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Best Mouse For Photoshop: Our Top Picks

Best Mouse For Photoshop

With the ubiquitousness of photo editing software, especially Photoshop, anyone can edit a picture with the right equipment.

But while most people are content with using normal mice or their built-in trackpads for photo editing, it may not be enough to ensure peak editing performance. To get the job done properly, you may need a mouse built especially for Photoshop photo restoration.

The best computer mouse for designers combines performance, portability, and ergonomic comfort. These devices can help you get any editing job done comfortably and easily, be it simple photo editing, video editing, creative graphic design, or old photo restoration. In this list, we’ll go over our top picks to find the best mouse for photo editing! 

However, some creative graphic design tasks are tougher to do without professional help – even with purpose-built mice. If you have old photos that you want to retouch or enhance, book our service for fast and easy photo restorations!

What To Consider Before Buying A Mouse For Graphic Design

Best Mouse For Photoshop

Trackpads are hard to use with precise editing software, and tablets – while effective – have limited uses and are generally very expensive. While other input devices can be used with Photoshop, your best option as a graphic designer is a mouse. 

In this section, we’ll break down the six key considerations that you should think about when looking for the best mouse for Photoshop.

Grip Style And Ergonomic Comfort

Most graphic design mice are made with the palm grip in mind – that is, gripping the mouse using your entire hand and resting your thumb and little finger on either side. While holding your mouse horizontally is the most common way, it can lead to hand and wrist pain after prolonged use.

To counteract this, the vertical mouse posture was invented. By holding your mouse sideways in a more natural “handshake” position, you’ll reduce pressure in your wrist and reduce strain on it, lowering your likelihood of getting carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). However, you’ll need to buy a specially-designed ergonomic mouse to gain these benefits.

Another subset of the ergonomic mouse is the trackball mouse. This is typically the best mouse for CTS sufferers because they alleviate the strain on their wrist. However, a trackball mouse is usually more expensive and has a learning curve.

Your handedness is one of the major considerations when mouse shopping. While most basic mice are designed symmetrically to accommodate both left-handed and right-handed people, mice with an ergonomic design are predominantly made for right-handed people. If you’re left-handed, you may need to find a specialized ergonomic mouse that mirrors the ergonomic design of their right-handed counterparts.

Sensor Type

When shopping for the best mice, there are generally three major sensor types you may encounter:

  • Mechanical sensor: With this outdated sensor method, the mouse uses a trackball on its underside that moves as you slide the mouse along the surface, moving the cursor. 
  • Optical sensor: An optical mouse uses a LED light to illuminate the surface and create cursor movement. This is the most common sensor type available today and is generally the cheaper option. You may need a mouse pad or a specific surface to use a mouse with an optical sensor.
  • Laser sensor: Laser mice use a laser as their sensor for cursor movement. While it works similarly to an optical mouse, a laser mouse is usually more sensitive and can work on any surface.

While average users may be satisfied with an optical sensor mouse, tasks that require more precision (like photo editing) may be easier with a laser mouse. Moreover, optical mice are more limited in their surface options because they don’t work well on glossy surfaces such as glass. 

However, laser mice do have their drawbacks. They’re generally more expensive than their optical counterparts, although the price gap has closed in recent years. Its increased sensitivity may also cause laser mice to suffer from acceleration – lapses in precision caused by quick mouse movement. 

DPI Adjustment

Graphic design mice sensitivity is measured using DPI or dots per inch. The higher the DPI, the more sensitive your mouse is. This means smaller movements will affect the cursor more and vice versa. Because Photoshop requires precision, you’ll have a better time working with a mouse that has a higher DPI. 

However, if your DPI is too high, it may slow you down when you need to drag your cursor across large images. In most specialized graphic designing mice, you can usually turn your DPI up and down at will so you can adjust to your current needs. 

Connection Type

You have two choices for mouse connections: wired and wireless. A wired mouse is usually self-powered, while you may need AA or AAA batteries on a wireless mouse. Today, some wireless mice have built-in rechargeable batteries.

The gap between the two in regards to performance has closed, and their performances are comparable. The main difference between them nowadays is that a wireless mouse may be more expensive compared to a wired mouse. Plus, a wireless mouse can be used at any distance and doesn’t require any cable management.


One of the advantages that a mouse has over pens & graphics tablets is portability. If you travel often, you can always bring your mouse along with your laptop, as opposed to pen tablets that may need more space.

