Top 10 Best Point And Shoot Cameras Under $300



If you’re ready to dive into photography, but you do not like big cameras and heavy shooting gear, these point and shoot cameras are perfect for you. They’re compact, lightweight like smartphone cameras that easily fit into your pocket, and you can travel around with them. They are an excellent selection for capturing high-quality images without needing a complete shoot set of heavy equipment.

There is a point, and shoot camera for everyone, whether you’re looking to buy a cheap one worth anything under $300 or you’re ready to break the bank and invest in an expensive one with advanced features such as RAW shooting capabilities, faster burst rates and a larger camera sensor.

This article is a complete guide on the top ten best point and shoot cameras under $300.

Emily Hutton

As a photographer, a restoration, and a designer, Emily isn't just a jack-of-all-trades, she's a certified expert. She's a tech junkie, and the most screen-addicted member of the IRC team. When it comes to product reviews, her insights and recommendations are second-to-none.

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Our Rating

Product Specifications

16MP digital camera

41x optical zoom range

Supports 32GB 70MB/s SD card

2000 ACD Lithium battery

Rapid 4.5 Volt Battery Charger

It has a 5 ft HDMI Cable (6-Feet)

Flexible 10-inch tripod

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

This 16-megapixel point and shoot digital camera, with a 41x ultra-zoom lens, can capture close-ups, HD videos and panoramas. It’s simple to use and includes excellent post-production features.

With its 16 megapixels, you can zoom, crop, or enlarge your photographs without sacrificing quality. Furthermore, its CCD sensor guarantees that your pictures are always low-noise.

When there’s a lot more to your shooting story, trust in its generous 24mm ultra-wide lens.

With a wide, bright 3.1-inch display screen, you can see your photographs in advance or during shooting and all of your pictures will emerge exactly as you anticipated.


✅ Perfect panorama capture
✅ It has a bright LCD screen
✅ It has a CCD sensor for low noise on your picture
✅ Light and compact


❌ Large depth of field
❌ No weather sealing
❌ Lacks continuous shooting capacity

Our Rating

Product Specifications

Full 1080p HD video captured at 30 fps

16 MP resolution

Nikkor f/4.0 6.6mm lens

1/2.3 inches CMOS sensor

40x optical zoom lens

80x fine dynamic zoom

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity


PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

The Nikon B500 is an excellent point-and-shoot camera for less than $300. It offers terrific zooming abilities with the ultra-telephoto glass lens and an excellent 1080p HD video shooting with its flip-up screen. 

The Coolpix B500 can be quickly and flawlessly paired with a compatible phone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for fast picture sharing and wireless camera operation.

Its 16 mp ultra low-light sensor allows you to shoot breathtaking images and record high-quality vlogs.

With its 40x optical zoom, it offers maximum telephoto capabilities. Also, it has a fine dynamic zoom feature that virtually doubles the reach for a total of 80x zoom.

Nikon B500 vibration reduction function ensures that your images are stable, which is essential when shooting great distances.

The wide, rotatable LCD screen of the B500 makes it simple to frame photos and control video shooting. It may also be used to discover new shooting positions.


✅  Compact and lightweight
✅  Additional 80x superzoom function
✅  Captures crisp detailed images
✅  The vibration reduction feature minimizes aberration and vignetting
✅ Cost friendly


❌ It is not waterproof
❌ Poor ISO performance
❌ Exposure cannot be manually controlled

Our Rating

Product Specifications

720 HD video quality

16MP resolution

3 inch LCD screen

16MP CMOS sensor

25x zoom capacity

Supports up to 100x zoom capacity

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

This is one of the point-and-shoot cameras that stick out from the crowd because of its 25x zoom and 22 preset zooms.

With its BSI sensor feature, this AZ252 can shoot high-quality photographs. This sensor has a resolution of 15 million pixels with which you can capture extra details  in your photos.

With its 720P HD video and one-touch capture function, you can catch all the photography action. Its 16MP, allows you to capture photographs with life-like brilliance without compromising the quality when you edit them afterwards.

The 24mm wide lens enables you to capture pan-focus images and its optical picture stabilization ensures your images are still with less noise even when your camera shakes during shooting.

The Kodak Pixpro AZ252 includes a built-in Wi-Fi connection, which is quite convenient and easy to load or transmit files from the camera, such as photographs and clips, to your smartphone or PC.

