9 Best Tripod Under 200 Dollars


You might think it’s cumbersome to carry a tripod, but using one makes all the difference in your photos and videos. Ideally, it is best to find something lightweight yet sturdy. Thankfully you can find just that for under $200.

Even if you’re a novice looking to get started in photography or vlogging, the best video tripods under 200 might be the groundbreaking accessory you need to take your photography career to the next level. If you’re a professional photographer looking for rock-solid support to mount your camera, increase sharpness, and decrease camera ISO. A versatile tripod is the answer!

Emily Hutton

As a photographer, a restoration, and a designer, Emily isn't just a jack-of-all-trades, she's a certified expert. She's a tech junkie, and the most screen-addicted member of the IRC team. When it comes to product reviews, her insights and recommendations are second-to-none.

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9 Best Tripods Under 200 Dollars

This list will walk you through the best tripods under 200 and the specifications you have to look for when buying!

  1. Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263CT Carbon Fiber Tripod
  2. SIRUI AM-223
  3. Endurax 66 Lightweight Camera Tripod
  4. MeFoto Aluminum Roadtrip Travel Tripod
  5. Manfrotto BeFree Aluminum Travel Tripod
  6. Mactrem Professional Camera Tripod With Phone Mount
  7. ESSBON ZOMEI Carbon Fiber
  8. K&F Concept 72 Inch Camera Tripod
  9. JOBY GorillaPod 5k
Our Rating:

Weight: 5.8 lb (aluminum), 3.7 lb (carbon-fiber)

Maximum load capacity: 11 lb (aluminum), 15.4 lb (carbon-fiber)

Folded length: 29.8 in

Fully extended height: 69 in

Material: 2 versions: aluminum and carbon-fiber

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

The Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263CT is one of the best tripods for under 200 dollars. In 2017, 30 professional magazine photographers from all over the world named it the best tripod of the year during the 2017 TIPA awards.

Still, have doubts?

Let’s unveil the specs of this highly-acclaimed tripod under 200!

A major feature the Vanguard Alta Pro prides itself on is its light yet durable material build, available in aluminum or carbon fiber. This beast is a lightweight tripod yet durable enough to stand in a windy field, all the while carrying up to 15.4 lb of gear. Although it is more equipped to mount a DSLR, it still does the job for small video cameras.

Whether you’re on the short or tall side, at a maximum of 69 inches of height, this quality tripod can stand at eye level. The three-leg sections are quick and easy to adjust if you need to do ground-level macro photography. With just one hand, you can rotate and extend it. Designed to be versatile, its so-called “Multi-Angle Center Column System” also allows you to position the legs in any position and at angles of 20-80 degrees.

The grips are rubberized, so you can easily open and twist the legs. Just a reminder, though, it’s normal for tripod legs to wobble the wider it is spread and the heavier the gear is, so make sure not to exceed the weight limit. Also, this is priced the highest in our tripods under 200 list, so you might go over your 200 dollar budget if you include shipping.


✅     Lightweight yet durable
✅     Has a rotating center column
✅     Flexible leg angle options

Reasons to avoid

❌     Not the most ideal for heavier video cameras
❌     A little over 200 dollars with shipping

Our Rating:

Weight: 1.17 lb

Maximum load capacity: 22 lb

Folded length: 8.8 in

Fully extended height: 13 in

Material: Carbon-fiber

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

SIRUI AM-223 is what you would call small but terrific. This little beast is 1.62 lb light yet can mount up to 22 lb of equipment. If you adjust its three-section twist leg locks, it could reach 13 inches tall. It absorbs vibrations really well, so it’s a suitable travel or outdoor tripod. You also don’t have to worry about it getting wet because it is corrosion-resistant. The tripod legs, on the other hand, are too short to create wider angles, making them narrow and difficult to control.

It’s an almost perfect budget tripod. Even the neat dark- color dutifully stops unnecessary light reflections, making it ideal for vlogging. This cute, compact, yet sturdy tripod is definitely something you should bring with you!

