Asda Photo Restoration: Is It Really The Best Value For Your Money?

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Photos can help keep good memories alive even long after they’ve passed. That’s why many families in the UK decorate their homes with commemorative items and photo prints.

However, film processing doesn’t make your photo immune to regular wear and tear. Stains, folds, and tears can happen to even the most well-maintained photo collections. 

Luckily, finding local photo restoration stores is easier than ever, with large supermarket chains like Asda responding to the demand. With hundreds of stores all over the UK, all it takes is a short trip downtown for photo prints and restorations. 

But are these Max Spielmann-powered photo restorations at Asda really as good as they claim?

If you want to find out more about the Asda/Max Spielmann experience, keep reading. But if you’re pressed for time and just want high-quality services now, then head over to the order page on our site!


Asda Retouching Service: Is It Really All That Good?

Asda’s in-house photo shop is actually a partnership with Max Spielmann, one of the leading producers of personalised gifts and photo printing services. Like many other companies that can help you with photo gifts or a custom-made item, they offer a range of services like producing prints, customized phone cases, and even photo books for your living room.

Not As Easy As The Asda Website Suggests

Because Max Spielmann specialises in photo printing and personalised gifts, they may not always have the necessary experience to tackle every type of photo restoration job. As a result, you won’t always get your photos restored the way you want them. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Many Asda locations don’t offer photo restoration options.
  • Clients have reported that leaving feedback on their site is difficult.
  • Each Asda store is different, which means they can outsource the work.
  • Payment methods may be limited.

So if you’re looking for high-quality photo restorations, we recommend erring on the side of caution and bringing your photos to a professional store like Image Restoration Center. We can restore and provide photo prints you’d be proud to display in your home – in less than 72 hours!

Why You Should Pick Image Restoration Center

If you want a fast and convenient printing option but aren’t too picky about quality, then Asda might be a great store choice for your needs. However, professionals who specialise in photo restoration will deliver high-quality results every single time – while also offering flexible payment methods. 

Here’s why you should pick IRC instead of other photo shops or websites when restoring your photo collection:

IRC Offers A Wide Range Of Services

Unlike Asda, a store that helps with more general photo printing for personalised gifts, IRC takes a more laser-focused approach: But that’s not all, we work with each of our customers’ feedback to continually improve our service and provide the best possible results.

Here’s how we can help you achieve your ideal home photo collection:

  • Repairing a range of wear and tear issues
  • Retouching old photos
  • Perfecting colour range and values
  • Photo printing
  • Delivering your photos digitally or physically for gifts

Fully Restored Photos In Three Steps

IRC is your friend when it comes to repairing your precious photos. In fact, we can restore almost any type of old photo in only three steps. Here’s how to book a slot:

  • Scan your photo: Snap a photo or use a scanner to get a clear image. Upload it onto our website when you’re done!
  • Wait a while: Give us up to 72 hours to work our magic. 

Receive the images: Check your email for digital copies or hang tight a little bit longer for physical prints! Unhappy with the results? Let us know if you have any feedback or revisions.

Before After Photo Restoration Of A Bride & Groom
Before After Photo Restoration Of A Husband & Wife With A Baby
Before After Results Photo
Before After Results Photo
Before After Results Photo
Before After Results Photo
Before After Results Photo
Before After Results Photo
Before After Results Photo
Before After Results Photo
Before After Results Photo
Before After Results Photo


When you hire us, you’ll get premium restorations delivered right to your doorstep. Choose Image Restoration Center, and see for yourself why we have so many 5-star reviews!


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