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8 Best Macro Lens For iPhone: Full Review & Comparison
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8 Best Macro Lens For iPhone: We Review & Compare Our Favorites

Michael Rivera
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Getting that close-up photo you’ve always wanted is more accessible, thanks to macro lenses specifically designed for phones. What is the best macro lens for the iPhone? Find out here. Photography isn’t cheap, especially if you want a complete professional setup. Thanks to today’s modern technology, you can get the exact shots you would from a professional camera with an iPhone. But while iPhones have built-in wide-angle and telephoto lenses, it isn’t well-suited for macro photography. That’s why a macro lens is one of the photographers’ most common iPhone accessories, producing remarkable close-up shots. Some claim that third-party macro lenses are a waste since iPhones have built-in wide-angle and telephoto lenses. However, because of their limited photo capturing capacity, these iPhone features don’t solve most macro photography issues like lack of sharpness or fish eye. This guide will teach you about the best macro lens for the iPhone.

2022’s Top 8 Macro Lenses For The iPhone

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The Xenvo Macro And Wide Pro Angle Lens Kit is a portable, convenient, and compact mobile phone camera lens kit. It captures 15x magnification for high-resolution on your macro photos via iPhone.

This kit includes a Truview 0.45x wide-angle lens, a Clarus 15x macro lens, a TruGrip lens clip, and a mini rechargeable LED light. Also included in the kit is a rechargeable LED light with its charging cable, a quick-release lanyard, an easy-to-carry DuraCase, and a lens cleaning cloth.

The Clarus macro lens features aircraft-grade aluminum and high-precision optical glass. It takes mesmerizing close-ups, makes them pop with the GlowClip rechargeable LED, and keeps it still with the TruGrip lens clip. The lanyard ensures that your iPhone macro lens is always there when you need it. Meanwhile, the LED comes with three brightness adjustments with a warm and natural tone. 

Another notable feature is the extra-wide opening between the lens clip and the lens itself, which allows you to fit it easily over your phone case. The TruGrip clip rubber coating also protects your iPhone from scratches.

The kit is also compatible with most electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. That said, it’s the best macro lens for the iPhone 11 Pro and the best macro lens for the iPhone 12 Pro.

Overall, the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit is the best high-quality macro lens at a slightly above-average price.


  • TruView 0.45x Wide Angle Lens and Clarus 15x Macro Lens
  • Mini rechargeable LED light
  • Convenient lens clip with charging cable
  • Includes a quick-release lanyard and travel case


  • Cost more than most products
  • Does not include a lens cap
  • Does not fit iPhone X models

Moment Macro 10x Lens is a dedicated macro lens made from aerospace-grade metal. It is suitable for nature photographers, food porn lovers, and detail-oriented creatives because its diffuser hood isolates the photo subject. 

The removable diffuser hood creates a soft, even light when photographing a subject, revealing details that shadows would typically cover. In addition, the hood’s design makes the perfect working distance for the lens, allowing you to shoot from at least an inch away from your photo subject.

However, the Moment Macro Lens requires you to have a Moment Case, sold separately. The case is compatible with other Moment lenses and has a lifetime warranty. This case comes with non-battery and battery features. The non-battery Moment Case allows you to maintain your phone’s original aesthetic. Meanwhile, the battery Moment Case doubles as a power bank.

To mount this camera on your iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Align the lens with your iPhone.
  2. Rotate the lens to around 90 degrees.
  3. Click it in place, and you’re good to go.

This Moment Macro Lens works best with the latest iPhones and is considered the best macro lens for the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the best macro lens for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, complementing the iPhone models’ camera specs.

However, while it’s a high-quality macro lens, the Moment Macro 10x Lens is on the pricier side of the spectrum. That said, it addresses the heavy shadows typical in most macro photography, so you don’t have to invest more in lighting


  • Cinema quality glass lenses and aerospace-grade metal
  • Removable light diffuser
  • Easy and multi-optional case attachment
  • Minimal chromatic aberration and maximum edge-to-edge sharpness


  • Requires an M-series case to function
  • Costly for a singular lens

Its clever design makes it the perfect choice for any photography enthusiast. So, if you want to bring your camera along on your adventures, whether that means hikes, sightseeing or anything else, this pouch is the one to go for.

However, when considering the Lowerpro Dashpoint 10 Camera Pouch, be sure that its size fits your Nikon camera, or even better, you could measure it.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Compatible with most mobile devices
  • Easily detachable and portable
  • Includes additional lens protection


  • Cheap plastic lens
  • Stacking lenses create a blurry effect

The Criacr 3-in-1 HD Camera Lens Kit gets HD-quality photography with its single lenses that reduce glass flare and ghosting.

