The Only Guide You’ll Need To Find The Best Nikon Ring Flash


We can all agree that a good and continuous lighting setup is the secret behind beautiful photos – and having the right tools can make all the difference in the world. Whether you’re looking for a simple, no-fuss camera to capture the special moments in your life, or you’re a professional photographer looking for the finer details when trying to perfect your craft, the key is to figure out what characteristics you should look for in a product, especially when it comes to macro ring flashes.

What Is A Ring Flash?

A ring flash is a lighting accessory mounted around the camera flash. Its purpose is to deliver a smoother, more even light on its subject. A ring flash is often considered among the best photography ring lights because it can really give you an evenly distributed light that’s soft and natural. 

If you’re hunting for the most appropriate ring flash for your needs, you’ve arrived at the right place. Opting for a macro ring flash is not simply about top of the line features, a photographer must be concise on the preferences they are ater to enhance their shooting prowess You can adjust the illumination angle with direction, with brightness and orientation to your liking.

NIKON Ring Flash: Which One To Choose?

Here is a comparison matrix of the top 9 Nikon ring flash units.

Emily Hutton

As a photographer, a restoration, and a designer, Emily isn't just a jack-of-all-trades, she's a certified expert. She's a tech junkie, and the most screen-addicted member of the IRC team. When it comes to product reviews, her insights and recommendations are second-to-none.

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Our Rating

Key Features

3 Exchangeable Reflectors

TTL metering with complete manual control.

1/1 to 1/1024 Powerful ring light output

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

You may already know that Nikon macro photography can be challenging to master. With the Nissin MF18, any photographer can be versatile, with its reliability and capabilities.

The MF18 features high-speed sync (HSS) for full flash power to 1/8000 second when shooting in TTL or Manual mode, with a maximum flash output of 1/64. HSS enables you to capture smooth buttery photos with larger apertures with natural bokeh effects even in broad daylight. The MF18 is a powerful binocular that can handle narrower apertures and higher magnifications when shooting close distances.

The zoom lens that comes with the flash helps get close to your subject. It provides you E-TTL II, E-TTL, and Manual flash modes. The macro ring flash covers the wide angle of view that the lens offers on your camera, delivering uniform and powerful flashes.

It offers a communication interface with wired remote control via the hot shoe mount and wireless remote control via optical transmission. It allows photographers to experiment with a wide range of shooting modes that delivers a definite power control that manipulates the light between 1/128 to 1/1024 while reducing red-eye and excess shadows, allowing for top-quality macro photography shots.

The Color Display’s user-friendly menu automatically rotates as the camera is turned, making it simple to view from any angle. Additionally, modeling LED lamps works in conjunction with a flash ratio control feature to get the right mix of your lighting.

Our Rating

Key Features

No vignetting and no shadows in macro photography

Battery life up to 60 flash times in 1/1 full power

Two LED Focus Assist Beam

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

For any shooting scenario, whether it be for fashion or portrait, the Godox MF-R76 LED Micro Ring Flash will give you the power you need to nail the shot.

The Godox MF-R76 is an easy-to-use continuous light source that can be placed around the lens of your camera. With a total of 48 LEDs, the ring light offers enough power to completely fill your subject with soft, directional light. The ring flash also comes with a diffuser which is useful for softening the light further. The output is adjustable in 1/8th stop increments and has six different levels to choose from.

You can use this model for both macro photography and portraiture, giving you the means to work both indoors and outdoors. The Godox MF-R76 has a high color temperature ranging from 5500 to 6500K. Not to mention, it offers a ring light output that is only about 1/10th as bright as direct sunlight, which makes it great for close-up shoots where too much light would wash out details.

The two built-in focus assist beams make it easy to capture your subject in low light, and the lithium battery power supply with long runtime means you can spend less time worrying about your batteries and more time concentrating on the photo. More so, this ring flash has a built-in fan to keep the temperature down and prevent overheating.

You’ll enjoy using this model because it offers 96 different color filters so you can control the lighting effects yourself.

