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Download Our Handcrafted Pixel Sample Brush Set For Free.

Looking for a new tool to spark your creativity? How about a pixel brush Procreate free from IRC to give you a little boost. How about three?

Creating emojis? Or are you just making pixel art like logos and visuals for video games? Whatever your art style, if you are making anything with pixels then you need these free Procreate pixel brushes! 

New artists might assume that since pixel art is designed to be two-dimensional, it’s simple to make. That’s not necessarily the case. Pixel art design essentializes a lot of details into simple lines and shapes, so it’s very complicated to do well. 

If you are trying to draw pixel art these days, you need the right pixel art brushes and patterns to make drawing with your Apple Pencil feel like drawing with a real pencil. Drawing with pixels means a lot of simplifying and essentializing and that can be difficult to do, so make sure you have the best tools to help you! 

Procreate is excellent illustration software. It has tons of excellent programs to simplify graphic design and digital art creation, but the one place where it can improve is its brushes! Don’t worry! That’s where we come in. You don’t have to use the simple brushes that come with the default pack of Procreate. 

You deserve better brushes for Procreate! Download these free brushes for the creation of your work today!

Jedes Mischpinselpaket enthält:

  • 3 Procreate Brushes
  • Bonus: 1 Paper Texture

Alles, was Sie brauchen, ist: Procreate 5.0.8 oder 5X, ein iPad oder iPad Pro und einen Apple Pencil.

3 Free PIxel Brushes For Procreate

Erstellen Sie wunderschöne moderne Designs

Drawing pixel art can be harder than it looks! We know that the displacement of a single pixel will throw off your work so we’ve created precision brushes for you to fill in your canvas pixel by pixel. However, if you are looking for something to fill in color, there is a brush for that too! 

There is also a pattern brush for you to add texture to your backgrounds because every pixel artist knows that there is a ton of variation that can be done with simple, pixelated art. 

We’ve put together a brush kit of three brushes for you to create your best pixel art. We hope you are inspired by these free brushes to create your best work.

Please note our pixel paint brush set is a digital download.

Lettering, Logos, And More!

Pixel Art Is In High Demand

Pixel art can be used to draw logos and you can make emojis, stickers, realistic Gameboy mockups, and so many more. Are you creating art for video games? Or making cross stitch patterns? Then you need this Procreate pixel brush set to bring out your visual style!

This set of free brushes will help you make adorable creatures and fearsome foes for your work. There are line brushes for you to do pixel by pixel and fill brushes for you to fill in color. There are even ready-to-go canvases included.

Right now, pixelated art is exploding. There are tons of ways for you to sell digital creations – you can even make a lot of money selling your work on certain platforms. So keep at it, you never know when you will make it big!

Create Entire Worlds

Part of the fun of pixel art is that you can illustrate entire worlds to explore in video games. When it comes to using any free pixel brush for Procreate, the only limit is your imagination. You have as much freedom as you want to create the art only you can make!

We hope we help you find your favorite pixel brush. With it, you can create video game levels and imaginary worlds with just an apple pencil, your iPad, and these free brushes.

Die Bestellung unserer abstrakten Pinsel ist so einfach wie 1 - 2 - 3

These are free brushes so we’ve made the ordering process as simple as possible so you can get down to business! All you need to do is give us a valid email where we can send the brushes and you are done!

Click any of the order buttons and type in your email address and you’ll receive the download link to our free Procreate pixel brush set almost instantly. Start drawing on Procreate today with a free pixel brush from IRC!

Bestellen Sie unser abstraktes Pinselpaket

1. Bestellen und laden Sie das Bundle herunter

Download the zip file and unzip it to find your free brushes and your canvas texture.

Laden Sie unser abstraktes Pinselpaket herunter

2. Ziehen Sie Ihr Overlay in PS

Import your brushes into Procreate (don’t worry, we’ll help you with this!)

Verwenden Sie unser Procreate-Pinselpaket

3. Boom – Magie!

In no time at all you’ll be making gorgeous incredible pixel art that pops off the page!

Von Künstlern auf der ganzen Welt geliebt.

Unsere Procreate-Pinselsets werden von Tausenden von Künstlern verwendet

Our brushes are loved by artists all over the world because they can sense the work that we have put into these brushes. They are intuitive, pressure-sensitive, and work the way you want which makes them the perfect tool for digital artists. 

For our brushes, we work with real-life artists to photograph strokes and make sure we’re getting the look and feel right. After all, what’s the point in making these Procreate brushes for free if no one wants them?