It includes three lens attachments: a 180-degree fisheye lens, a 15x macro lens, and a 0.4 to 0.6x super wide-angle lens. These high-class professional HD clip-on lenses reduce glass flares and reflections in your photography. They also come as separate lenses to make it more convenient for you, so you don’t have to screw a new camera lens in after shooting.

Other features from the kit include:

  • Two lens caps for both phone camera ends
  • A microfiber lens cloth

When you receive the kit, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The fisheye lenses are connected to the macro lens upon purchase.
  • Taking off your phone case helps you shoot better photos.
  • The lenses can’t change any original pixel problem on your phone.

This Criar 3-in-1 HD Camera Len Kit is a great and flexible tool for content creators looking to make macro videos and images for a low price. Additionally, it’s the best macro lens for iPhone 6s Plus users – both earlier and later iPhone models may experience pixel problems during capture.


  • Individual lenses used separately for convenience
  • Reduces glass flare and ghosting from reflections
  • Captures crisp close-up details with its high lens clarity
  • Allows macro photography and videography


  • Individual lenses used separately for convenience
  • Reduces glass flare and ghosting from reflections
  • Captures crisp close-up details with its high lens clarity
  • Allows macro photography and videography

The Godefa Phone Camera Lens Kit is a photographer’s galore. It’s an entire kit with complete lens attachments ranging from wide-angle to multi-colored lenses. 

The kit includes:

  • 15x macro lens
  • 0.63x wide angle lens
  • 2x telephoto lens
  • 198° fisheye lens
  • Kaleidoscope lens 3 
  • Kaleidoscope lens 6
  • CPL filter
  • Radial filter lens
  • Starburst lens
  • Blue/green/yellow/purple UV lenses
  • Selfie light with seven adjustable brightnesses

The long list of included items might feel overwhelming, especially if you’re just getting into iPhone photography. However, these camera lens options open up many opportunities to be creative with your photos, especially with the Kaleidoscope lenses, radial filter, starburst, and different-colored UV lenses. These can create dramatic visual effects that lessen the need for photo editing. 

Quality is nothing to worry about, either. The lenses are crafted from finely processed glass, resulting in sharp images with minimal distortion and vignetting – a common problem with phone camera capture, especially on a macro level. 

Overall, the Godefa has the most beginner-friendly clip-on lenses. Additionally, it is the best macro lens for iPhone 11 users because it’ll complement the capture quality of the model and maintain the effects that the other lenses offer, even when stacked.


Type: Shoulder bag

External Dimensions: 430 x 250 x 300 mm

Weight: 2100g


  • Too many camera lens options
  • Needs manual attachment for a specific capture

The Apexel 4-in-1 12x Zoom Photo Lens Kit is a unique phone photography bundle that will make you feel like a high-end camera photographer.

The actual camera lens for the Apexel is a telephoto monocular lens with extra pairs of lenses you can attach to it. It has a removable clip and can also be used as a standalone telescopic lens. It features a manual focus ring to help you zoom in closer on particular macro details. The kit also includes a fisheye lens and a wide-angle lens.

The Apexel is excellent for photography and exceptional at enhancing the video quality of your captures. Its 12x zoom lens delivers superior-quality photos without having to get too close to the photo subject. And, unlike other macro lenses, you can record videos of the subject in incredible, crisp detail.

Although Apexel is designed for better-quality capture for Android devices, it’s also the best macro lens for iPhone 6s users because the lenses attach perfectly to the back camera of the model. Not to mention that the camera quality of an iPhone 6s is comparable to most Androids, which is what this lens is designed for.


  • Enhanced photo and videography with a 12x zoom lens capture
  • Removable telephoto monocular lens
  • Crisp close-up details for macro capture
  • Easy lens storage


  • Lower-quality photos compared to Android captures
  • Need to remove the phone case for better capture

The Selvim 4-in-1 Phone Camera Lens Kit is designed to resemble camera attachments for DLSRs, making it an appealing option for those who want to feel like a real professional photographer. 

The telephoto lens is designed as a telescope, where you can swap out the lenses – much like how you can attach different lenses to a DSLR. You can also connect the lenses without the telescope via the lens clip. 

The kit includes:

  • 22x telephoto lens
  • 235° fisheye lens
  • HD 0.62x super-wide-angle lens
  • 25x macro lens
  • Flexible clamp
  • Phone clip
  • Upgraded metal tripod
  • Eyecup
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Storage case

The 22x telephoto camera lens magnifies and zooms in for vivid close-ups. Meanwhile, the 25x macro lens captures all the intricate and cutting-edge quality details you want in your photo with its precision focus. That said, this lens cannot zoom in on distant objects.

The Selvim’s 10-10 multi-resistant lens coating takes care of most ghosting and flaring and prevents smears and fingerprints. It is an excellent feature for your macro photography and videography needs, especially if your photo subject produces too much flare in the capture or you often smear the lenses by accident. In addition, the lenses in this kit attach to your device’s front and rear cameras. 