Our Rating

Key Features

Adaptable in low light conditions with an ISO range of 100–12800

Focus Range: 8″ to 16.4″

Up to 3,000 shots without interruption

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

Using the MK-14EXT-N I-TTL macro ring flash is easy, even if you’re just a beginner. This macro ring flash offers four different operation modes: TTL, M, Multi, and S1. In addition to the mode switch, the back of the flash has a rotary output power control with 11 f/stops in 1/3 increments.

With the MK-14EXT-N I-TTL macro ring flash, you get access to TTL exposure control (a type of automatic exposure), high-speed sync (which helps you get better exposure at high shutter speed), rear-curtain sync (which helps you capture objects in motion), and more.

If you use the MK-14EXT-N I-TTL macro ring flash with several other flashes simultaneously, you can create different lighting effects. The flash also has a built-in radio transmitter that lets you trigger it remotely from up to 492 feet away. It also has a flexible head that allows for bounce photography.

This ring light certainly gives you an easy way to take amazing photographs without having to worry about adjusting your settings manually, and the MK-14EXT-N I-TTL flash is an excellent solution.

Our Rating

Key Features

Higher luminance and lower static power consumption

The ring light comes with a dimmer switch to adjust the illumination

Continuous and stable semi ring light or full ring light

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

If your aim is to take your photography to the next level, the Neewer 48 Macro LED Ring Flash is definitely a solid option. A macro ring flash that’s going to make your wedding photos, glamor shots, and still life images pop. This is a perfect match for your camera to get your lighting just right, and if you want a portable and versatile solution—this is it.

With 48 small LED bulbs, this macro ring flash makes it easy to get soft illumination around the edge of your subject. There are two power modes: Full and Half. This allows you to easily adjust the intensity of your ring light to create the effect you’re looking for. Plus, there are 4 different diffusion filters in blue, orange, white, and transparent that soften the ring light intensity so you can get a change of color temperature.

You can adjust the flash power ratio between the left and right groups of LEDs in eight steps: 1:8, 1:7, 1:6, 1:5, 1:4, 1:3, 1:2, and 1:1. The LCD screen lays out all the information you need to know, including how to select between the light’s three modes: Auto (continuous illumination), Flash (flashes), and L and R (use half of the light).

This is a good investment for people who have a serious interest in macro-photography. Not only is it powerful, but it’s also small and easy to use. Its lightweight makes it convenient for trips, and its portability means you can take your photography with you wherever you go.

Our Rating

Key Features

Outstanding color rendering

4 lighting modes & 7 level brightness adjustments

3,000~15,000K Color temperature

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

Three things make the Ploture Ring Light different from other ring lights on the market:

It has three color settings: warm white, cool white, and red. This allows you to take photos with different color temperatures without having to fiddle with filters or post-production editing.

The Ploture ring flash is one of the best quality, most affordable options on the market for quality lighting to help you create amazing pictures and videos. With features like adjustable brightness, it gives a powerful, compact flash with an array of lens adapters to fit camera lenses ranging from 52mm to 84mm, and it’s a breeze to attach thanks to the easy-release button located on the side of the ring. The flash itself has two modes: one that flashes when you take a picture and another that stays on continuously. 

You can use either mode for either the whole ring or just one side of it at a time, depending on your needs. When you’re finished shooting, you can easily detach the adapter ring from your lens by pressing the release button on the side of the ring. The Ploture ring flash also features an LCD display that shows all your settings at once so you don’t have to fumble around in search of them.

Whether you’re shooting close up or at the range, this flash can illuminate your subject without leaving distracting shadows or glare.

This is an excellent device for shooting photos within a few feet of the subject. You can adjust the brightness and use it as a standard flash or use it as a continuous light. The LCD screen is easy to work with, and the extra-wide range of adaptors make it easy to connect with any lens. It’s portable, easy-to-use, and plugs into any regular power outlet—allowing you to set up your professional photography studio anywhere you feel inspired.

