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60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad: A List Of 25 Unique Ideas

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It can be hard to get the right gift for your dad who’s turning 60. Having lived that long, he knows what he likes. Plus, if you ask him directly for gift ideas, he might not even give you a direct answer – or he might even say he doesn’t want anything at all.
Fortunately, our gift guide will help you get a thoughtful and meaningful gift for your favorite father figure. Read on for unique 60th birthday gift ideas for Dad!

To your dad, photographs are likely more precious than you realize. The photos he has from his earlier years are likely weathered and probably aren’t in color. But they’re still mementos of his past, little snapshots of old times. What better way is there to celebrate his birthday than to give him back one of those snapshots?

A restored photograph can be a memorable and thoughtful gift for your dad’s 60th birthday. This way, your dad gets his old photos – good as new – while you get a better sense of what came before.

Image Restoration Center provides an array of photo restoration services – everything from repairing rips and tears, to colorizing black-and-white photos. Place your order today and get the prints shipped right to your door!

If your dad is anything like the typical dad, he probably enjoys a good beer now and then. If he is, then get him this bottle opener.

It’s made from a solid chunk of steel, hand-forged by actual blacksmiths using traditional techniques. Whether he’s a smith or just appreciates good metalwork, this may be the perfect gift.

Even better, you can give it a personal touch – you can personalize the bottle opener with up to 20 characters on each side.

This is for the dads who love beer! A cold one straight from the bottle is all well and good, but this 16oz beer mug will let your dad appreciate his beer a lot more. And even if he doesn’t drink beer, it’s perfectly fine for other beverages.

Every one of these mugs is customized at the time of ordering. You get an initial and a name, plus two optional messages – one below the initial, the other at the back. The text is laser-etched into the glass.

It’s completely dishwasher-safe and freezer-safe. Ever wanted a frosted mug? Just stick it in the freezer.

What’s more dad-like than grilling a ton of meat? If your dad doesn’t have his own grill, this one will make a great gift.

It boasts 650 square inches of grilling space, enough for eight chickens or five rib racks in one go. Even better, it’s Wi-Fi enabled. Whether your dad just wants to grill straight away or wants to wirelessly control it from his phone, there are options for every grilling enthusiast.
Of course, this isn’t something you can wrap, so think carefully about how you want to present this at his birthday party!

60 is never “too old” for anything, but it’s also the age where wear and tear start to really show on the body. For your aging dad, one of our top gift ideas is a portable massage gun – your dad can have the relaxation of a massage without having to go see a massage therapist.

This particular massage gun has a wide range of options. It has 20 different levels, from mild massage to deep muscle relaxation. It also has six different heads for different body parts. No matter which bit hurts, your dad will be able to soothe it.

If your dad is an outdoorsman or a DIY enthusiast, then this might be a great gift. This multitool has 21 different tools, including 8 screwdriver bits.

It has a self-locking design that keeps tools in place, so no more worrying about the tool folding back in while your dad works. It’s nicely solid and heavy in the hand – not at all flimsy.

It also comes with a hard-wearing nylon pouch to store the tool, plus a separate elastic pocket in front to store the screwdriver bits. It can go over a belt or backpack strap so that your dad always has the multitool handy.

If your dad likes having a few cold ones, the beer should stay cold. That’s why one of our best gift ideas for dad is this nifty wooden patio cooler.

The acacia wood is durable and water-resistant. The insulated liner can keep ice in for up to 8 hours, and it has a drain for easy cleaning. The casters have locks so your dad can ensure that the cooler doesn’t go anywhere he doesn’t want it to go. Plus, it has a capacity of 100 quarts, which is a lot of room for ice and drinks.
It comes disassembled, so if your dad likes a bit of DIY, he might enjoy putting it together.

You can get a regular ashtray anywhere, but this decorative windproof ashtray isn’t like other ashtrays. If your dad smokes, this is one of our top unique gift ideas.

The ball design makes the ashtray windproof, so your dad won’t have to worry about a sudden gust blowing ash and butts everywhere. There are three notches for cigarettes and a lid to secure the whole thing.

Plus, it’s just interesting to look at. If nothing else, it’s a conversation piece, especially for elephant lovers.

Your dad’s joints will probably get a little troublesome around his 60th birthday, so having a place to rest will mean a lot to your dad. A good recliner is one of our best gift ideas for your dad on his 60th birthday.

