynamic. Pick a simple, affordable accessory that you can all wear and play around with during your shoot. It will add such joy and whimsy to your pictures!

Be Practical When Choosing Attire

A family photo shoot may take a few hours, so make sure your whole family is wearing clothes they are comfortable sitting in for long periods of time. This is especially important for your baby girl or boy, who may try to wiggle free if they’re made to wear an elaborate outfit all day.

Make it easy for your photographer to get the perfect shot. Comfy clothes will mean everyone will be all smiles for your professional photos!

Skip The Logos And Cartoon Characters On Clothes

Logos can overpower the eye and ruin the balance of the entire family photo, so avoid wearing outfits with them. This advice also goes for movie and cartoon characters. While cartoon characters may seem cute on your growing kiddos’ clothes, they can be a distracting detail. They can also make kids’ outfits look more dated as the years go by, so stick to coordinating patterns or solid colors.

Work With Your Photo Session Background

Don’t let your family wear outfits that compete with the background. Think about where you are planning to have your pictures taken, and how your outfits can complement the chosen background. For example, a forest snap calls for boots and scarves, while gingham and sheer lace are lovely in a beach photo.

Going for an indoor shoot? Make sure that the color palette you choose will stand out sufficiently against your family photo background. The last thing you want is to wear shirts or women’s dresses that blend into the background’s color. This will make your family look like a group of floating heads, so pick your outfit color scheme accordingly!

Wear dark colors against a bright or white background. Conversely, wear bright colors if your background is dark. This ensures that every member of your family will stand out in your photo!

Use Interesting Textural Details

One way to keep family photo outfits from looking flat and boring is to pick different textures. Chunky knits have gorgeous textures that add detail to a fall family picture, while seersucker and denim have a more relaxed, sunny weather feel. Just keep them in small doses, as wearing the same texture head to toe runs the risk of looking cheesy!

Limit Patterns For Clothes

Choose only one or two patterns that can be worn for your outfit ideas. While patterns can put a twist to a coordinating color scheme, too many patterns can be very distracting in family pictures. If you’re using two or more patterns, make sure that you coordinate them better by avoiding clashing colors. Stripes can still go with dots if they’re worn in the right color scheme!

Plan And Pick Outfits Ahead Of Time

To prevent outfit mishaps, delays, and ill-fitting looks, pick your clothes at least a day before your family photos are taken. This allows you to see different options for your family photo outfits and pick the looks that go best together.

Take A Look At The Big Picture

Take it a step further and lay everyone’s outfits side by side to see if they will photograph well together. This will give you a better sense of which pieces work together and which ones to ditch. It will also keep you from forgetting the essential items of your look!

Think About Your Silhouettes

Soft fabrics and slouchy cuts make for an outfit that feels fun and relaxed. On the other hand, a fitted waist or a sharp blazer and dress create a more formal look. The way that fabric is draped can significantly impact the vibe of your family photo outfits, so pick clothing cuts that give the feel you want.

Do Last-Minute Checks

For a truly polished family photo, the small things matter. Everyone should check their teeth for lipstick stains or stuck food. Take those scrunchies and hair-ties off the wrists. Leave the modern watches at home to avoid making your picture look dated in the future.

Lastly: empty those pockets. Put your phone, wallet, and keys somewhere else while you’re taking your family photos, as these can create bulky lines.

Remember To Let Personalities Shine

While planning out your family photoshoot, it can be really tempting to control every little aspect of each member’s outfit. Leave the urge to micromanage at the door. By talking to your family members and going through options together, you can all come up with outfits that will look great in your pictures.

Family Photo Outfit Ideas

Think of a look that you’ll be proud to show off! Your family can have a little fun with the suggestions by putting their own spin on your theme. But the most important thing is that everyone is dressed in a style that they’re happy to wear. After all, these photos will be shared and viewed again and again. 

FAQs About Family Photo Outfits

Which colors look best in family pictures?

There’s no hard rule for the “best” color in a family photo. This will depend on multiple factors, such as which colors complement a family member’s looks and which colors make them feel confident. It will also depend on the time of year, as well as where you want to display these photos.

There is one rule professional photographers stand by. They advise that people avoid wearing all-black or all-white outfits. This is because they can absorb or “bounce back” light, making them difficult to photograph well.

Is it a bad idea to wear white in pictures?

Absolutely not! Feel free to wear white as a fresh, clean neutral in your look. However, photographers adjust camera exposure for the face before shooting, so there’s a risk that a white shirt will end up glowing in the photo. Some people also find that white washes out their complexion, so check first to see if it will complement your skin’s undertones.

If you want to wear white as part of your family photo outfit, avoid wearing this color too close to your face. White trousers and skirts are great choices that won’t affect the lighting of your photographs!

Where should I buy clothes for family photos?

You can buy outfits from virtually any clothing store – no need to go to a costume shop! We suggest going to stores that have affordable options and collections for the whole family. They often come in coordinating colors or themes already, making them an easy choice for a polished family photo.

Choose The Perfect Family Photo Outfit

Professionally taken family photos are a memento you will treasure throughout the years. Pick the right outfits and theme, and you’ll have an excellent set of pictures you’ll be proud to share with friends and relatives.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to preserving memories and commemorating events. Those photos will last for more than a lifetime, so plan your outfits ahead for outstanding results!

Have old or damaged family photos? Go to a reliable professional photo studio for high-quality snaps that you can put on full display. Our studio can restore details and correct errors, so your whole family looks amazing in the final pictures. Book Image Restoration Center for picture-perfect restorations that you’ll love to share with family and friends!

a before after of a colorized photo restoration

We’re Not Like ‘Other’ Photo Restoration Services.

Take into account that, unlike other photo restoration services, we don’t just fix the obvious problems and throw a filter over everything – we comb through your images pixel-by-pixel to repair damage & create a perfect restoration of your prints!

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