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30 Unique 70th Birthday Gift Ideas For That Special Someone

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Getting a gift for a 70-year-old loved one is no easy task! For starters, if you decide to go right ahead and ask them what they’d like for their birthday, you’re likely to get a “nothing really” type of a response.

But thankfully, you know better! Everyone loves a thoughtful gift, young or old. In this article, we’ve compiled the thirty best 70th birthday gift ideas. If you want to bring meaningful joy to an older person in your life, then read on!

Have you ever gone through old photographs with your grandparents? This trip down memory lane can be a fantastic bonding activity that tells you a lot about their lives. They’ll adore telling you stories of their past loves, friends, fashion, culture, and travel. Restoring and preserving these old photos can be a really meaningful way to remember who you are as a family.

Restoring your grandparents’ old wedding photos can be a fantastic and unique 70th birthday gift idea. Or perhaps you’ve come across your grandad’s old military photos and want to surprise him.

A photo restoration is a simple yet meaningful gift that will be sure to make their 70th birthday a memorable one. We provide a one-of-a-kind photo restoration service to help restore your photos. Simply order through our site and get your prints to be shipped to your door!

Have a grandad that loves gardening? Introducing The Tierra, a versatile watering can, perfect for his garden. Now you might be thinking: Is a watering can really going to be the best 70th birthday gift idea for your grandpa? The answer is yes, and here’s why:

The Tierra is the perfect size, carrying about half a gallon of water. This lets grandpa take care of more houseplants between refills without carrying anything needlessly heavy. The tall nozzle can penetrate the soil of large, bushy pots, and the detachable rose addition allows him to gently sprinkle on a group of pots all at once.

A new heated blanket will undoubtedly be the coziest 70th birthday gift idea for senior citizens prone to being chilly. The Sunbeam microplush blanket is the perfect blanket and an excellent gift for the winter.

It is also lightweight, meaning your grandparents can pack and travel with it anywhere. Its soft fabric will ensure your 70-year-old grandparents are warm on the couch watching their favorite movie. The best part is that it is suitable for laundry machine washing.

Nobody likes walking on cold tile floors and getting chilly feet, and this is a no brainer for the elderly. Well, getting a pair of warm indoor slippers for your mom as her 70th birthday gift will keep her feet warm on the cold floors.

There are no better indoor slippers for her than these winter foam slippers. This house slipper pair is extremely warm and comfy, thanks to its strong stitching and faux fleece uppers. The rubber soles also increase grip while walking around the house, reducing the danger of the birthday girl taking a tumble.

If your dad likes spending his quality time watching birds in his garden, this will be the best 70th birthday gift idea for him. Get him a durable bird feeder to attract even more birds. Give him the toughest and best-built bird feeders on the market: the Villacola metal bird feeder. It contains steady metallic parts firmly secured to the feeder’s body.

It accommodates a variety of feed kinds, and it comes with a lifetime warranty against rodent damage. The base is simple to remove and clean, and there is plenty of space for his favorite pet birds to perch. You can make an extra effort and add a small bag with a few mixed sunflower seeds and grains.

In the age of technology and the metaverse, spending quality time off-screen together as a family can be therapeutic. A puzzle is a fantastic way for grandchildren and grandparents to interact and create special memories for many families.

There are other puzzle suggestions, but our favorite combination of cheer and tranquility is found in this boggle paperback puzzle, which comes in a variety of color variations. This fun wordplay activity is perfect for grandparents to play and teach their grandchildren words and a bit of spelling.

Photos of grandchildren are a lovely way to surprise grandparents, especially if they live in a different country. Frameo is one of my best digital photo frames for uploading endless photographs of family and friends.

Frameo has a wide, bright screen for convenient viewing and an easy-to-use interface. Its software makes setting up the frame as a present exceptionally easy. Before the receiver opens their gift, you can link the device with your account via email and ask family members to upload images.

Our best pick for a self-freezing ice cream machine is the Cuisinart ICE-30BC. It will churn out tasty batches fast, allowing your gift recipient to experiment with various flavors and mix-ins. This is a perfect gift for the 70-year-old grandparents who enjoy ice cream or like to treat their grandchildren when they visit.

The Cuisinart ICE-30BC produces the yummiest ice cream and is the simplest to scoop from and clean up. Because this is a self-refrigerating ice cream appliance, your grandparents won’t need to deal with the hassle of freezing an insertion bowl or fumbling with salts and ice.

A personal weather station is a terrific 70th birthday gift idea for men fascinated by weather elements; and especially if they live in a remote location where fully regulated weather stations are few and far between.

The Newentor Weather Station offers a simple mobile app along with handy add-ons such as winds and rain sensors. It is easily portable; hence your weather-fanatic dad or grandpa will enjoy accumulating weather data on the go.