This one is more than just a simple recliner – it has massage and heating functions, allowing your dad to warm his bones and kick back while having a good muscle relaxation session. It also comes with two cup holders, so your dad won’t be short of drinks while he’s relaxing.
It needs assembly, but the maker estimates it takes just 20 minutes to put together. This is a bonus if your dad likes to DIY.

Not all gifts have to be big and fancy. After all, it’s not about what you’re giving him, it’s about showing him that you love him.

The next of our gift ideas is a classic, a birthday card. It’s also perfect for a father-in-law when you don’t know what to give him.
Of course, it helps if the card is a funny gift – 60 is a milestone birthday for anyone, so it’s best to give him something interesting. This W-D4D birthday card is perfect for any dad who knows the glory of WD-40 (read: all of them)! And since it’s made of thick card stock, it feels substantial and will last a long time.

At his ripe old age, your dad has spent a lot of time on his feet. 60 years of accumulated wear and tear takes a toll, so anything that can ease the strain is going to be helpful for him.

This foot massager is a great present for his 60th birthday. It has three massage modes and a variety of options to alleviate muscle tension and improve circulation in the foot. It also comes with a soothing heat function, which will help relax your dad’s feet during a massage or warm them up during cold weather. Plus, the foot sleeves are detachable for easy cleaning.

Just about any dad will appreciate the comfort this foot massager can give.

Gifts don’t have to be big and fancy all the time. Sometimes, you can give a gift that’s meaningful, practical, and small – like this baseball cap.

This standard baseball cap comes with an adjustable buckle in the back. The funny message above the brim is something that every dad joke enthusiast will love!

After all, what father doesn’t have a bunch of jokes ready?

Nothing marks a garage like a big, blaring sign. This handcrafted circular garage sign comes in 21 different variations, enabling you to select the right design for your dad’s 60th birthday.

And while it’s a garage sign by default, your dad can proudly display it wherever he likes.
Whichever design you choose, the sign is made out of heavy-duty steel and painted with a baked-on powder coat, so it’ll last a long time and won’t rust over. And since it’s cut by metal artisans with top-line laser technology, it looks elegant and is completely smooth.

This Moleskine notebook is one of the great gift ideas for dad’s 60th birthday. Choose from dotted, ruled, squared, or plain. The pages are nice and thick and the cover and binding are durable, ensuring the whole thing stands up to everyday use. You can also choose a hard or soft cover and an accent color.

And while it’s a garage sign by default, your dad can proudly display it wherever he likes.
Whichever design you choose, the sign is made out of heavy-duty steel and painted with a baked-on powder coat, so it’ll last a long time and won’t rust over. And since it’s cut by metal artisans with top-line laser technology, it looks elegant and is completely smooth.

Has your dad wanted to travel all his life? His 60th birthday is as good a year as any to hear the call of the road, and this backpack is the perfect travel companion for his new adventure.

It’s expandable and fits most airlines’ carry-on baggage specifications, so your dad can carry all he needs into the cabin. If your dad needs to go somewhere, this backpack will serve him well.

Your dad has a wide variety of options. The two shoulder straps means it’s usable as a backpack, but if he doesn’t want that, he can tuck the straps away into the zippered back panel. It also has two handles, one at the top and one on the side.

For an aspiring chef dad, 60th birthday gift ideas can come in many forms, like this sampler. It includes eleven different salts from all over the world, allowing your dad to experience a wide range of flavors.

Has he ever wanted to try Himalayan pink salt or Japanese curry salt? This has those and so much more.

Plus, even when all the salt runs out, the glass tubes and bamboo holder are perfectly functional and decorative. It’s sure to look as good as it tastes in the kitchen!

Is your dad a tea lover? Does he want to drink tea on the go? This spill-proof, vacuum-insulated travel mug is a good birthday gift for just about any dad. It can keep drinks hot for 5 hours or cold for 12 hours.

The lid is completely leak-proof and spill-proof. It’s easy to clean and dishwasher-safe, and the bottom of the lid opens up so that you can clean the entire assembly. It fits most typical cup holders and single-serve coffee brewers. No matter what it is, your dad will appreciate how well this mug keeps his favorite drink at the perfect temperature.

