Is Auto Photo Retouching Software Worth It?

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According to Gossip Girl star Blake Lively, “99.9% of celebrity images are Photoshopped.”

Film photos are like time capsules, preserving precious memories of the past. But time can wear down old photos, especially if they aren’t stored properly. Tears, folds, water damage, and mold can all ruin a good photo! 

Thankfully, it’s not that hard to find a photo restorer these days. In fact, even Walmart provides the service in certain stores. And with over 4,000 branches in the United States alone, it makes for a convenient option in a pinch. But is Walmart’s photo restoration service any good? 

If you’re keen to find out the good, the bad, and the ugly, keep reading. But if you’re ready for fast and premium repair and restoration by some of the best in the business, start by heading over to our order page.

Here’s why we think you’re far better off sticking to the experts – like us.

We’re Not Like ‘Other’ Photo Restoration Services.

Unlike other photo restoration services, we don’t just fix the obvious problems and throw a filter over everything – we comb through your images pixel-by-pixel to repair damage & create a perfect restoration!

What Is Automatic Retouching Software?

Auto Photo Retouching Software

Automatic image retouching is available on smartphones, tablets, and laptops – sometimes as a built-in feature, other times through third-party apps. These free image-processing programs allow users to enhance and balance photos in real-time or retouch existing images. 

In just one click, an automatic photo editor will remove blemishes, brighten the skin, de-noise busy backgrounds, and sharpen profiles, among other things. Users can control these effects with a slider, intensifying or fading the retouching as needed.

Overall, automatic photo editing software saves time while allowing users some creative control. Most automated software is also free to use.

Does Automatic Retouching REALLY Work?

The answer is yes, but only to an extent. While automatic retouching tools are cost-effective and time-saving, they may be limiting to most photographers. Plus, in inexperienced hands, too much smoothening, noise reduction, or editing can make a portrait look unrealistic or distorted.

Because users don’t have full control over the final output with a one-click retouching tool, post-production can actually be more challenging. Automatic tools don’t let you adjust the changes or only do so to a limited degree, so you may not achieve your vision.

Why You Should Work With A Professional

While automatic filters and color correction can successfully enhance a photo, the best way to achieve your vision is with a professional. Below are a few reasons why professional photo editors are better than their digital counterparts. 

They Can Transform Old & Damaged Photos

If you have old photographs that are torn, stained, or faded, a professional retoucher can digitally fix them. Through advanced restoration techniques and the right editing program, your decades-old photographs will look brand-new. Professional editors can even add color to black-and-white or sepia images – something an automatic photo editor can’t achieve. 

They Can Improve Your Brand Identity & Online Reputation

Publishing raw files or stock images can cause site visitors to lose interest and less likely to do business with you. On the other hand, displaying high-quality images on your website or social media profile will improve brand credibility. 

High-end photo enhancement makes your business appear more authentic and polished. It also makes your images more memorable and distinct. With retouching services, you won’t have to worry about subtle flaws in your pictures that make your business appear unprofessional.

They’re Reliable & Efficient

An expert photo editor knows what they’re doing. For instance, if you plan to publish a photo album of an event or new product, professionals can sort these images into groups for batch editing. From there, they can apply presets or similar tweaks instead of going through every image one by one. 

Working with an image editing expert allows you to achieve your specific vision without wasting any time. They remove the guesswork that goes into using an automatic photo editor, giving you gorgeous results in just a few days.

They Can Help You Sell Your Photos 

Did you know that you can sell your best photos online? Some websites will even buy your images for as much as $100! The first step is taking well-framed photographs of enticing subjects. The next step is to leave the editing up to an expert photo editor. 

If you don’t have the right tools, your photos aren’t going to sell. A professional touch can increase the value of your pictures and put an extra few hundred dollars in your pocket.

They Create Print-Worthy Pictures

If you are in marketing, you already know the value of top-quality prints, flyers, brochures, and catalogs. Adept photo editing makes your materials more appealing to target audiences, and more likely to sell. They also ensure stunning quality when printing in various sizes, allowing printers to scale accordingly. 

Similarly, powerful photo editors allow print enthusiasts to put their beautiful portraits on display.

How Professionals Retouch Your Photos

Auto Photo Retouching Software

Each retoucher has a unique method for improving client photos. While no process is the same, there are a few “golden rules” that remain timeless.

They Have The Right Equipment

When it comes to retouching accuracy and efficiency, the right photo editing software and equipment can make all the difference. Professionals need a desktop or laptop with adequate RAM, storage, and CPU to support more than one program and its various features. 

Experts will also have the right monitors, tablets, and working desks to get the job done. For easy sharing, each pro will have cloud storage solutions like Apple Photos. 

They Use Presets

A pro will be familiar with the best presets for retouching photographs. Presets allow users to stay consistent and save time when working on batch edits. 

These tools also allow for excellent variety. For instance, if a client is after something vintage or classic, a pro will have the right presets to fulfill this need. 

They Incorporate The Basics & Advanced Fixes

Every pro should be well-versed in necessary photo fixes. These might include:

  • Cropping & scaling
  • Airbrushing
  • Noise reduction
  • Color correction
  • White balance

Whatever you need, a pro will know how to achieve with the right selection tools, filters, features, and techniques.

They Develop A Workflow

Not only will a pro know how to use the latest version of in-demand software, but they can do so in a timely fashion. A dependable pro will be able to stick to a schedule and meet strict deadlines.

What’s In A Professional Retoucher’s Arsenal?

Not every pro will favor the same tools or software. However, below are a few programs that many photographers and retouchers love to use. 

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a great choice for retouchers who want a dependable and familiar tool. Photoshop has impressive features, including preset workspaces that hide tools users don’t need. Other features pros love to use are the program’s extensive arsenal of filters and brushes along with multi-layer advanced editing. Pros can also use this tool along with Photoshop Elements. 

Adobe Lightroom

Another clear favorite for photographers and editors alike is Adobe Lightroom. This program is highly intuitive and centralized, allowing users to review edits quickly. It comes with a plethora of filters, color-correcting capabilities, and other great tools. Lightroom is also an excellent program for organizing photos after retouching them.

Skylum Luminar

Unlike Photoshop, Lightroom, or other Adobe subscription-based image-editing tools, Skylum Luminar charges a one-time flat fee for unlimited use. It also comes with a great range of presets, organization capabilities, and an expandable gallery. Luminar is an obvious favorite for its price and ability to streamline user workflows. 

Other Retouching Programs

Others among the best photo editing software are:

  • ON1 Photo RAW: This tool runs on all operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and more. Pros who like RAW editing and live local adjustment features will get a kick out of this software.
  • Capture One: This software is known for its session and collection features, allowing users to group pictures by client or event.
  • Coral Paintshop Pro: Tools like Paintshop Pro are incredibly straightforward editors with dozens of plugins and extensions.

Get Your Photos Professionally Retouched Today!

No matter how enticing a free and automated retouching software might be, you’re always better off working with a pro. While AI technology is continually improving, you won’t get the same attention to detail as you would with an expert. 

Do your photos need a bit of retouching or a splash of color? If so, take advantage of our services today! Click below to retouch your photos.

We’re Not Like ‘Other’ Photo Restoration Services.

Unlike other photo restoration services, we don’t just fix the obvious problems and throw a filter over everything – we comb through your images pixel-by-pixel to repair damage & create a perfect restoration!

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