Reasons to buy

✅     Lightweight and compact
✅     Corrosion-resistant
✅     Durable for outdoor shoots

Reasons to Avoid

❌     Legs are short and hard to control, so the angles are also narrow
❌     Priced like full-length tripods but do not have the unique features that come with tall height

Our Rating:

Weight: 3.3 lb

Maximum load capacity: 11 lb

Folded length: 18 in

Fully extended height: 66 in

Material: Aluminum alloy (legs) and plastic (head)

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

The Endurax 66 may be for beginners, but this is one of the best video tripods under 200, especially for those looking to kick start their vlogging career. It already comes with a phone mount, and for a low price, it impressively extends up to 66 inches at an 11 lb maximum load capacity.

The legs are aluminum but are relatively light and easy to move and swivel up and down. Although lightweight, the center hook helps keep it stable. It is also quite sturdy on a flat surface. There is a center brace to support the four expandable sections. However, it is somewhat restrictive in extending the legs or positioning them on the ground. Because everything else is plastic apart from the legs, the plastic latches used to secure the legs when extended tend to snap after long-term use.

Endurax 66 is not for professionals. But with its cheap price, substantial maximum height, and enduring durability (at least enough to get you through your beginner’s phase), you’ll still get your money’s worth.

Reasons to buy

✅     Cheaply priced for beginners
✅     High maximum height
✅     Best video tripod under 200

Reasons to avoid

❌     Not durable enough for long-term use
❌     Center brace is restrictive in extending the legs

Our Rating:

Weight: 3.6 lb

Maximum load capacity: 17.6 lb

Folded length: 15.4 in

Fully extended height: 61.6 in

Material: Aluminum or carbon fiber

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

The MeFoto Aluminum Roadtrip Travel Tripod is the best travel tripod under $200 that you can get. It is the archetype travel tripod — compact, lightweight, and stable. It is an aluminum tripod, so it might still be a little heavy for your liking, but don’t worry, you can always opt for the carbon fiber version for decreased weight.

However, it does not offer flashy specs like the Vanguard Alta Pro when it comes to height and carrying capacity. Nonetheless, it is still within the standard. It can mount up to 17.6 lb, and its five leg sections help it get up to 15.4 inches. The height might upset the tall people out there, but it compensates with many features that help with stability. 

The five-leg sections help make it compact though it might reduce stability, so to remedy this, MeFoto included a free ball head in the package. There is also a spring-loaded recessed hook at the center column, so you can put additional weight to keep it sturdy. Also, thanks to the rubberized twist-lock imbued with an Anti-Rotation System, the legs don’t wobble. Plus, the 360 degrees panning also makes for beautiful and accurate panorama shots with balanced image alignment. 

Another perk is that it can turn into a monopod! It’s already very portable, but the monopod option makes it more versatile. It’s even weather and dust resistance, which is ideal for long-term maintenance. However, the angle is still narrow even after extending the leg to 20 degrees. Despite this, the three angle options (23-,55-,80-) are still effective in shooting cramped and irregular spaces up to ground level macro shots.

Reasons to buy

✅     Lightweight yet durable
✅     Legs are sturdy
✅     Convertible into a monopod

Reasons to avoid

❌     Short maximum height
❌     Have narrow angles

Our Rating:

Weight: 5.3 lb

Maximum load capacity: 19.8 lb

Folded length: 15.8 in

Fully extended height: 48.4 in

Material: Aluminum

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

Manfrotto BeFree is designed to be a travel tripod, so it is expectedly compact, lightweight, and stable. But it is also the best fluid head tripod under 200. BeFree’s greatness isn’t limited to meeting the functions of travel tripods. It is also versatile with excellent load capacity and structural integrity. It is an exemplar of great Italian gear — stylish (it is available in red, blue, green, and gray, but we love the classy black design) and formidably competent in its arena.

