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Pinceles de acuarela Procreate gratis

3 exclusivos pinceles gratuitos para acuarela Procreate

Logotipo de acuarela del centro de restauración de imágenes

Pinceles de acuarela Procreate gratis

3 exclusivos pinceles gratuitos para acuarela Procreate


empaque de pinceles de acuarela procreate

Un paquete de pinceles de acuarela hechos a mano con 50 pinceles de alta calidad.

Watercolor is a difficult medium to master, with bleeding colors and the paint so easy to smudge, you have to have sure strokes as a watercolorist. It’s not always so easy to get it right every time, but with Procreate you don’t have to! Now you can create a watercolor-like effect on your tablet with these free brushes for Procreate from IRC!

Paint with watercolors with none of the downsides with Procreate digital software! Get the iconic look of watercolor and the right texture with these free brushes, but you don’t have to worry about the paint drying, how the smudging will look or how the colors will mix. 

You can get it perfect every time with these watercolor brushes and if you don’t, there’s always the undo button!

Procreate is excellent software, it’s intuitive and it feels like the real thing. The only limitation is that their basic brushes can be limiting. There are only a few brushes for generic paint, but watercolor is so nuanced you need specialized brushes to get it right. That’s where IRC comes in! 

We’ve been developing brushes for years and we’ve been working on watercolor brushes that really capture the look and feel of watercolor. You can get the exact look you want with these free watercolor brushes for Procreate.

Todo el conjunto de pinceles de acuarela

3 Free Procreate Watercolor Brushes

Watercolor is so finicky, but not with Procreate. Because you are drawing digitally, you won’t have to worry as much about how much water is on your brush, you just have to worry about getting the stroke right. You even have the option of watercolor stamp brushes that mimic real strokes. 

These brushes are designed to help you create watercolor digital art, they will replicate the look and feel of watercolor while making watercolor painting easier. You never have to worry about any wayward strokes or accidental contact against the paint ruining the final work.

If you like these brushes, don’t worry! We have so many more brushes for you to try, we offer full brush packs of 50 brushes each if you want more specialized watercolor brushes.

We put a whole lot of work into these free watercolor brushes for Procreate and we are very proud of how they turned out. We think that you will have a great time creating watercolor artworks with them.

Fondo mojado acuarela

Pincel de acuarela Procreate #29

¡Mientras creas arte abstracto necesitas las mejores herramientas para expresarte! Por eso hemos creado un paquete de 50 pinceles exclusivos para sellos y texturas.

Papel de acuarela granulado grande

Pincel de acuarela Procreate #11

¡Mientras creas arte abstracto necesitas las mejores herramientas para expresarte! Por eso hemos creado un paquete de 50 pinceles exclusivos para sellos y texturas.

Acuarela Redondo Nublado

Pincel de acuarela Procreate #21

¡Mientras creas arte abstracto necesitas las mejores herramientas para expresarte! Por eso hemos creado un paquete de 50 pinceles exclusivos para sellos y texturas.

Wonderful Wet Effects

Amateurs Welcome!

Watercolor is a difficult medium, but once you master it you really feel accomplished. The graceful lines and unique strokes are what make watercolor so singularly spectacular to work with. These are the exact elements that IRC has tried to keep in its watercolor brushes. From everyday liner to stamp brushes, these free watercolor brushes will give you a variety of options to create your work.

Never settle for a boring background, watercolor is great for landscapes and natural scenes. And with these watercolor brushes, you don’t have to be a master to paint with watercolors! You just have to pick your favorite free watercolor brush for Procreate and get started!

Tantalizing Textures Made Easy

Unlike other brushes, we aren’t just trying to make a wet look brush or a dry brush, but we also have stamp brushes with uneven water distribution and texture for a more realistic look. 

Our brushes make watercolor look easy! Suddenly you don’t have to worry as much about the bleeding of colors together or if your brush has too much water, it will blend perfectly every time. Blending strokes are easy for Procreate users as there is a separate smudge tool for it. Get the watercolor effect without as much work!

All of this work is made easy with Procreate software and our thoughtfully designed watercolor brushes. And the best part is that these brushes are absolutely free.