A lot of dads have worked with their hands, and those dads usually have a trusty hammer at their side to complete their pet projects. This hammer is an excellent sentimental and practical gift, especially if your dad’s usual hammer is getting a little worn out.

It’s a standard heavy-duty claw hammer with a wooden grip. It comes in an engraved presentation gift box – you can have the hammer handle and the box engraved with any message or artwork you want, making it a lovely personalized gift. All the better to make this gift for dad as memorable as it can be.

If the birthday man wants to go healthy and replace the beer in his diet with nutritious fruit smoothies, then this blender is just the thing for his 60th birthday.

This is the perfect product if your dad wants to start on smoothies since it has everything he needs to make them.

It comes with a motor base, blade, two cups in varying sizes, two resealable lids, two lip rings, a mug, a to-go lid, and a recipe guide. The cups are made of high-impact plastic, making them nice and durable. They’re also dishwasher-safe. The base has 250 watts of power, which allows it to blend just about anything you put in it. And it can make more than just smoothies, too!

At 60, the human body has endured a lot of wear and tear. If your dad’s lifestyle has made him more vulnerable to diabetes, this monitoring system will help keep your dad aware of his blood sugar levels so that he can make adjustments.

It comes with the testing unit, a lancing device, 10 lancets, 10 test strips, a log book to track blood sugar levels, and a carrying case to store them all in. This lets your dad take the system anywhere. With this, your dad can be better equipped to fight against diabetes.

If your dad needs light, these lanterns won’t let him down. This LED camping lantern can light up your dad’s life in so many ways. Does he need a light in the garage?

More light on the patio or deck? Is he an outdoorsman? Or does he just need an emergency light in case the power fails? No matter what your dad is into, there’s a practical use for this lantern.

It’s constructed out of aircraft-grade materials for optimal toughness – it can even survive a 10-foot drop and temporary submersion in water. You can also adjust how much light it’s producing. It comes with 30 LEDs and is collapsible, so just open it up for more light or close it down for less. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Many dads enjoy grilling, and it’s easy to understand why. What could be more enjoyable than cooking meat on an open fire for your friends and loved ones, with a few beers to help it go down easier?

This tool set is the best gift for a griller. It’s a 13-piece kit, complete with a fork, a spatula, a cleaning brush, tongs, four skewers, four corn cob holders, and a recycled plastic case to carry them all in. To make them easier to use near a hot grill, the tools are all longer than standard kitchen utensils – your dad won’t scorch his own hand just to turn a steak over.

Daily self-care can get monotonous, especially after 60 years of doing it. Thankfully, this electric toothbrush makes oral care a lot easier and a lot less tiring, encouraging your dad to keep his teeth clean and healthy.

The box contains four items: the handle, a brush head, the charger, and the instruction manual. The battery lasts for a week. There’s also a 2-minute quadrant timer, which alerts your dad every 30 seconds to switch to another quadrant of the mouth. This ensures that all of his teeth get the right amount of brushing.

It might be simple, but it saves a lot of time and energy when brushing. Your dad will surely appreciate how easy it is to brush his teeth with this product!

Does your dad take pride in his facial hair? Does he shave with a safety razor? This shaving brush is just the thing for him.

It’s made with 100% natural badger bristles. The wooden handle is shaped to give your dad a good grip while he’s lathering the brush and applying shaving soap to his face. It’s nice and small, and it comes in a cylindrical case. If your dad wants to shave while he’s traveling, this brush is just the thing for that.

Your sixty-year-old father probably just wants to kick back and relax after a lifetime of work and family obligations. A hammock will give him one more way he can do just that.

This nylon hammock is a good choice for a birthday gift, whether your dad wants to set it up in his own home or go camping with it. It comes with a carrying sack, two 10-foot straps with 18+1 loops, and two carabiners.

The hammock is made of parachute fabric, so it won’t fray or tear. It’s also easily cleaned and dries quickly after getting wet. Overall, it’s a universally good option for any dad.

Finding The Perfect Gift For Your 60-Year-Old Dad

It can be hard to find a gift for your dad’s 60th birthday, but, hopefully, these gift ideas help you decide what to get. Just remember that a gift is more than just what you’re giving – what matters is that you put thought into the gift and it comes from someone he loves.

With this roundup, you can figure out what kind of gift to get your dad. We hope your dad likes his present!

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