Michael Beatty

Senior Restoration Artist

With over 20 years professional experience,  Michael is a world-leader in photo restoration.  He employs innovative techniques that our competitors can’t replicate.

Sarah Okada

Senior Restoration Artist

 Sarah is our quality control expert –her attention to detail is second to none! With her Masters  Degree in History of Fashion, she also doubles as our primary historical advisor.

Emily Hutton

Customer Service Manager

Emily handles all customer communication and enquiries. Fun fact: she used to be a professional typist – meaning that she can type at 73 words per minute!

Josh Hasan

Photo Restoration Expert

Josh loves history, photography,  fashion, and design! When he isn’t busy restoring damaged photos, he’s out shooting portraits & landscapes on his 35mm film camera.

Taylor McAllister

Photo Restoration Expert

You might recognize her from our promotion video! Taylor is the newest addition to our team but shows enormous talent. She’s quickly becoming our best colorizer.

Matthew Rivera

Managing Director

With expertise in copywriting, business management, and photo restoration, Michael is the ultimate multi-hyphenate.  In his free time, he’s usually volunteering at a charity.




“This is my great-uncle Jimmy and this picture must have been taken circa 1938 I think. My Pop used to tell me he was mischievous when he was young, and I think you can see that in this photo – hard to imagine he ended up becoming a high-school teacher! Michael did a fantastic job on this photo, the turnaround was quick, the communication was great, and the quality is perfect. Will be ordering more soon.”

– Customer from Aurora, IL