The AZ252 is compatible with ordinary SDHC memory cards of at least Class 3 and less than 32GB in size. Unfortunately micro SD, SDXC cards and micro/adapter are not compatible with this point and shoot camera.



✅   Its rechargeable 4AA batteries ensure longer battery life.
✅   It features a warranty servicing card to cover any problems that may arise while using it
✅   You may transmit data from the camera to your computer using a USB cord and a WIFI connection
✅   It comes with a simple manual that explains how to operate it
✅  You can change the brightness, speed and focus


❌ It lacks a hot shoe mount
❌ You’ll need to buy a separate SD card for extra storage
❌ It does not support memory cards of more than 32GB

Our Rating

Product Specifications

12.3 MP sensor

31x (25mm) optical zoom Lens

Built-in viewfinder

Light speed auto focus

11fps fast speed shooting burst rate

4.0x digital zoom

130mm focal length

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

This Panasonic model offers you a 24mm DC lens and a long-lasting 31x optical zoom, which gives you a closer focus on any subject.

With the 12.3 MP, its high sensitivity sensor and the Venus image processor feature, you can record more image detail with less picture noise, especially in poor light situations.

Wherever your adventures take you, it has a clear viewfinder that will assist you in capturing the crispiest photo. 

The eye sensor of this point and shoot camera recognizes viewing orientation and immediately changes to the LVF. Its outstanding 1.177k-dot clarity and roughly 100 per cent color reproduction provide stable image framing and excellent visibility in any lighting situation.

The lens has a mounting ring that improves the manual control of exposure, zoom, and focus, allowing you to put more emphasis on shutter action. You have complete control over every shot and video you capture because of its intuitive user interface, perfect focusing, and seamless, stable performance.

Regardless of how quickly your object moves, the ZS50 snaps simultaneously with hyperspeed auto focus and 12fps super fast burst rate for consistently focused shots. You may film any fast-moving activity at 100fps in HD and watch it in high-quality slow motion. The focus peaking feature may be used smoothly, thanks to the manual control ring. In addition, the big LCDs have a great field of view and focal length, allowing you to focus on image composition.

This camera offers you the chance to shoot in RAW format to capture more details. The picture data recorded by this unit keeps the natural color and lighting characteristics recorded by the sensor with just a little processing. You may also directly edit high-quality photographs for stunning effects.


✅  Fast autofocus
✅  Inbuilt viewfinder
✅  31x digital optical zoom
✅ RAW shooting feature


❌ A little heavier
❌ No weather sealing
❌ No flipping screen

Our Rating

Product Specifications

11x optical zoom

Built-in NFC and Wi-Fi

20.1 Megapixel

DIGIC image processor

180 shots. shooting capacity

720p HD video

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

The ELPH 190 IS camera is suitable for individuals who want to record the beauty of life’s ordinary activities using a convenient camera that fits in a pocket or handbag. Its 10x optical zoom may be used to take photographs of the entire party or to zoom in on your buddy’s smile. It contains an optical image stabilizer, which helps decrease camera movement so that your photographs are crisp and blur-free.

It has built-in NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity features, making it simple to share wonderful moments with family members and friends. The 20MP sensor and DIGIC processor help deliver detailed photographs with little noise, even in low-light situations.

You’ll like its versatility when shooting with an incredible range of 24–240mm in a tiny, sleek compact design. Furthermore, the wide-angle lens records a large image in each photo, providing depth, dimension, and clarity. This camera is perfect for shooting landscapes, cityscapes and family portraits.. 

With this Powershot model, it’s simple to produce crisp, stable shots even in low light without a tripod. This is due to the inclusion of Canon’s ground-breaking Intelligent IS technology. This system evaluates camera movement and uses the best shake control solution for the shooting circumstances, enabling you to concentrate on framing and shooting your photo.


✅ 11x optical zoom
✅ High-quality video recording
✅ Minimal blur
✅ Light and compact


❌ It doesn’t thrive in low light
❌ Lacks manual mode
❌ No RAW shooting feature

Our Rating

Product Specifications

1x wide-angle lens

1x macro lens

16X digital zoom

Supports up to 250GB storage TF card

One filter

HDMI cable

Two lithium-powered batteries

1500MAh battery power

Dimension:4.4 x 2.1 x3.2 inches

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

This 4K digital camera has a high resolution of 4K/30FPS for MP4 and 48MP for JPG to record your great adventures. This vlog camera comes with a wide-angle lens that offers a 16X zoom function for getting better focus and taking photographs with sharp details. It allows you to film while charging and also features loop capturing, and continuous filming with a 32GB to 256G TF card.