Amado por artistas de todo el mundo

Nuestros conjuntos de pinceles Procreate son utilizados por más de 5000 artistas de la acuarela

Artists from all over the world use our brushes because we work hard to make them the kind of brushes artists look for. All the brushes are made with the same care and dedication to detail so that when they are gliding over the screen they feel like you are wielding a paintbrush and not an apple pencil.

We consult with real professional artists to make intuitive brushes that go where they want and make the strokes they want to see. From texture brushes to watercolor stamp brushes each of these amazing brushes is thoroughly designed. 

We are so confident in our brushes that we are giving them away for free. We think that you will love our brushes so much that you’ll be back for more, especially if you fall in love with watercolor-like so many other artists have. 

Instalación de su nuevo juego de cepillos

Installing Our Free Watercolor Brush Set Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Once you’ve ordered your brushes you’re almost ready to start creating gorgeous watercolor artwork. To install the brushes, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Tap the download link we’ve sent to your email
  • Tap to open the zip file
  • Tap the .brushset file

Tapping the .brushset file will open Procreate and automatically import the brushes. Once that is done, you should be able to access your new brush pack the same way you access the default brush set.

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Reproducir vídeo

Usando su nuevo juego de pinceles

Cree piezas de arte increíbles en cuestión de minutos

Get all the upsides to watercolors like the elegant lines and charming variety of strokes with none of the downsides with our Procreate brushes. Your colors will always blend properly and never bleed, you never have to worry about too much water or not enough. You even get stamp brushes to make filling in your work extra easy.

With this brush set for Procreate, you can focus on creating the art you see in your head without having to worry so much about the tools you are using. You can put all your energy into creating rather than making sure you are getting all the technical aspects correctly. 

No more mixing paint on the canvas or worrying about bleeding before the paint dries, now it will always dry perfectly and if you make a wrong move, the undo button is just a click away.



Each of our Procreate brushes undergoes a rigorous process. First, we have to make sure that the brush is something artists are looking for, from watercolor stamps to line brushes. Once we’ve received that feedback we photograph thousands of strokes to get the variation down especially for the stamp brushes. You don’t want the same-looking splotches and whorls in your paint.

With watercolor, this process is extremely important because there is a ton of variation in the way you can have paint on your brush. Our watercolor brushes give you options from dry to wet look brushes and more.

We hope you have fun making incredible art with these watercolor brushes  – which is why we are giving some of them away for free!

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¿Estos pinceles de textura son compatibles con Photoshop?

The bad news is that you can’t use these brushes on Photoshop. Unfortunately each watercolor brush for Procreate for free is made especially for Procreate which is entirely different software. The good news is that we also create photoshop brushes and those can be easily accessed and purchased here.

We work just as hard on our photoshop brushes and we are very proud of them so if you are looking for something to use on photoshop then these are the brushes for you!

Compatibilidad con pinceles de acuarela Procreate

¿Cómo se entregarán los pinceles de acuarela Procreate?

You will receive a download link in your email. Since these are digital brushes, they will be delivered digitally. It’s a good idea to give us the email that you have registered on your iPad for ease of download.

Where Can I Find More Brushes?

Are you loving this brush set and hungry for more? We have got you! If you are looking for more free Procreate brushes you can click here. There are so many free Procreate brushes to choose from!

We also have a watercolor brush set with 50 different brushes and paper textures to really up your watercolor game. If you are interested in the full watercolor kit of Procreate brushes click here.

¿Cuántos cepillos están incluidos?

In this brush set, you are getting 3 watercolor brushes for Procreate for free and 1 paper texture. While these are great brushes there is a more complete watercolor brush library available if you click here.

¿Estos pinceles son dinámicos?

Yes, these brushes are compatible with Procreate software and will move and adjust according to the commands you give them. They will act and react like the default brushes that come with Procreate.

¿Necesito la aplicación Procreate?

Yes, the Procreate app is necessary to use these free brushes. You will need Procreate version 5.0.8 or Procreate 5X to use them.

¿Debo descargar las texturas de papel por separado?

The paper texture should be in the zip file with your free brushes. If you don’t see it then there is something wrong and please let us know so we can rectify the situation.

¿Ofrecen reembolsos?

No, we don’t offer refunds on any of our digital downloads.

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Pinceles de acuarela Procreate gratis

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