Choosing a book for the 70-year-old book lover can be tough! A novel subscription box takes the guesswork out of the equation. My Coffee and Book Club is our favorite subscription box which could also be a perfect gift idea for your mother’s 70th birthday. It provides readers with a selection of five novels from which they choose from.

The novel editions are always offered on the month they are launched, and they cover a wide variety of categories. Every month, each subscriber gets a 10-ounce bag of their chosen flavored coffee and two novels in the genre of their choice. Members can modify their coffee preferences and book genre during their membership.

You can purchase a six-month gift membership for your 70-year-old mom, after which she can renew her plan for $39 per month with free shipping if she chooses.

For the grandpa looking for a new way to relax, a Puroma hammock is the best 70th birthday gift idea for him.

Whether you set it in your grandpa’s backyard or he carries it with him during your family picnic, this well-worn hammock is relaxing, and he’ll get a beautiful sky view resting on it. The Puroma camping hammock weighs only one pound yet folds out to form a comfy cocoon large enough for an adult to lie in.

Grandparents never get tired of bragging about their children and grandchildren. Make it simple by creating a calendar with your family photographs. It’s also a perfect way for your grandparents to mark and remember specific dates while seeing glimpses of family as they cross things off.

A desk photo calendar is our favorite for creating customized calendars. With their preset designs, uploading photographs is simple. They also store birthdays, engagements, and other special occasions to automatically include in the following year’s edition.

A bathrobe is one of those products that every person needs. You can’t go wrong with this soft cotton design from RONGTAI for the grandma who gets chilly quickly.

This plush robe is a perfect 70th birthday gift idea you can consider giving your grandma. It’s made of thick waterproof terry fabric, making it ideal for slipping on directly out of a warm shower. It can also be worn as a jumper over PJs for relaxing. It’s available in various women’s sizes, long or short lengths, and almost a dozen color combinations.

If you’ve ever experienced a tingling achy feeling on your back after hours of vacuuming, imagine how aggravating it can be for your 70-year-old mom.

As a result, gifting her a vacuum cleaner that can glide on her floor and clean the house while she rests is a fantastic 70th birthday present. The NOISZ robot vacuum is your best choice as it is more durable, steady, and has powerful dirt and debris suction. It has a preset navigation system to keep it from getting lost or trapped in the house.

A stunning arrangement of flowers is a sweet gift idea for a 70th birthday. Flowers look gorgeous whether they’re set on the table or kitchen counter.

They don’t take a lot of maintenance and don’t contribute to clutter. Luyue vintage Silk Flower Boutique is our preferred online flower delivery service for the finest quality and most unique assortments. They provide lovely flower bouquets for special celebrations such as the 70th birthday you have coming up.

A compact fan with an antique design is an ideal nostalgic present for your dad if he does not have air conditioning in his house.

The EasyACC, a portable USB fan, is one of the best 70th birthday gift ideas for your dad as it has an efficient airflow and cooling ability. With a 6-inch-diameter body and a weight of only 9 pounds, it doesn’t take up much room on a shelf and isn’t heavy to move around the house.

A personalized recipe holder from the GK Grand store is a thoughtful 70th birthday gift idea for your grandma. The engraved side is intended for use as kitchen decor, and it looks great placed on the countertop, on a shelf, or hanging on the wall. This exceptionally designed cookbook organizer is made with high-grade metal hinges and can fold or lay flat for simple storage.

It is professionally crafted with high-quality etching and has a stand that can hold devices such as iPads, smartphones, and Kindles. It gives a personal touch to your grandma’s kitchen countertop even when not in use. It’s designed to look like a standing chopping board and comes with standalone support.

Bring some color into mom’s home while keeping her warm all year. This luxurious COCOPLAY throw blanket is a thoughtful 70th birthday gift idea for your mom. It is crafted from a warm and soft combination of wool, mohair, and a hint of polyamide. It is hand-washable and weaved with high-quality materials.

The ombre throw blanket strikes the perfect blend of comfort and design. It ensures that mom is comfortable and improves the appearance of her bed, couch, or sofa chair. This silk plush floral print throw rug is shrinkage-resistant, wrinkle-free, and will not fade after washing. It is simple to clean in cold water, and it may be machine washed at temperatures of 30 degrees or less.

The great thing about giving scented candles is that nobody can ever have too many. Rachan scented candles are an excellent, mild combination of saffron, sandalwood, ginger, orange blossom, and amber to fill the room with a warm, welcoming smell.

Suppose you want something a little more wintery? Their blooming scents include great winter scent alternatives such as hearth, which has a faint fireplace smell, and a combination of pomegranate, pine, cloves, and orange.