Programmable Buttons

Best Mouse For Photoshop

The best mice also offer the benefit of macros to their users. Macros are commands that you can save into programmable buttons on your mouse, so you can execute them without having to do it step-by-step normally. 

Photoshop even allows you to record these commands for easy use in the future. One example of a macro in action when using Photoshop? Setting up a macro button to create a new blank document of a certain size, saving you time at the beginning of each edit.

Our Best Photoshop Mouse Picks

If you’re looking for the best mouse for graphic design and photo editing, here are our top picks!

Our Recommendation

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

Sometimes, the best mouse for Photoshop is a gaming mouse. There’s a sizable crossover between these two worlds due to their emphasis on precision and frequent use of macros. 

While the Logitech MX Master 2S is primarily built for gaming, you can get good editing performance out of it as well. One of the best features of the Logitech MX Master 2S is the FLOW cross-computer ability. This feature allows you to use this wireless mouse with up to three computers at the same time. This is made even more useful by its ability to transfer files between the connected computers without having to copy them onto flash drives or cloud storage.

With its ergonomic design and laser sensor precision, this Logitech mouse is comfortable to use on any surface. It also features customizable buttons for programming macros and a dual-mode scroll wheel with adjustable speed. 

One caveat of the Logitech MX Master 2S, however, is that it may be a bit on the heavy side at 5.1 oz. Like most ergonomic computer mice of its class, it’s also not the best mouse choice for left-handed designers. 

Our Recommendation

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

Par for the course with many Apple products, the Apple Magic Mouse 2 features a compact super-light design paired with laser sensor precision. The tracking strips at the bottom allow you to move your cursor smoothly across the screen. Another development over its predecessor is that this version of the Magic Mouse has a built-in battery. 

This mouse features a gesture button that allows you to use gestures to execute commands, similar to the multi-touch trackpad on MacBooks. Furthermore, you can adjust this mouse’s DPI settings and scroll wheel speed through the preferences menu on your Mac.

While the compact design allows for easier storage for graphic designers who travel often, there’s some click latency that may impact response time negatively. Another point of contention is that the charging port is located at the bottom of the mouse, which means you won’t be able to charge and use the mouse at the same time. However, Apple does promise nine hours of battery life on a two-minute charge.

Our Recommendation

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

Using your mouse for extended periods can lead to wrist pains and, in especially worse cases, carpal tunnel syndrome. Having your mouse tilted sideways alleviates some of the pressure on your wrist, and that’s what the Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse sets out to do with its more natural handshake grip. 

While it may take some time to get used to, this mouse’s ergonomic shape does help reduce pressure experienced on your joints. You also have the option to switch between three DPI presets: 800, 1200, and 1600. These presets help you adjust your mouse sensitivity according to your image editing needs – typically, a higher DPI for smaller images and a lower DPI for larger ones.

Coming in with an affordable price tag, this can be one of your best mouse alternatives if you’re starting to feel the effects of a traditional mouse on your wrist – or would like to keep your wrist healthy in the first place. However, this mouse is made exclusively for right-handed users so if you’re left-handed, you may want to look for other options.

Our Recommendation

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

If you’re looking for portability and practicality, consider the Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600. 

One of the greatest advantages that this AA battery-powered mouse offers is that, instead of a USB receiver, it uses a Bluetooth connection to pair with your computer. This saves you from having to take up another USB port. And since it’s compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Android operating systems, you can even use it on your Android smartphone!

This mouse also boasts Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology, so it can be used on all surfaces – from smooth glass to rough granite. Moreover, the small profile and ambidextrous design of this mouse makes it friendly to both left-handed and right-handed graphic designers. However, this mouse does experience lapses in its connection infrequently, which may cause issues if you’re in the middle of intense photo or video editing work. 

This product may not be built specifically for image editing, but its portability and practicality make it a strong alternative for someone who travels often and would rather have a small mouse that can be used anywhere.

Our Recommendation

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

Another entry into the list of gaming mouses that can double as a Photoshop mouse: the Razer Deathadder V2. This mouse boasts a maximum DPI of 20,000, the highest sensor precision in its class. This allows you almost unparalleled precision for very fine editing work. 

