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Your family photos are a way for you to treasure bygone days, but over time, your photos may become prone to tearing and fading.

Photo restoration can repair this damage and bring your pictures back to their former beauty.

It can be tempting to use the software or free app from CVS to get the job done. These programs help you restore your photograph and create printable items, like photo books or cards. But even though you can use the CVS program, we strongly recommend that you order professional edits from us instead.

Keep reading to learn why professional image services will always be better than CVS offerings.

IRC Photo Restoration Team
Emily Hutton

As a photographer, a restoration, and a designer, Emily isn't just a jack-of-all-trades, she's a certified expert. She's a tech junkie, and the most screen-addicted member of the IRC team. When it comes to product reviews, her insights and recommendations are second-to-none.

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CVS Pharmacy vs Image Restoration Center

Some people may consider using CVS store products – like their software or app – to restore a photograph. After all, it’s affordable, and you can keep reusing your CVS software to edit more pictures. However, we have three good reasons why you should choose us instead of CVS products.

CVS Pharmacy

Image Restoration Center

Experienced Restoration Artists
Automated 'AI' Restoration
Accurate Manual Colorization
Revisions & 5-Star Customer Service

Top-Quality Work At Reasonable Prices

Restoring your own prints can be a challenge if you lack the training in restoration technology. You could always try it on the CVS program, but you would be limited to basic edits. If your photo is heavily damaged or requires custom changes, you won’t be able to fix it with the CVS program alone.

By enlisting our assistance, skilled photography experts with years of experience can work on your photos for you. We’ll work around the clock to breathe new life back into your photos. No need for you to worry about what filter to use or how to get rid of that old stain – we’ll have it all under control.

A b&w photo restoration showing wedding photos with a couple
An example of Image Restoration Center's photo restoration service

Our skilled restoration experts with years of experience can work on your photos for you.

No Limits On Editing Options

If you’re using CVS Photo’s software to restore your own photo cards, keep in mind that you’re going to be extremely limited with the editing and restoration tools. When it comes to CVS photo restorations, reviews frequently complain that there are limited filters and templates. Because CVS’s tools are so basic, the final quality of your restored photo may be subpar.

When you hire a professional to provide restoring assistance, you save yourself more time, money, and effort. We take great care in color selection for more vivid restorations of any size. We can even produce custom backgrounds!

Customer Satisfaction Is A Priority

If you’re using CVS software, you have no one to help you with further changes. By hiring us, you can breathe easy knowing we’ll ask for your feedback and won’t stop until you’re happy with the outcome. If you’ve already received your restored image and you’re not satisfied with the final product, just talk to us – we’ll gladly revise it for free!

We Offer A Wide Range Of Photo Restoration Services

Image Restoration Center offers different services that can turn your damaged family mementos into detailed, vivid images – just like new. Here are some of the ways that we can restore your photos:

Our artistic team can provide assistance and handle any requests to make your old photos look their best again. We’re happy to answer any question you may have about the restoration process – contact us to find out how else we can help you!

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Ordering Is As Easy As  1 2 3

Our process is quick and easy, and you probably have access to everything you’ll need, right now, from the comfort of your own home.

1. Upload Your Photos

Either scan the photos or snap an image of them with your phone. Then just upload them to our checkout and we’ll begin working on it right away.

2. Leave It To Us

Our photo restoration experts will begin with a thorough analysis and will seek the aid of our historical advisors. Turnaround time is 24-72 hours.

3. Receive Your Photos

Your restored photo will be delivered via email before you know it. If there’s something that you’d like changed, you can request a revision.

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