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The 9 Best Mouse For The iPad To Boost Your Productivity

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It’s long been a goal for the Apple iPad to become a sort of “laptop replacement”. And with the new features promised in the upcoming iPadOS 16 update, it’ll get closer than ever.

However, maximizing your iPad’s capabilities as a working machine isn’t just a matter of software. You’ll want to pair it with an ergonomic, fully-featured mouse that works perfectly with the iPad interface.

The best Bluetooth mouse for the iPad will improve your productivity by making it easier to select text, drag and drop items, and perform other precise productivity tasks that are hard to do with the iPad’s touch screen. The best mouse for the iPad should also have an ergonomic design that keeps your hand and wrist comfortable over long sessions.


To help you decide what to buy, we rounded up our choices for the best wireless mouse for the iPad as well as the pros and cons of each.

Let’s start our rankings with Apple’s own homegrown solution: the latest Magic Mouse. It’s no surprise that Apple’s mouse is the best wireless mouse for the iPad, as it’s designed to work seamlessly with all of Apple’s other products.

The surface of the Magic Mouse is a capacitive touch sensor that allows you to use multi-touch gestures, such as swiping and scrolling, that are compatible with iPadOS 16. It’s incredibly easy to swipe between apps and scroll through documents, all while using it as you would a normal mouse. The entire surface is one big button, so there are no physical buttons or separate areas for right- and left-clicking. Plus, Apple claims that the battery lasts “about a month”.

Despite this, though, it’s not perfect. Mousewheel aficionados will find the lack of a physical scroll wheel frustrating, and the design isn’t the most ergonomic – especially for those with larger hands.

The charging port is also on the bottom of the mouse, so you can’t use it while it’s plugged in, though it does only take a few minutes of charging to get several hours’ worth of usage. Finally, for a mouse that only has two buttons and no mouse wheel, it’s definitely one of the more expensive options available.

Still, if you want a nearly perfectly iPad-optimized mouse, you can’t go wrong with the Apple Magic Mouse. And because of its many iPadOS-compatible features, it’s definitely one of the top options for the best wireless mouse for the iPad Pro in 2022, especially if you want to improve your productivity in the iPad ecosystem.


  • Multi-touch surface with iPad-compatible gestures
  • Rechargeable internal battery


  • Not the most ergonomic design
  • Expensive for its feature set
  • Charging port on the bottom