If you need lower sensitivity settings for broader scrolling, the mouse also offers customization on its DPI ranges, plus a very low click latency that promises a very quick response time. To adjust the mouse DPI, you’re provided two wide buttons separated by a plastic divider, which makes it easier to shift your DPI settings up or down without looking. 

This computer mouse is very lightweight, weighing in at only 2.9oz. It also comes with a flexible wire that won’t affect your mouse movements. Their new click wheel design has notches along its surface, which allows you to feel every movement of the scroll wheel and increase accuracy. Additionally, it features mouse feet made of PTFE, which allows it to glide effortlessly over most surfaces.

However, this mouse may be slightly too large if you have small hands. Moreover, because it’s a wired mouse, you may find it somewhat cumbersome to pack in a bag, although battery life won’t be a concern with this mouse. 

Our Recommendation

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

Macros save time when you use Photoshop by eliminating the need to scroll through menus or remember a series of keyboard shortcuts. If you use macros often, the Logitech G700S gaming mouse is one of the strongest contenders for the best mouse for designers.

This mouse features 8 programmable buttons alongside toggle buttons for DPI adjustment. It also offers the choice of wired and wireless connections, making it a versatile option whether you’re at home or out and about. As an added advantage if you’re using a rechargeable battery, this mouse charges it when you switch to a wired connection.

While The Logitech G700S features a chunky design that makes it comfortable to use for long periods, its weight of 5.3oz may make it heavier compared to its peers. Left-handed users may need to look into other options as well since the ergonomic shape is made with right-handed people in mind.

Our Recommendation

PS. We may make a small commission off purchases made on the link above.

As an alternative to the MX Master 2S mouse, Logitech offers the MX Anywhere 2S. This product similarly boasts the FLOW technology that allows it to operate on multiple devices as well as the dual-mode scroll wheel for faster scrolling. 

This mouse, however, features a smaller profile, which makes it much easier to bring with you out and about. Its Darkfield laser tracking sensor also helps it move smoothly on most surfaces you can think of, adding to its practicality.

Macro users will also be pleased to find that this mouse still features programmable buttons despite its smaller frame. On top of that, Logitech promises a long battery life of up to two months on a single charge, which you can do through a micro USB cable. 

Despite its looks, the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S doesn’t feature an ambidextrous design. While the basic function is usable by left-handed people, they may have some trouble pressing the customizable buttons. Another potential issue may arise from the lack of built-in space to store its wireless mouse dongle, which may lead to the dongle being misplaced.

If you travel a lot and would like to get a portable designer mouse without sacrificing too much functionality, you can consider the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S.

Why Hire A Professional Photo Restoration Expert?

Even if you have the best mouse for photo editing, restoring an old photo takes time. Even then, you can’t guarantee that the finished results will look their best. To ensure that your old memories are brought back in full glory once again, we suggest that you seek help from professionals.

At Image Restoration Center, our team of Photoshop experts and historical advisors can help colorize your old photos – saving you the effort of doing it yourself. With our expertise and a host of restoration methods, we ensure that your old memories can be remembered in a completely new light.

We don’t just restore photos, we also provide many other services, such as colorizing old images. Our image restoration service starts at $35 per photo, including revisions. If you’re not completely satisfied with our efforts, we also offer a full money-back guarantee! 

Three Simple Steps To Restore Your Photos

We don’t just offer affordable restoration services, we also offer the simplest way to recolor your treasured memories! All you need to do is follow these three steps.

Upload Your Image To Our Website

First, you can either scan your photos or take a picture of them using your phone. While most of the time a phone picture would suffice, high-quality scans will help us restore your photo better. Once you have the scan or picture, you can upload it to our secure servers.

Wait While We Process Your Photo

The next step is to simply sit back and wait while we work our magic! Our experts will analyze the photo closely and, with the advice of our historical experts, perform colorization and restoration on the photo you sent. This process usually takes 24 to 72 hours.

Receive Your Newly-Restored Photo

Once we’ve restored the photo, you’ll receive it as a high-resolution JPEG file via email. If you have any notes or revisions on the image, you can always message us on our website! 

If you’d like to frame the restored image on your wall, you can also opt for a printed image to be delivered to your door. While it may take longer than a digital picture, it will arrive on your doorstep before long.

While the best mouse for Photoshop can help you edit images, assist in video editing, and perform creative work better, nothing beats years of experience. If you want an old photo restored to more than its former glory (but can’t do it yourself), Image Restoration Center is simply the best way to do it!

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