A nifty feature of this is its fluid head; a fluid head softens any kind of jerky movements or vibration that may blur or damage the quality of a video shot. Manfrotto also boasts its maximum load capacity of 19.8 lb, typically the weight of a mid-level DSLR camera. Still, tests have shown that it can carry bigger cameras and lenses beyond the maximum load capacity. If you want to play it safe, it is most compatible with Compact System Cameras (CSCs).

It also has four leg sections surrounding the sturdy central column, and these help it stay stable even on uneven surfaces. It does not have a hook in the middle, but you can hang a string through its sturdy legs to keep it composed. Though honestly, the locking mechanism is enough to keep your mind at ease. The aluminum ball head is difficult to install, but you’ll be glad you did because it secures your gear and provides positional flexibility.

Manfrotto is also portable, very quick and easy to pack and unpack. Thanks to the m-lock legs, it becomes so convenient to unfurl the tripod. When you’re ready to hit home, it comes with a handy stylish bag with a shoulder strap to keep your gear safe. This way, you can rest easy now that your equipment is well-protected during your travel. 

Reasons to Buy

✅     Lightweight yet sturdy
✅     Good for photographs and videos
✅    Great load capacity

Reasons to Avoid

❌ Low maximum height 

❌ Hard to install ball-head

Our Rating:

Weight: 2.9 lb

Maximum load capacity: 33 lb

Folded length: 17.5 in

Fully extended height: 62.5 in

Material: Aluminum Alloy

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

Mactrem is as professional as it gets — lightweight with excellent maximum load capacity and height and very stable legs. What else could you ask for? It’s the best DSLR tripod under 200. 

This tripod is great for professionals on a budget and beginners who want to have the best tripod experience from the get-go. With the help of a ball head that can rotate 360 degrees, you can capture beautiful panoramic views with this tripod. You can also adjust the height up to 62 inches, which is substantial for its price, and you may also turn it into a monopod.

With the Mactrem, you can breathe a sigh of relief because you won’t have to worry about the legs slipping. After all, it has non-slip rubber feet and quick-release flip-locks that will keep your tripod firm and secure. 

A couple complaints: it doesn’t feel safe to carry around rough terrains because the flip flocks are pretty delicate and have sub-par abrasion resistance. It’s not perfect, but there’s not much to lose for its price.

Reasons to Buy

✅     Legs are sturdy
✅     Lightweight, and compact
✅     Convertible to a monopod

Reasons to Avoid

❌  Not very durable
❌  Sub-par abrasion resistance

Our Rating:

Weight: 3.1 lb

Maximum load capacity: 17.6 lb

Folded length: 14.5 in

Fully extended height: 61 in

Material: Carbon-fiber

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

Yessbon Zomei is a BIG yes if you’re looking for the best carbon fiber tripod under $200. The brand isn’t known for being innovative, but they’re good at reverse engineering progressive innovations so that they can incorporate them into their tripods at a low cost. 

This trendy tripod is as well-rounded as it gets. It is lightweight yet durable enough to carry up to 17.6 lb.

Although it isn’t very smooth, the ball head rotates to 360 degrees, so if you’re looking to do panoramic shots, it might not be as smooth as the Mactrem. Don’t worry, it is still helpful in many niches, such as portrait photography. 

In addition, it has five sections, four of which can extend independently. The twist-locks are a little challenging to tighten at first but it will eventually feel smoother until it’s neither too tight nor too loose.

Reasons to Buy

✅     Trendy yet affordable tripod

✅     Lightweight yet durable

✅    Smooth twist-locks


Reasons to Avoid

❌     Ball head rotation is not very smooth
❌     Little originality

Our Rating:

Weight: 39 lb

Maximum load capacity: 22 lb

Folded length: 23 in

Fully extended height: 72 in

Material: Magnesium aluminum alloy

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

The K&F is an up-and-coming brand, and it is quick to brand itself with two defining features: tripod to a monopod and a center column that bends up to 90 degrees. 