It’s the best macro lens for the iPhone 5s and the best macro lens for the iPhone 6 Plus. The telescope makes up for the lower pixel quality of the former model. That said, the iPhone 6 Plus can still achieve high-quality macro images with or without the telescope because of its camera software and thin design.


  • HD 25x macro lens for intricate capture
  • 10-10 multi-resistant coated lenses for minimal flare and ghosting
  • Works on both the front and rear cameras of the device
  • Includes a metal tripod, phone clip, and adjustable clamp


  • Lenses have to be used separately
  • Needs to be within 15mm for macro photos
  • Need to remove the phone case

The Bostioneye 11-in-1 Universal Phone Camera Lens Kit is like a combination of the Godefa Phone Camera Lens Kit and the Apexel 4-in-1 12x Zoom Photo Lens Kit. It has several fun filter lenses on top of its telescopic lens. 

The lenses come in eight variations, fewer than the lenses offered by Godefa. However, with this kit, each lens can be attached to the telescope or used as a separate lens, attachable with the clip-on. 

As a standalone lens, the 15x macro lens has an optimal shooting distance of 1-3 inches from the photo subject. But, combined with the telescopic lens, you can shoot closer to the photo subject.

The kit also includes items that transform the lenses into a phone camera or an independent telescope. You can combine different lenses, like the CLB filter lens with the macro lens, and still get a high-quality photo.

The Bostioneye is the best macro lens for the iPhone XR – the telescopic lens fits right on top of the phone camera. This means you can easily create great shots with a variety of lenses – and all at a budget-friendly price.


  • 0.63x wide angle lens
  • Multi-layer camera lens coating
  • Features 15x macro lenses
  • Includes a hard case and a knapsack


  • No lens cap protection
  • Made from hard but cheap plastic
  • Lots of lenses to keep track of

This guide will teach you about the best macro lens for the iPhone.

Xenvo Macro and Wide Pro Angle Lens Kit

  • Clarus 15x macro lens and TruView 0.45x wide-angle lens in kit
  • GlowClip mini rechargeable LED light
  • Quick-release lanyard for easy access
  • Pocketable DuraCase
  • Attachable lenses via handy clip

Moment Macro 10x Lens

  • Includes removable diffuser hood
  • Aerospace-grade metal build and hand-polished glass lenses
  • Works with Apple, Google, Samsung, and OnePlus devices
  • Requires an M-series case that has a non-electronic and battery phone case variation

Kingmas 3-in-1 Universal Lenses

  • Cheapest macro lens kit on the market
  • Single clip-on lenses that are portable and detachable
  • Works with most phone models with no bigger than 13mm diameter camera lenses
  • Includes a 0.67x wide lens attached to a macro lens

Criacr 3-in-1 HD Camera Lens Kit

  • Includes a 15x macro lens with high lens clarity, no vignetting, and micro distortion
  • Each lens can be used separately for convenient shooting
  • Comes in a portable storage bucket with an attached lanyard for lens protection

Godefa Phone Camera Lens Kit

  • Includes 13 different clip-on lenses with a ring light that has seven different brightness levels

  • Has an attachable CPL filter lens that fixes scattered lighting and reduces reflection

  • Works well on all devices that have a camera to phone edge distance that’s less than 1.2 inches

Apexel 4-in-1 12x Zoom Photo Lens Kit

  • Comes with a tiny clip-on telescope and tripod for better distant captures
  • Has a separate clip-on attachment for the 15x macro lens, 0.63x wide lens, and 198° fisheye lens
  • Includes lens caps for lens protection

Selvim 4-in-1 Phone Camera Lens Kit

  • Includes a 22x telephoto lens with an eyecup, a 25x macro lens, 235° fisheye lens, and 0.62 wide angle lens
  • The telephoto lens can be used as an independent telescope and has a focusing mechanism
  • Additions in the pack include a tripod and a screw-on lens clip
  • Works well with both the front and rear cameras of several devices

Bostioneye 11-in-1 Universal Phone Camera Lens Kit

  • Includes eight different lenses with a universal clip, tripod, eyecup, and Bostionye storage bag
  • Replacement of lenses is done by changing the lenses on the telescope
  • Can still function as a clip-on camera lens
  • Special filter lenses included are the CPL filter and star filter

Final Note

All of these macro lenses are compatible with the iPhone, so which one you choose is ultimately up to your preferences and needs, your iPhone’s camera specs, desired image quality, and intended use.

If you want the best-quality macro photos and don’t mind splurging, get the Moment Macro Lens. If you like it simple and cheap or are just starting out with macro photography, buy the Kingmas 3-in-1. If you want to feel like a professional, get the Selvim 4-in-1. And if you need more creative filters and effects, get the Bostioneye 11-in-1.

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