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6 DIY Photo Book Ideas For Your Favorite Photos

DIY Photo Book Ideas

These days, almost everyone posts their photos on social media. However, there’s a certain tangible appeal that only physical photos can provide. A framed photo or a family photo album usually means so much more than a series of photos put up online!

DIY photo albums can mean even more than store-bought ones since they’re usually made with love. If you’re planning to make a photo album yourself and are looking for ideas, we’ve compiled some of the best DIY photo album ideas in this article!

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Why Make DIY Photo Albums?

Photo albums are sold everywhere these days. You can walk into a store or look online and choose from hundreds, if not thousands of unique photo book album designs. However, few of them beat the appeal of a handcrafted photo album. 

Here are three reasons why you should consider making photo albums yourself.

Choose Any Design Freely

You’re the one making the album, so use any photo book idea you want! The album you’re making doesn’t even have to look like a book. You can exert your creativity in any way you like – whether your idea of a creative photo album is a pull-out box or a heavily decorated brag book, the choice is yours. 

If you end up making a lot of these albums, these can work as DIY home decor and an awesome physical photo gallery for your home!

Put A Personal Touch On Your Special Moments

DIY Photo Book Ideas

When buying a regular old album from the store, you’re limited to generic choices that are meant to appeal to everyone. However, if you make the album yourself, you can choose to decorate it however you like. 

You can even get creative and make individual albums for precious memories! For instance, a tiny travel album with pictures from your Tokyo trip can be decorated with washi tape and paper flowers.

Create Simple But Meaningful Gifts

These albums aren’t just for you – they can be good gift ideas for others as well. Whether you’re celebrating your sister’s wedding day or Valentine’s Day with your partner, an adorable DIY photo album is always a great gift they’ll absolutely love. 

You can even tailor the album’s look so it can be the perfect gift for anyone. Maybe your Father’s Day album is woodland-themed, perfect for your outdoorsman father. Or a cake-themed photo album for Mother’s Day because your mother loves baking.

DIY Photo Album Ideas

Coming up with DIY photo album ideas can be tough. To help you get started with your DIY photo album, here are some creative photo album DIY concepts you can try!

Flip Photo Album

One of the simplest albums you can make is a DIY flip photo album. All you need to do is install shoulder hooks on a wooden tile, and place it on a marble tile to act as a stand. Most people use this photo album concept for Instax film photos, but you can get a larger wooden tile to display larger photos. 

The end result will be a striking and unique photo album that doubles as a nice decoration. Moreover, adding photos and special memories to this album is very easy! Just punch holes in your new photos and hang them on the hooks.

Fabric Photo Album

DIY doesn’t always mean you have to make it from scratch. With some fabric, a blank photo album, and glue, you can easily make a beautiful DIY fabric photo album perfect for any occasion! 

Afterward, you can decorate the photo books to match the occasion. For instance, if you made this easy album as a Mother’s Day gift, you can put stickers with hearts or other things your mother likes on the cover.

Accordion Photo Box

If you’re looking to make a brag book of your travel photos, a DIY accordion photo box is a great idea. A pull-out photo album isn’t just portable, it’s also visually striking!

This photo box works just like an accordion – you open the box and tug on the twine, pulling the long folding card to show off all your photos. You can make this pull-out photo box with cardstock, twine, a small box, and some glue or double-sided tape.

Photo Scrapbook

Nothing says creative ideas like a good scrapbook. With an empty notebook, markers, patterned papers, and other paper crafting supplies, you can make a one-of-a-kind photo album scrapbook for your photos. 

Scrapbooks allow you to go wild with your creativity – write your personal thoughts or stories on each photo, add decorations related to the photo, anything you want!

If you end up falling in love with the art, why not make scrapbooks for every different occasion? For example, you can make a beautiful montage of your childhood memories or make a DIY travel album out of your happy memories from your trips abroad.

Mini Photo Album

DIY Photo Book Ideas

There are a variety of mini photo album ideas that you can use to put your photos together and still fit in a pocket. Your mini album can come in so many forms – maybe you can create an album with a ring binder or a mini origami photo album with folding paper. 

One of the best things you can make into mini photo albums is an envelope. You can glue together several envelopes to make an adorable folding envelope mini album. Because almost anything can be made into mini albums, it’s also a great way to recycle!

Postcard Photo Album

If you travel often, you might have gathered a lot of postcards from many places. With some creativity, you can make an album out of your postcards by placing them in a ring binder. Then, you can paste your vacation photos on the matching postcards.

You can even divide them by the time you went on vacation! For example, you can make a summer mini album from your trip to Hawaii and another one for your trip to the Rockies in winter.

Lunch Bag Photo Albums

With some creativity, you can even make lunch bags into a beautiful album to store your memorable pictures. To make a lunch bag photo album, you’ll need some lunch bags, glue, scissors, and decorative crafting supplies. 

If you’re a teacher or homeschool parent, this DIY album concept can also be part of your kids’ crafts program. Your students won’t just make memorable moments, they’ll also have a precious thing that reminds them of the fun school year they had!

Closing Thoughts

DIY photo albums can make for a cute gift or provide a personalized way to display your prized photos. Since you make them yourself, the only limit is your creativity! 

If you’re looking to place your old photos in a DIY photo album, Image Restoration Center is here to help. Contact us for fast and affordable photo restorations!

a before after of a colorized photo restoration

We’re Not Like ‘Other’ Photo Restoration Services.

Take into account that, unlike other photo restoration services, we don’t just fix the obvious problems and throw a filter over everything – we comb through your images pixel-by-pixel to repair damage & create a perfect restoration of your prints!

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