K&F Concept 72 is pretty in black and orange and is the tallest tripod on our list yet. Perfect for people who like to use their tripods at eye level. It’s easy to set up and extend with its twist locks. However, the twist locks may be the most fragile and cheap-looking part because they are made of plastic compared to the rest of the carbon fiber chassis.

A stellar feature of this gem is the jointed column that bends, allowing you to take great middle area and side shots.

The ball head that smoothly rotates to full 360 degrees is also helpful if you want to take shots without moving too much. However, as much as they boast their tripod that converts to a monopod, we aren’t very impressed. The monopod feels flimsy so we wouldn’t advise you to mount heavy gear on it.

Reasons to Buy

✅     Center column bends up to 90 degrees
✅     Easy to setup
✅     Very high maximum height

Reasons to Avoid

❌    Cheap-looking and fragile twist-lock
❌    Flimsy when converted to monopod

Our Rating:

Weight: 1.63 lb

Maximum load capacity: 11 lb

Folded length: 3.3 in

Fully extended height: 14.5 in

Material: ABS Plastic, Aluminum, Rubber, Stainless Steel, Steel, TPE

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

JOBY GorillaPod 5k is yet another tiny but exceptional tripod, highly regarded by content creators who love vlogging. A unique feature of this tripod is its bendable legs made of hard rubber and metal parts for the tripod head. It’s flexible because you can hang or wrap it anywhere to get the perfect shooting angle, and the camera is still perfectly mounted in place.

However, because the hard rubber legs are made to be stiff in order to support heavy gear, it becomes harder to control and position the way you want. GorillaPods are constantly upgrading, so as time goes by, it will be borderline expensive, but the lightweight, sturdy, and overall unique design warrants the price.

Reasons to Buy

✅     Lightweight yet sturdy
✅     Flexible hard rubber legs
✅     Flexible positioning options (you can make it stand, hang it or wrap it somewhere)

Reasons to Avoid

❌    Legs are difficult to arrange and control
❌    Albeit rare, there is a possibility for the leg to break up while hanging somewhere

What Makes A Good Tripod?


When we talk about tripods, there are two kinds of height: folded length and fully extended length. Folded length is the size when you haven’t started setting up the tripod yet. This would usually tell how portable your tripod is. On the other hand, a fully extended length is the maximum height of your tripod. For your comfort, get a tripod that is at your eye level.


Weight refers to how heavy your tripod is. A cumbersome tripod would be baggage, but an extremely lightweight one might be flimsy. Depending on your niche, choose one that has a weight you’re comfortable with.


The best tripods are either made of aluminum or carbon fiber. An aluminum tripod is bulkier and, thus, more stable. And though it is the cheaper option, it is also more prone to corrosion. On the other hand, carbon fiber tripods are the more expensive crowd favorite. It is extremely portable owing to its lightweight build, and it does not erode easily.

Load Capacity

Load capacity refers to your tripod’s weight while staying steady. To ensure your tripod is strong enough to support your camera, use a camera and a lens that is lighter than the maximum load capacity of your tripod.


To know what tripod is compatible for you and your gear, consider how much you’re willing to spend and where you plan to use it. Then, look at your gear specifications and compare if the tripod’s weight is light enough for you to carry and if it is heavy enough to carry your camera. Consider your height and the tripod’s height, too.

For our top picks per category:

  • Best Overall: Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263CT Carbon Fiber Tripod
  • Best Compact Tripod: SIRUI AM-223
  • Best Value: Endurax 66 Lightweight Camera Tripod

Since we want to keep you comfortable and your gear safe, we chose well-rounded tripods light enough for easy carry yet durable and stable enough to mount a camera. Having ball heads also helps keep your camera stable and rotating accurately, so it’s another important factor to consider when buying a tripod.

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