This mirrorless camera features a professional retractable macro lens, allowing you to take landscape photographs and close-ups of small subjects. It also has a 180-degree flip HD screen, allowing you to watch yourself while capturing quality images or clips of your priceless memories. The top of this camera has a dial that easily enables you to choose between picture, film, and other functions.

Its flip screen is simple to operate, with self-explanatory controls. It has both auto and manual focus capabilities. The camera button may alter the focus in either photographic or video modes. Its robust focus characteristics enable you to use this point and shoot camera for photos in any sort of view, and you can simply capture selfies and clips of daily life. 

This point-and-shoot camera comes with an HDMI connection and a USB cable. You can quickly edit with HDMI output display support by linking it to your pc. If you are a content producer, use the USB cord to plug the camera into your laptop for online streaming for your Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube accounts. 

It comes with two battery packs, each of which may be used for 1 hour. If you want to film while the camera is charging, use the USB cord to plug into the camera to recharge the battery.


✅  Powerful focus
✅  Has 16x digital zoom
✅  Compact and lightweight
✅  It supports filming while
✅  Budget-friendly


❌ Low battery life if you plan for lengthy shoots
❌ Not waterproof

Our Rating

Product Specifications

10x optical zoom lens

183 MP Exmor sensor

30-103°F/0-50°C functioning temperature

Full HD video recording in 1080/60p

Enabled NFC phone connectivity.

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

To get nearer to the object, most zoom cameras employ digital cropping, which results in unsharp photos. The sophisticated algorithm of this Sony’s clear image zoom feature evaluates patterns discovered in nearby pixels and generates new pixels to fit specified patterns, producing more realistic, higher-quality pictures.

This camera has an 18.4-pixel resolution. Its Exmor image sensor sets up the lens’s maximum resolution potential to give fast speed, high definition, and remarkable low responsiveness with better picture quality. It also has a vibration reduction feature that reduces noise in your images.

This camera provides clear images with minimum blur with its image stabilization feature. Its 60p in 1080 video capabilities allow you to record clear films at the best resolution possible. This produces spectacular, rapid cinematic footage with minimal aberration for HDTV playback.

In addition to Wi-Fi connectivity to phones, the camera features NFC for simplicity in transferring photographs to your mobile and tablets. You just need to tap on your enabled devices; no complicated setup is necessary. 

This Sony camera has a panorama mode that includes a motion correction. It can recognize moving things in the forefront of your shooting scene, cleverly merging various angles to reduce distortion. Simply click the shutter trigger and move the camera in the chosen direction. The camera will shoot continually at a fast speed, then smoothly stitch the photos together with automated position correction to create one spectacular panoramic shot. The camera can shoot panoramic images, including broad and 360° complete circle views.


✅  Great 360 panorama mode
✅  Easy data transmission to phone and computer
✅  Light and compact
✅  Minimal image blurriness


❌     No RAW shooting ability
❌     It lacks a hot shoe mount
❌     No harsh weather sealing
❌    Lacks a manual focus control feature

Our Rating

Product Specifications

4K video resolution

Up to 48MP picture resolution

MP4, JPG file formats

17x zoom ability

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

The 4k compact camera with 30fps video quality and 48 megapixels delivers a smoother shooting performance than 2.7Kor 1080P camera models. It captures detailed wonderful moments when vlog recording, making it the ideal camera for shooting youtube content. 

With wide-angle and macro lenses and 16X digital zoom, you can achieve closer focus from a distance and snap close-up photographs with great details or record a wider variety of surroundings.

This 4k camera can be used as a webcam simply by linking it to a PC via USB cable. It is a perfect vlogging camera as it has a screen that is easily flipped during recording. Its 3.4mm jack for an auxiliary microphone allows you to record clear audio. It has an external shoe mount to attach exterior lighting and a tripod.

Wi-Fi connectivity may convert your cellphone into a remote controller, enabling you to rapidly send photographs or movies from your camera to your smartphone and subsequently to social media, allowing others to enjoy your moments without hesitation. 

The pause feature allows you to stop the filming and resume from where you left off without creating a new file, making it simpler to edit the films.

The manual focus function is available on this 4K point and shoot camera. To use it, gently click the camera button, and the focus symbol frame will show on the screen. Then, the camera will focus and capture your image instantly. In every setting, from your ordinary life routine to sports action and nature, you will obtain crisp, perfect photos with this point and shoot camera.