This ring flash/ring light is also very bright, which is perfect for your needs as you can utilize it anytime during the day without having to be careful about shadows. This ring flash/ring light is a recommendable one to anyone who wants to take their social media or photography career to the next level.

Our Rating

Key Features

Adjustable LED ring lights to personalize the intensity and color of the shot

Built-in diffuser to avoid overexposure

Super slim design so it won’t take up too much room in your studio

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

Do you know what’s great about the Digital Nc 48 Macro LED Ring Light & Ring Flash? It’s the fact that it’s a macro LED ring light, as well as a macro ring flash. It’s not only one or the other; it’s both. The Digital NC 48 Macro Twin Powered LED Ring Light/Ring Flash is a lightweight, portable ring light/ring flash combo with an adjustable flash exposure level and an adjustable LED ring light output level. 

It’s perfect for scientific research, medical photography, and personal photography. It’s specially designed to use with macro lenses so that you can get the best shot possible. The ring light provides continuous and stable lighting, and its coiled cord makes it easy to move around as necessary.

The Digital NC 48 Macro Twin Powered LED Ring Light/Ring Flash uses 48 individual (12 blue, 12 red, 12 warm white, 12 daylight white) LED bulbs for continuous lighting and has a built-in diffuser that helps spread and soften the light so that you get better illumination of your subject and more balanced lighting in your photos. And you can hook up two of these devices together for even more balanced lighting with added versatility.

The ring flash works as well for macro photography as it does for portrait photos, allowing you to get up close without scaring off shy subjects. Its small size also makes it useful for shooting in tight spaces where traditional hot shoe flashes won’t fit.

Our Rating

Key Features

48 LED bulbs, with a wide range of dimming options

Extremely bright and easy to adjust

A wide-angle lens that makes it easy to capture all of your subjects in the frame

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

Lightdow is one of the most popular camera brands in the photography world, and the company has a long history of great reviews and high-quality products to customers. The Lightdow 48 Pieces Macro LED Ring Flash Light is a new product that was announced in early 2017 and featured several unique features to help photographers get the best out of their cameras.

What stands out about this ring light is its price point. It’s not uncommon for many photographers to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a camera, but this product can be purchased for less than $50. This makes it one of the most affordable ways to explore macro photography without breaking your budget.

This product also comes with several different modes that allow you to change the way light is distributed over your subject matter. With this product, you’ll be able to use diffused ring lights, flash photography, and more with ease. This allows you to create some truly stunning images using just one piece and it comes equipped with four adapters that fit on almost any SLR lens—along with an easy-to-follow user manual.

Finally, this product has been designed with convenience in mind as well. Many photographers have complained about how difficult it can be to set up their equipment when they’re trying to take pictures in an area where there isn’t much natural light available.

Our Rating

Key Features

18 High-Output LEDs

Can adjust up to 6 levels  brightness

Continuous Light & Flash Modes

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

Having the Bolt VM-160 LED Macro Ring Light is a great way to get the most out of your photography. With its three-light setup, you’ll have easy access to precise lighting that will guarantee you the best results possible.

The ring lights themselves are quite versatile, too. They can be used with the included mounting ring for macro shots, or they can be used as individual lights for other subjects as well. This means you will definitely get a decent ring flash for its value, and there’s a lot to love about this kit. A perfect tool for illuminating those tiny subjects that need to be shown off in their full glory: insects, jewelry, gems, coins, and more.

Four clip-on diffusers are included to further adjust the quality of light from the ring light: the adjustable light also features color-correcting filters, including two filters for white balance and four color filters, so you can ensure that your photos are tinted exactly how you want them to be.

Most photographers can opt to modify the ring light to illuminate both left and the right side of the ring light to add a balanced exposure of your subjects. After the flash mode has been turned on, it may cut battery usage by half after the ring light’s shutter is activated.

The best part about this ring light? It’s super easy to set up! You can attach it in minutes, and it comes with a handy carrying case so you can carry it with you to any gig.

