What Is A First Generation American?

You may have heard of immigrant families being referred to as first-generation or second-generation Americans, or maybe you’re even one yourself. However, these terms may be confusing to some. If someone moved to America and had children there, who is the first-generation American – the parent born overseas or the children? We’re here to clear […]

What Is The Silent Generation: The 1920s-1940s Kids

Many of you may have heard the term “Silent Generation” being used in the media. Some people also call them the Forgotten Generation, because many of them were too young to fight in World War II but too old to be hippies – two major historical events that defined the preceding and succeeding generations. However, […]

History Of Common African-American Surnames

If you are interested in African-American history, there are dozens of places to get started. History books, documentaries, and even anecdotes can reveal a lot, but did you realize that even your surname can tell you a lot about race in America and what your family has gone through? You might not realize how many […]

Common Canadian Surnames: Family History Thru Family Names

Are you interested in your family history? If you are, your surname is a great place to start your research into who you are and where you come from. It’s not just a word, it’s a part of your identity – even a common surname can have a lot of history attached to it! Canada […]

How Long Is A Generation: Measuring The Generation Gap

The word “generation” is often used in everyday conversation. Some people even use generation as a way to calculate the passage of time. However, a generation isn’t as easily measured when compared to a decade or a century. What is a generation and how long is a generation, anyway? Whether you’re trying to get in […]

Most Common Italian Surnames In The World

A name isn’t just used to differentiate one person from another. If you dig deeper, many names are filled with centuries worth of history. If you’re trying to trace back your family legacy, names are a good jumping-on point for your search. Nowadays, we hear Italian names almost everywhere – from TV screens to real […]

What Are The Most Common Surnames In Scotland?

For people who want to trace their family roots, one of the best places to look for clues is your surname. Every culture has a different naming convention. If you are of Scottish origin, your name may indicate what clan you belong to, your family’s trade, or your place of origin. However, your last name […]

Common Dutch Surnames: What Does Your Name Mean?

The Netherlands is a country with beautiful sights, fascinating history, and many unique names. In fact, there are over 100,000 unique Dutch surnames in the Netherlands. If you’ve ever been curious about your Dutch heritage, looking into these names is a good way to start researching your roots. In this guide, you’ll learn all about […]

Common Thai Surnames: Interesting Facts Behind Thai Names

Thailand is known as a nation filled with rich history and unique cultures. While most of its history can be seen in museums and various historical buildings, a fascinating part of Thai culture can be seen in their surnames.  Read on to find out why Thai last names are literally unique! Whether you’re curious about […]

A Comprehensive Guide To The Most Common Arabic Surnames

The Arab world encompasses many countries over two continents, so it makes sense that many Arabs also have unique names that come from many places. An Arab name can come from one’s parents, their place of origin, or even noteworthy deeds they did in life.  Whether you’re trying to research your Arab heritage or looking […]