✅  Great video and picture quality
✅ Light and compact
✅ Excellent zoom capacity
✅ Supports up to 256GB TF storage card


❌ Low battery life power cannot last through lengthy shoots

❌ No HDMI cable

Our Rating

Product Specifications

20.2 MP resolution

720p HD video quality

2.8″ LCD screen

13x optical zoom

Inbuilt Wi-Fi

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

Using the powerful auto-focusing high magnification with image stabilization, you may get up to 12X nearer to your target with accuracy and clarity.

You can capture clear HD films in 16:9 widescreen display at 50fps for extra detail, brilliant colors, sharper graphics, and more realistic footage.

With its 20mp still-image sensor, you can capture timeless memories with excellent high-resolution photographs suited for resizing without losing any quality.

It contains a face detection technology that recognizes faces in a frame and autofocuses and adjusts exposure. It also snaps a photo when a smile is recognized on your model’s face.

It features the Panorama mode, a technique that merges many pictures into a single continuous image to portray a broader field of view.

Its multi-frame shooting feature combines photos captured in quick sequence and connects them to generate a single low-noise snapshot.


✅  Automatic face detection feature
✅  Great image stabilization
✅  Excellent video and image resolution
✅  It has NFC and WIFI connectivity


❌ Underperforms in minimal light settings<br>
❌ It has no manual focus mode

Our Rating

Product Specifications

22x Optical Zoom

Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC

16.4 Megapixel

1080 HD video capabilities.

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

This camera is ideal for folks who enjoy compact cameras. It has a remote viewfinder that allows you to frame group photos and zoom in and out remotely from your smartphone. Its 16.4 mp sensor thrives in low light situations giving you great picture quality.

Its external connectivity via wifi allows for easy image data transmission to your pc.

This camera is designed to produce detailed macro images. With its enhanced shooting features, it excels in capturing details. It also has HD video recording capabilities.


✅ Extremely cheap
✅ Has a remote viewfinder
✅ Excellent 22x zoom function


❌ No RAW shooting
❌ No external hot shoe

Buyer's Guide For The Best Point And Shoot Camera Under $300

Sensor Size

The size of your camera sensor has a more significant effect on the sharpness of your images, particularly in low circumstances. Choose a point-and-shoot with a bigger image sensor if you’re working in low-light circumstances. But if a powerful zoom is more vital to you, look for one with a tiny sensor.

LCD Screen Size

When selecting a camera, look for one with a high-quality LCD screen. A larger 3 inch LCD will provide you with a more precise overview of your photo. Higher-quality LCDs provide greater color and clarity in higher exposure.

Facial Detection Feature

Most digital cameras now include facial recognition functions that can assist you in identifying your subjects’ faces in a shooting landscape. When the camera detects a face, it holds focus and brightness for the image. Some cameras, like face recognition, have smile detection functions that recognize a person’s face and snap a photo when they smile.

External Connectivity

Many new point-and-shoot cameras now include built-in Wi-Fi, making it simple to publish photographs on social media platforms by linking to a hotspot network. Buy a camera with an NFC connectivity function that allows you to connect directly to your smartphone for image viewing and sharing.


What are the common problems with affordable point and shoot cameras?

The main issue experienced with most point and shoot cameras is the image quality, limited by the lack of high powered flash and full shutter range.

Do point and shoot cameras need batteries?

Yes, they do! Most of these cameras use the AA rechargeable battery types.

Is a viewfinder a must for point and shoot cameras?

Camera viewfinders are pretty useful, particularly when altering manual settings though not many point-and-shoot cameras feature a viewfinder. However, if you really are looking for one, there are a handful that do have this feature such as the Nikon B500.

Can I record with a point and shoot camera?

Yes, you can, but only if the camera model has a flip screen and a microphone jack for audio recording functionality.

Do serious photographers use point and shoot cameras?

Most expert photographers combine these point and shoot cameras with their DSLRs during studio and location shoots.

Final Thoughts

While cellphone cameras are more widely available, point and shoot cameras produce far greater quality images. They are also as compact and portable as cell phones. Point and shoot cameras have a plethora of preset settings that allow you to snap photographs without heavy shooting gear. Most of these cameras also feature manual modes if you want to experiment with your photographic talents. These cameras are suitable for daily and traveling photography because of their size and portability.
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