We’re so confident you’ll love our brushes that we’ll give you some of them for free! We are confident that once you try our brushes, especially our pixel Procreate brushes, you’ll be back for more.

Join the thousands who already love our Procreate brushes and download them today!

Installation Ihres neuen Bürstensatzes

Die Installation unseres Aquarellpinsel-Sets ist so einfach wie 1-2-3

Ordered the brushes? Perfect! You’re almost there. Just follow a few more steps to install and import the brushes on Procreate. Don’t worry it’s as easy as ordering the brushes!

  • Tippen Sie auf den Download-Link, den wir an Ihre E-Mail gesendet haben
  • Tap to open the zip file and unzip the brushes
  • Tap the .brushset file to open Procreate and import the brushes

Yes, it’s that simple! You don’t want to have to deal with complicated installation processes, you just want to create gorgeous pixel artwork for Procreate, and with these free brushes, you can!

Video abspielen
Video abspielen

Using Your Free Brushes

Erstellen Sie innerhalb von Minuten unglaubliche Kunstwerke

Once you’ve installed your new brush set you’re ready to play! Is there anything better than getting new art materials, even digital ones? 

Use your brush set to illustrate levels for video games and alternative universes where your characters can live and play. With the more precise brushes, you can concentrate on the details and get the look of each character right down to the twinkle in their eyes.

The background brush and stamp brush are meant to add more texture to your work so it’s not all solid fill colors. The eyes of your audience might appreciate a little variation!

However you use your Procreate pixel brush set, we are willing to give away a few brushes so we can be part of making pixel art you are proud of! Have fun painting pixel images!



Our brushes are thoughtfully designed and undergo a rigorous vetting process to make sure they are the kinds of brushes that artists want to use. They are designed by many graphic artists themselves who have trouble with the basic brush pack for Procreate. 

We start by working out which brushes you actually need and then go about making them. For pixel brushes, it’s more about having a few shapes for you to work with and textures to add depth to your work with as little effort as possible. 

We also made our brushes pressure-sensitive and responsive to all the commands on Procreate. We wanted to create a brush set that works so well you stop worrying about the tools and start focusing on your ideas. 

We want you to focus on the details so we can help take care of the bigger picture.

Video abspielen

Are these Free brushes compatible with Photoshop?

The short answer is no you can’t use these brushes on photoshop. They are created for Procreate which is completely different software. The good news is that we also create Photoshop brushes and if you love using our brushes and can’t get enough then all you have to do is click here for Photoshop brushes from IRC.

We take just as much pride in designing these brushes for Photoshop so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the brushes. We even have free packs of brushes for Photoshop.

Abstrakt Procreate Brushes Photoshop Screenshot

Where Can I Find More Pixel Art Brushes?

If you love our brushes we are delighted to hear it. If you are looking for more pixel brushes, we are happy to provide them! All you have to do is click here for our full library of pixel brushes for Procreate. You can purchase and download 50 different brushes for Procreate in that bundle. So what are you waiting for?

Wie werden die Procreate Aquarellpinsel geliefert?

These are digital brushes so they will be delivered to the email that you provided us. You will receive a download link that will contain your brushes. It’s very simple to install and import these brushes to Procreate, if you have any problems with the zip file or downloading the brushes you can contact us at any time.

Wie viele Procreate-Aquarellpinsel sind enthalten?

You will be getting three brushes in this set of free Procreate brushes. If you need more pixel Procreate brushes then you can order the complete set over here. Our full set includes 50 brushes and 10 ready-to-go canvases.

Sind diese Pinsel dynamisch?

Yes, these brushes will act like the default brush set for Procreate, they are also pressure sensitive. They will adjust as necessary and respond to all the commands of Procreate.

Do I Download The Paper Texture Separately?

You will receive a free paper texture with your brushes. This paper texture will help elevate your work by giving it that extra level of depth and texture to layer your work and make it the best it can be. The paper texture should be in the zip file with the brushes once you download them. 

If the paper texture is missing please let us know so we can fix the situation and make sure you get everything you downloaded.

Brauche ich die Procreate-App?

Yes, an iPad, an Apple Pencil, and the Procreate app are necessary to use these brushes as they are free brushes for Procreate and are designed to work especially on your iPad.

Bieten Sie Rückerstattungen an?

No, we don’t offer refunds on any of our free Procreate brushes.

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FREE Pixel Procreate Brush Set

Pixel Procreate Brushes Sample Pack


Kostenlose abstrakte Procreate-Pinsel
Abstraktes Procreate-Pinselpaket
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