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60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad: A List Of 25 Unique Ideas

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It can be hard to get the right gift for your dad who’s turning 60. Having lived that long, he knows what he likes. Plus, if you ask him directly for gift ideas, he might not even give you a direct answer – or he might even say he doesn’t want anything at all.
Fortunately, our gift guide will help you get a thoughtful and meaningful gift for your favorite father figure. Read on for unique 60th birthday gift ideas for Dad!

To your dad, photographs are likely more precious than you realize. The photos he has from his earlier years are likely weathered and probably aren’t in color. But they’re still mementos of his past, little snapshots of old times. What better way is there to celebrate his birthday than to give him back one of those snapshots?

A restored photograph can be a memorable and thoughtful gift for your dad’s 60th birthday. This way, your dad gets his old photos – good as new – while you get a better sense of what came before.

Image Restoration Center provides an array of photo restoration services – everything from repairing rips and tears, to colorizing black-and-white photos. Place your order today and get the prints shipped right to your door!

If your dad is anything like the typical dad, he probably enjoys a good beer now and then. If he is, then get him this bottle opener.

It’s made from a solid chunk of steel, hand-forged by actual blacksmiths using traditional techniques. Whether he’s a smith or just appreciates good metalwork, this may be the perfect gift.

Even better, you can give it a personal touch – you can personalize the bottle opener with up to 20 characters on each side.

This is for the dads who love beer! A cold one straight from the bottle is all well and good, but this 16oz beer mug will let your dad appreciate his beer a lot more. And even if he doesn’t drink beer, it’s perfectly fine for other beverages.

Every one of these mugs is customized at the time of ordering. You get an initial and a name, plus two optional messages – one below the initial, the other at the back. The text is laser-etched into the glass.

It’s completely dishwasher-safe and freezer-safe. Ever wanted a frosted mug? Just stick it in the freezer.

What’s more dad-like than grilling a ton of meat? If your dad doesn’t have his own grill, this one will make a great gift.

It boasts 650 square inches of grilling space, enough for eight chickens or five rib racks in one go. Even better, it’s Wi-Fi enabled. Whether your dad just wants to grill straight away or wants to wirelessly control it from his phone, there are options for every grilling enthusiast.
Of course, this isn’t something you can wrap, so think carefully about how you want to present this at his birthday party!