Our Rating

Key Features

1/1000sec Exposure Time

5cm-1.5m Flash

7 brightness modes

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

Get creative with your photography and videography skills with the V BESTLIFE LED Ring Light. With innovative LED technology and a high-quality 48pcs LED Beads Macro ring flashlight, V BESTLIFE provides a gentle light close to natural light, which is adjustable from 3000k-15000k in color temperature within a 5cm-1.5m flash range.

There is no room for worry about getting the right picture again with our 1/1000sec exposure time and 7 modes of brightness. With wide compatibility, this flash will work on your SLR camera camcorder for Canon, for Nikon, for Pentax, for Olympus, etc.

The controller has an LCD display and buttons for quick and precise adjustment for brightness and mode. It supports 7 Brightness Mode and 4 Flash Mode: Constant illumination/All lights flash/Right lights flash/Left lights flash. The left and right macro ring flashes modes make objects appear more dimensional in pictures, and four filters promise more shooting styles with different color temperatures (Yellow/Blue/Creamy White/Transparent)

Buyer's Guide

If you’re a photographer and haven’t used a ring flash, you’ve never really seen your work to its fullest potential. Ring flashes are round flashes that fit around the camera lens, emitting a diffused light that can make your subject look more three-dimensional and soft. With the help of a ring flash, it will be a lot easier to make your subject holistically speak to its audience.

But, before clicking “Add to Cart,” here are the things to keep an eye for to get the best ring flash:

Power Source

The power source is something that comes in as a number 1. Priority as some ring flashes require batteries that aren’t easy to find at any local store. Then, if this imposes a challenge, look for a model that uses AA or AAA batteries instead of something proprietary like CR123A batteries. If battery life matters more than how easy it is to find replacements, consider getting one with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries instead. 

The ring flash needs to have a flexible power source to be used both on-location and in the studio. When shooting outdoors and in unpredictable weather, you’ll want something portable and easy to use.

LED Count

If you’re a novice, you probably don’t need all the bells and whistles of a high-end ring flash. If you have experience, though, you may want to go for a model with more LEDs to have greater control over your lighting. More LEDs mean more power and control over how much light is hitting your subject.

Quality Of light

When choosing a ring flash for your photography, it is important to consider the quality of light that the unit provides. The quality of light refers to how even and controllable the light is. The finest ring lights provide a variety of power levels so you can increase or decrease the brightness based on your needs, either it be for macro photography or taking portrait shots that require a bit of distance.

Also, this is an absolute area to consider if you’re going for quality prints that require accurate results.

Flash Modes

Some ring flashes come with multiple flash modes, meaning they can be used as fill lights when shooting outdoors or as leading lights when shooting indoors. It’s up to personal preference whether or not this feature is worth it to you. If you decide that it’s essential to have multiple modes, consider that models with more flash modes are typically more expensive.

Mounting Options

If you want to use your ring flash with other lenses besides just one kind (for example, wide-angle vs. telephoto), it’s important to know what type of mount they are compatible with first. The flash usually comes with an adjustable head to get the optimum angle of the light that you want to use.

Wrap up

And here it goes, a rundown of the best Nikon ring flashes on the market. The brands we selected are all well-established in the industry and cater to all skill levels. For that reason, we made sure each model offers features that can be beneficial to even the most advanced photographers.

Overall, the Nikon ring flash units are a great way to illuminate your photography, whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist.

Final Thoughts

Do you go with a flash that is affordable but powerful? Or do you go with a more expensive but more effective model? Do you buy the model that can be used as a ring flash or a standard flash?

The choice is yours. 

There is a pool of options out there in the market for whatever your budget or needs may be. These ring flashes are available for different types of Nikon cameras and come with features that enhance their performance. The guide will make it easier for you to pick the best without going through all the details in the individual reviews.

Whether you’re looking for the best ring flash on the market or just want something that will get the job done, hopefully, this guide has helped! Thank you for reading, and good luck finding your perfect flash!

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