A personalized kit is a perfect mom’s 70th birthday gift idea to help her sit and relax while knitting cute family Christmas sweaters and socks.

This adorable kit from Thoughtful Stitch is designed for intermediate to experienced knitters. It comes with a small pamphlet of stitch patterns, cotton yarn, a tapestry needle, and a stitch marker.

If your dad loves to cook, this Bialetti kitchen set is a meaningful 70th birthday gift idea for him. This kitchen set has riveted silicone handles that provide a pleasant and stable hold while cooking. The handles are also heat insulated to prevent him from burning as he cooks his favorite pasta dish.

The Bialetti pans are wide enough to uniformly disperse oil around the pan and coat it well for excellent searing. They have a nonstick surface that prevents food from sticking to the bottom of the pan.

The pots may be used on electric and gas induction cooktops and are oven safe up to 400 degrees, allowing him to sauté quickly, sear, simmer, roast, and bake his favorite dishes.

Aside from using the set for cooking, your 70-year-old dad can straight up serve the tasty meals from the same pan, minimizing the number of dishes to be done afterward.

For grandpas who love to spend time unwinding with their fave drink, a bottle of red wine is often a safe bet. The St. Regis Chardonnay is a delectable, refreshing, and sophisticated wine.

The golden yellow color represents its light, fragrant, and joyful attitude, conjuring floral and citrus aromas with excellent depth and flavor, such as pear and apricot. On the palate, this wine has a rich, well-balanced mouthfeel that develops into a moderate finish that your grandpa can savor with a wide range of foods at any time.

A multicolored lunchbox is a functional present for the grandparent who enjoys picnics. This Miraclekoo bamboo weave lunch box comes in fun, vibrant colors and is suitable for hot or cold food.

It is dishwasher safe, and the top comes off to serve as a plate. It has a detachable divider on the inside to allow your grandparents to carry different foods. This reduces the need to carry extra plastic bags. If you aren’t sure if your 70-year-old loved one will need a lunch box, Miraclekoo has other versatile products, such as mugs and food storage containers.

Back pain aches are unavoidable, particularly when mom is carrying grandkids around. This makes a massage chair the perfect 70th birthday gift idea for her.

This Nouhaus massage chair relieves pain and discomfort caused by sitting or sleeping in a bad posture. It is easy to set up and use! Just plug in and let her massage the sore back pains away, at the comfort of her home. Also, being a leather seat it is easy to wipe off food spills done by her playful grand kids.

Here’s a terrific 70th birthday gift idea for the grandparent who is passionate about their scrabble game.

This colorful board has a linen feel with a raised-letter matrix and a hardwood cabinet shelf for holding the painted wood tiles. It’s designed for young children aged eight and up, so it’s perfect for grandparents to play with their grandchildren. This is an excellent gift for any 70th birthday for family activity game nights.
Even if it isn’t expensive, a bespoke notepad always seems unique and personalized as one of the women’s 70th birthday gift ideas.

This lovely diary by Paperage is available in various colorblock selections ranging from subtle to vibrant. You can also pick between a softcover, hardcover, blank, lined or bulleted for making lists. You can be goofy, and instead of writing her name on it, write a personal message like “world’s sweetest grandmother” or something meaningful to make her feel special on her 70th birthday.

Baggy sweatpants are perfect for grandpas who enjoy lazing around.

This soft pair of trousers labeled “inactive wear” has a slightly tapered leg that is not tight or fastened at the ankle. The pants have pockets and are made of modal wool with a hint of spandex for comfortable elasticity. Its comfort, warmth, and elastic waistline make this pair of trousers a cozy 70th birthday gift idea for men.

This creamy body lotion from Sol de Janeiro Cococabana is the best mom’s 70th birthday gift idea to pamper her skin.

It’s made with a coconut and orchid plant combination that helps stimulate circulation and relieve tissue laxity. Its citrus botanical perfume smells calming and uplifting. Its main ingredient, the nutritious coconut oil, smoothes and silkens even the driest skin.
If your grandparents wish to brighten up their home, consider giving them wall art.

An art piece inspired by the natural world is a great gift, but if they prefer more abstract art, the serimino store offers a three piece wall art that you can purchase. If grandma and grandpa visit frequently, it can be a fun idea and a nice gesture to arrange the guest bedroom with their favorite paintings and art supplies that you know they’ll enjoy!

Make Your 70-year Old Loved One Feel Special On Their Birthday!

Gifting isn’t just about giving material things; it includes the thought and meaning attached to the offered gifts. Finding the perfect personalized gift ideas for a 70th birthday is challenging, but with the ideas given in this article, you have a glimpse of things you can consider before the gift is due.

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